Tuesday, January 09, 2007

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Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller (source)

Though Sienna Miller's days as an "It" girl are likely coming to an end (as is her signature "boho-chic" look), she's still making waves as a fashion headliner.

This sexy (yet sophisticated) black vintage dress from Ossie Clark is just the right combination of "whoa, how is she wearing that?" and "wow, that's not too bad." Her accessories and hair are just right for this kind of deep plunging neckline that few could truly pull off.

Well played, Miss. Miller. Well played.

What do you think of this daring/conservative ensemle? Should she be showing more leg to balance out the deep plunge, or does this work for you?

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Anne said...

Very cool indeed... now I only wish I have something to show... lol... it does seem to be popular these days...

maeir said...

i agree. well played & thats saying a lot considering how much a detest the "it" girl/fashion icon label she undeservedly got by screwing jude law.
However, I dont think that this look is hard to pull off.


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