Friday, October 13, 2006

Special Edition Jewel 160 Bag by Loewe, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Guess how much this bag costs? Go on! Guess. $2,000? Nup. $6,000? Wrong. Try $80,000. Yep. This special edition crocodile skin jewel bag by Loewe, was created in celebration of their 160th anniversary. It's custom made with a 6 month lead time and has 18-carat gold hardware, amethyst and topaz gem stones, a four-diamond clasp and a leather nappa interior. Even so. I'd rather buy a car with the money.

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Anonymous said...

80K! Are you serious?! I'd rather spend that money and buy a house. And the bag doesn't look like it's cost 80K. But what does a 80K purse really look like :)?


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