Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fashionable Mom Gear at Snazzybaby, Couture In The City Fashion Blog

Most fashion-conscious moms will tell you that there are very few options out there for hip mom gear. Most diaper bags and shopping cart covers at department stores are created with the baby in mind and feature brightly colored animals and silly cartoons.

At Snazzy Baby, the mom is in mind when it comes to design. They offer beautiful diaper bags, nursing covers and shopping cart covers in oriental patterned silk designs. Though most are not created in traditional "dad-friendly" designs, Snazzy Baby's beautiful silk shopping cart covers and diaper bags will make you the envy of all the other moms.

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Fashionable mommy too said...

great to see more fashionable diaper bags on the web! Thanks to celebrity trends, it's actually HIP to be a mom right now. Maybe it's a "fad" but it can only help women's issues in the long run.

Dinah said...

How cute are all of those things!!! I have so many friends having babies and they will so love me if I got them these things.


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