Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blame the album, not the shoes …

Jessica has really gone down hill in my opinion, her new album, “A Public Affair” is a piece of filler trash; her outfits as of late are atrocious and, well, you know the rest... BUT I saw this girl at the mall wearing the most adorable shoes ever and I asked her what brand they were and she said, “Jessica Simpson.”

WHAT? Doth my ears deceive me? Jessica Simpson put this adorable foot candy out?

Although you won’t be dancing to her new tunes in them, Jessica Simpson has put out some fabulous shoes that are well priced, good quality and hot, hot, hot.

My Fav: “AMY” in Pewter Metallic Cracked Crocodile - Only $89.00 @ Sole Struck


Mahalie said...

I have to agree, I posted about my favorite pair, the Black Patent Leather & Cork "Barb". I get comments on them constantly...sometimes I just say thanks and once in a while I'll smile slyly and whisper my dirty little secret. said...

I have to bashfully echo my appreciation for Jessica's shoes. The leather and cork ones also come in RED patent and look hot (not slutty hot, a good hot). Her edible beauty products are also a bomb in my books, so I guess she had to get one thing right!


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