Friday, March 31, 2006

April Showers

Juicy Couture Motif Umbrella, $55

The Gap Spring Umbrella, $16.50

Arc en Ciel Monogram Mini Umbrella
Luis Vuitton Monogrammed Mini, $515.00

With April coming up quick, it's time to get ready for the rainy season...and yours truly will be visiting the city of lights during their notorious rain season as well. So naturally, I started to look for a stylish umbrella, and here is what I found for you!

While you can buy an imitation LV umbrella for as cheap as $20, the real thing is a shocking $550! The Juicy Couture umbrella was cute, but not as classy so I looked a little bit deeper and found my perfect umbrella for springtime in France: the checked Burberry!

Mini Check Umbrella

Burberry Mini Check, $125.00

Burberry Check Rain Boot, $130.00

Not only did I find the umbrella, but cute rain boots too! Now if I could only find the matching raincoat...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good Girl

Good Girl Fleece Set, $130

Good Girl "Too Good for You" tee, $32

Fashion can be comfy too...even celebrities don't mind being snapped in their sweats and tees! Especially when they are as cute as one of LeFashionista's newest brands "Good Girl."

Good Girl's fleece set and tee are perfect for Yoga class, lazy days and even when you just want to be comfy at school or out shopping.

For other "casual couture" wear, we suggest Primp, Juicy Couture, and some of LeFashionista's other designers like Urbane Couture, Crown and Tiara Industries and more!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Vacation Wishlist

Dior Flight Leather Shopper
Dior Flight Leather Shopper, $1,370.00

Whitney Sunglasses
Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses, $300.00

San Tropez Wedge
San Tropez Wedge, Juicy Couture, $190.00

So it's probably just wishful thinking but had some drool-worthy accesories for my Parisian escape. I would absolutely love a new bag, sunglasses and shoes before I hit beaucoup shoppes and if I could, these are what I would totally get.

Even though the current situation in Paris is a little, well, riotous, cross your fingers for me that things will be back to normal for my vacay!

Okay, so in reality I probably will only get a new watch battery and dust off my old Gap hobo bag, but I only have a few days to finish my pre-vacation shopping. What am I forgetting?

What is the one fashion item that you simply could not live without while vacationing? Lip gloss? Umbrella? Good shoes? Tell us your favorite travel accesories and the best ones will be published in my Vacation Packing guide before I leave. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tail Bait for Lefashionista

Tail Bait decorative bra straps, $30 each at Lefashionista

Sick of trashy plastic see-through bra straps? Strapless bra's don't do the trick, but you just aren't ready to take the bra-less plunge? Tail Bait has the solution for you!

Tail Bait's decorative straps are the perfect solution for your undergarment dilemmas. Whether attached to their strapless bra's or their hot camisoles, they add a little glitz where you least expect it! Perfect for prom's, clubwear and evening's out, get support and style with Tail Bait!

Tail Bait Mimi Camisole, $74

Viva la Shopping!

That's right my little Fashionistas...I'm going to Paris in exactly 12 days and I can't wait! Perhaps THE best shopping destination besides NYC, Paris is home to all the best designers. Hermes, Chanel, Dior and more!

So far, I plan to go to Bon Marche, their big department store/mall, and of course, the Champs-Elysees, even though it's more touristy than Haute Couture these days.

Until then, I'm going to give you a little preview of where I may go and what to buy, but I need your help! Anyone ever been to Paris? Where are the best deals hiding? Help!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Bebe Strikes Out at Fashion Week

Bebe, Spring 2006 L.A. Fashion Week

Okay Bebe designers, we get it...your first ever L.A. Fashion Week and you want to make a big impression by being really different. You want to separate yourself from your mall girl club wear lines by doing something REALLY couture. So you thought that a flower-inspired theme would do wonders and really awe people. Well...

Unfortunately, these styles even manage to be unflattering on the how are real people supposed to wear them? The tulip bottomed, rusched satin skirts hit right at an area that most people want to minimize, and on top of that, add a lot of volume.

Not only are the styles just a little too 80's-futuristic for me, but their color palate was primarily black, red and gray. Snore.

Oh well...if anything, I like the models side-slicked buns...they were kind of cute. Sad to say, but I think that Bebe needs to stick with making tube tops for teenagers and leave the designer stuff to the pro's.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Agent Provocateur a Fashion Week Smash

Agent Provocature at L.A. Fashion Week, Spring 2006 line

Victoria's've met your match. Fashion week was abuzz over Agent Provocateur's sassy and sexy lingerie. Known for their "Bond-girl" sexy charm, Agent Provocateur's line caught the eye of celebrities like Christina Aguilera.

Check out their artsy burlesque-like website for more styles at

Spotlight On Antik Denim

5 pocket boot-cut Monroe, $165.00 5 pocket Western Fawcett, $300.00

Even though they have only really been around since 2004, Antik Denim made a splash at L.A. Fashion week where denim ruled. Their style is truly Californian with a "western-aesthetic" of slim cuts and rugged details.

While last season, their looks were very tribal and colorful, Antik Denim got in touch with their dark side and created a look that was very rock n' roll.

Antik Denim, L.A. Fashion Week runway collection, Spring 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yee Haw

Paris Hilton hats
Paris Hilton

Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson

Britney Spears

Could it be? Are cowboy hats going to be a big thing again this summer? Dang, I was hoping they would die out with cowboy boots, vests and chaps.

Seems as though the cowboy hat, particularly of the straw variety, is around to stay. Much like Ugg boots, they really took off for a while and just won't go away.

