Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Favorite Double-Digit Diva Haven: B&LU

With the holidays upon us, going to the mall is like running with the bulls in Pamplona without the fiestas and red handkerchiefs. I, for one am not a fan of going shopping with a bunch of caffeinated, sales-driven she devils who would trample you with delight over the last Burberry scarf @ Nordstrom.

Call me a homebody (I've been called worse), but I LOVE shopping online; there is nothing more exhilarating than receiving bunches of apparel & accessory filled boxes in the mail and opening them with childlike anticipation... (insert red-bicycle
Christmas analogy here)

If you're planning a shopping day in your PJ's, I reco
mmend clicking away to my favorite Double-Digit Diva haven: B&LU - their clothes are affordable while being fabulously fresh, classic and chic.

My B&LU Favorites:

Pheobe Dress: $72.00
Helena Blouse: $34.00

Courtney Trousers: $46.00P.S. Receive 20% OFF @ B&LU with the following Discount Code: "blu20"

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