Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Today’s Weather Forecast Is Champagne, Nude and a Chance of Shimmery…

Being a red-head has always been a mixed bag and finding the right colors is always challenging for me, particularly when it comes to cosmetics. I immediately turn to browns and pinks and inevitably, they end up being too dark or too red and I end up looking like a clown.

As I was shopping at Sephora, I found a product calling out to me. Benefit Cosmetics has the hippest make-up palette and I think it was made just for me; there is even a red-head on the cover. “The Weather Girl” has the perfect color combo and a blend of the right pinks, browns, nudes and golds. After using it, I look great and feel amazing and I owe it all to Benefit Cosmetics!

I predict confidence for the rest of the year!

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