The truth is, they are kind of cute, but not just anyone can wear a cowboy hat. So if you are one of the daring few, rock that straw contraption for another season. Why not? They're more interesting than a regular sun hat and more refined than a trucker cap.

May we suggest...If you are going to try out the cowboy hat thing, play it safe and get a relatively cheap one, like this one from Target. Similar to one that Beyonce was seen wearing last summer, it's cute without being crazy.

Straw Cowboy Hat with Feathers
Straw Hat from Target, about $12

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

L.A. Fashion Week Still Underway

Sheryl Crow leaving the Rock and Republic
show in L.A.

Victoria Beckham's Line for
Rock and Republic

It always seems like it's fashion week somewhere around the world...this week, Los Angeles is host to the event until Friday, March 24. These invitation-only events are usually extended to celebrities, fashion critics and buyers only. Nowhere near as upscale as New York or Paris's fashion week, L.A. is known for it's strange fashion events.

It's interesting to see how each city reacts to Fashion L.A., Rock and Republic and Agent Provocateur may be the big shows to attend, while in New York, John Galliano and Badgley Mischka are huge.

My biggest shock? Bare breasts at Rock and Republic for the Beck's line. Really, I expected a little more from a former Spice Girl, although it doesn't look like her line has departed much from that former Spice style.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

East Meets Vest

Viscose top and silk pants, Missoni

Gray pinstrip three-piece suit, Tuleh

Gray Tweed Suit, Armani

Japanese Print Button Down, Diesel

Gold Bow Dress, Alexander McQueen

Business professionals probably have the hardest time mixing fashion with work. Men have it easy...they just get a few great suits and only have to worry about their tie. Women, on the other hand, are either forced to look drab or get really creative with scarves and handbags.

Never fear HR managers of the world! This spring offers some really sexy alternatives for the working woman.

Whether you are a bank teller or a CEO, hot pantsuits and Eastern kimono looks are back with a vengeance. Softer lines and prettier fabrics on pantsuits give this otherwise masculine look a feminine edge. And what's not to love about kimono's? Flattering on nearly everyone, the silk makes them fancy and the prints make them fun.

Our pick is the silk pantsuit from Missoni...the best of both worlds, really! And that gold dress from Alexander McQueen? After work cocktails, of course.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Would You Wear...

March 16, 2006Aisha Tyler in Bill Blass

If these tulip skirts are supposed to be all the rage, why do they look awful on everyone? Even Aisha Tyler, who is svelte and athletic, probably shouldn't be wearing this skirt. Her tie up wedges don't give her legs any length either for an overall unflattering look.

A Lighter Shade of PaleNaomi Watts, Oscars 2006

The shrinking violet look was big at this years Oscars, with stars like Naomi Watts and Kiera Knightly opting for floral frocks. No, not floral patterns, but rusched sateen and gauze that looks like a 3D flower.

So are florals overrated, or the hottest new thing? Is there someone out there who has successfully worn a flouncy tulip skirt without adding 20 pounds to their frame? Let us know!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Intermix Lust List - Add Some Excitement to Your Wardrobe

Ringo Sandels - $135

KORS Michael Kors This light-as-a-feather sandal packs a huge fashion punch.... the 1 3/4" vachetta leather instep strap is studded with four 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" rectangular faux jewels held in place with brass hardware. We want a pair in every color! With a 1/2" leather toe strap.

Luella Flower Patch Handbag
- $1,195

Luella This handbag perfectly captures the whimsical spirit that makes Luella Bartley's handbags such celeb favorites and wardrobe collectibles. Styled in suede, it's embellished with leather and snakeskin patches, buttons and safety pins to form a very modern flower garden. The leather strap measures 18" and is attached to the bag with goldtone circles. It secures with a foldover strap, which can be secured to a hook for extra security. Of course, it's decorated with a signature goldtone chain and three heart charms - one in red snakeskin and two in white leather.

DVF Asti Strapless Bustier Dress
- $345

Diane von Furstenberg With its charming "Dreamscape" patchwork print, this dress is chic yet fun. The black jersey bustier top is lightly boned, and easily rides atop the flared silk skirt. The bright abstract print is featured in an underlayer of silk charmeuse, over which is layered the same print in silk chiffon.

Escargot Babydoll Cami - $276

Catherine Malandrino Look closely, and you'll see the swirling pattern that led to the name "Escargot" for this gorgeous cami. It starts with spaghetti straps and 1 1/2" of smocking, then a flurry of tiny pleats gather to create the fullness front and back. Down the front are sixteen covered buttons with loop closures. The print is a melange of geometric swirls and circles.

Norma Kamali Hooded Knicker Jumpsuit - $275

Norma Kamali Norma Kamali's relaunch of her iconic, stylized sweatshirt dressing for Everlast is major fashion news... and we're one of the exclusive specialty stores to carry the collection. Get busy!

Purchase at

Friday, March 17, 2006

Get Lucky

Green Chrysophase Ring, $60 by Claudette

Horseshoe Necklace, inspired by SJP

Metallic Messinger Bag, $70.00, Besso

Think you're too grown up for St. Patrick's day? Think again....just because it's a holiday, it doesn't mean you have to wear a stupid t-shirt with a four leaf clover on can still look totally hot, just by accessorizing!

If green isn't your color, go for gold...pull out your gold hobo or clutch from last season or try some beautiful green jewels with gold accent.

My favorite? The Sex and the City inspired horseshoe necklace hot and so lucky.

Share your grown-up holiday fashion tips!

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