Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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Comfy as they may be, UGGS have been out for quite awhile now. I'm sure sometime in the near future they'll experience a resurgence but for now, they are minus zero on the trends scale. Not to worry though as there are plenty of other more stylish substitues out there.

I'm not a huge fan of fur trims or anything that resembles a rug covered shoe but I thought the Chalet boots by Alloy were too cute to resist. They have a slight masculine touch to them that goes perfectly with this winter's edge. The Cable Knit boots from Delia*s are my favourite. Hands down, they are so girly and look so warm to wear.

For something durable then it'll have to be the Wildone pair by Easyspirit. And those who can't be bothered to think about their outfits too hard, the French Connection Foldovers will go with anything.

Available from asos for $199.50

Available from Delias for $65

Available from alloy for $39.50

Available from easyspirit for $99

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