Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Artinjection by Dave Stevenson, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Astro Necklace, $175.00

Catdor Necklace, $195.00

Delicato Earrings, $265.00

Looking for the perfect can't-find-this-just-anywhere gift for your artistic friend, boyfriend or sister? Then check out the collection of Artinjection sterling silver jewelry at LeFashionista. Created by accomplished bronze sculptor Dave Stevenson, these pieces are inspired by the artists larger abstract sculptures, which have been collected by such celebrities as James Cameron. His jewelry has since been making regular appearances on VH-1, soap operas like All My Children and cable television shows.

Stevenson says that many of his fluid and rounded pieces are inspired from the sea, and on LeFashionista, include pendants of dogs, eagles and abstractions. The best thing about these designs? They are totally unisex and versatile, not to mention, completely original.

Editors Pick:

Horse, $245.00

We love this horse necklace so much that we had to blog about it again! How awesome is this? Snap one up for yourself and for a friend before they are all gone.

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Anne said...

Hey... just want to drop in say your blog...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these pieces! Thanks for finding posting this jewelry line. I will be watching out for more!


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