Friday, October 27, 2006

Double-Digit Divas: Plus-Size Fashion Around The Web

Hi Ladies!

What Couture In The City needs is some posts about Plus-Size fashion!

A friend of mine works retail at a Mall (she hates it) and when we get together she tells me all of her nightmares and struggles as a sales-girl. She told me (get ready for this) that any size in the double-digits, (size 10 and up) is considered "Plus-Size."

I had never heard that before; I was under the assumption that plus-size started at 14W and up... What are your thoughts?

There are many online Plus-Size sites with fabulously fashionable garb; I am a firm believer that at any size, any woman can look attractive, confident and stylish...

So, travel with me around the web and take a gander at these Plus & Posh sites: - Torrid is a sexy fashion brand empowering plus-size young women to feel beautiful and feminine! Torrid has fashionable dresses, outer-wear and more! AND they actually use Plus-Size models... Sizes 12-26!

B& - B&Lu was started by 2 sisters who wanted to offer the world a fashion resource for plus-size young women. Their styles are HAUTE and mainstream, while being edgy and individualistic. The models they use are sultry and sexy! Sizes 14 to 30! - Old has 'Women's Plus' fashions from sizes 16-26. From career wear, to night out on the town wear, this is a fabulous resource! Oh... and their price-points ROCK!

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Wendy O said...

Woot! Oh Jillian...yes, this is a sad world that we live in when a size 10 is considered "plus." Old Navy is hands down the best place for yours truly to find flattering fashions for my double digit frame.
However, I really wish that there were more options...places like Fashion Bug Plus and Land Bryant have nice stuff some times, but its all too big...I'm right in the middle and can never find anything anywhere.

Jillian said...

Hi Wendy!

I KNOW! Size 10 is something I WANT to be! :) I would never consider it Plus Size at all. Old Navy is a great resource, have you tried shopping @ Torrid? They are the opposite of Lane Bryant; they are not too big, in fact, I find myself going up a size there. I find that their clothes are a perfect fit for me. :) Target is shameful when it comes to "Plus-Size" - it is a BIG joke! What do you love about Old Navy? You should do a post!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello I finally got to go to the Torrid store here in Des Moines Iowa at Jordan Creek Mall and hands down I loved the place. The girl there are great we even played dress up for two hours. It was pretty much a 50/50 split of what looked good on me and what didnt look good on me. Also I am a size 22 and sometimes 20 and it is really hard to find good fitting clothes. And I have to say I got a shirt, two bras, and pants and they all fit totally great. And plan on making another trip soon. I would recomend Torrid to any plus size woman. Speically 20's somethings.. Totally what we are looking for


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