Wednesday, October 18, 2006

BodyRocks Jewelry: Vintage Glamour with a Touch of Modern Elegance

I’m always on the look-out for next year’s haute designs and BodyRocks Jewelry is putting out some to-die-for pieces that I must share with our lovely readers.

My new fav I crave is the 1930's inspired Asymmetrical Faceted Citrine Necklace on 14kt Gold-Fill Chain. The golden tones of this necklace are breathtaking; four glorious champagne kisses of Citrine dangle elegantly from a full 55 inches of 14kt Gold-fill chain. With the striking array of golden tones, the Citrine Necklace is the perfect piece for the Fall Season.

Gloria Swanson and other great old film stars of Hollywood brought Citrine to the public awareness in the late 30’s. Ms. Swanson wore her own extremely long, flamboyant Citrine necklaces in her dramatic films. At that time, Citrine was so unavailable to the general population, that it cost a fortune. BodyRocks Jewelry is proudly bringing a touch of vintage Hollywood glamour to their loyal customers.

The design is unique in the fact that the Citrine gemstones are displayed asymmetrically on the chain and the necklace has no clasp. The necklace is lusciously lengthy; it can be doubled up, layered, worn as a choker, or worn long.

BodyRocks Jewelry's 2007 pieces are not available on their website yet, but can be viewed and purchased by inquiring with owner Nancy Shebby at the following link:

BodyRocks Jewelry designs are timeless, yet fashion current and are fabulously fresh for 2007. Visit today and be prepared for many compliments!

Stay tuned for more BodyRocks Jewelry reviews...

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very elegant!!! beautiful!


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