Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Your Very Own Swimsuit Model?

Tommy Hilfiger Swim

Need help on finding the perfect swimsuit for this summer? Glamour provides a great way for you to view different styles on your very own personal virtual model. All you have to do is sign up for a free account. Pick a name for your model, which is probably going to be your own. Choose a face and a body shape, which includes an hourglass figure to pear-shaped. Enter your height, weight and bust size. Then, adjust various characteristics, such as your nose shape and hairstyle and color.

Here, you will be able to choose from one-piece and two-piece suits, as well as play around with a whole new makeover. See what a Calvin Klein or a Tommy Hilfiger creation will look like on you for this season.

Cosabella Mare

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sweet Sneaks

Eleanor Seahorse Print Skimmer
Eleanor Seahorse Print Skimmer, $39.99

Eleanor Owl Print Skimmer
Eleanor Owl Print Skimmer, $39.99

Xhilaration® Acadia Printed Canvas Shoes - Blue
Xhilaration Acadia Printed Canvas Shoe, $12.99

While flip-flops may be the official shoe of the summer (and no one loves flops more than me), sneaks are growing in popularity. Get cute in canvas this summer for a hawt (and comfortable!) look. Afterall, everyone needs a breathe-able pair of sneaks for trekking across theme parks and around the mall during the hot summer months.

Whether you like your Keds simple and solid colored or if crazy printed canvas is for you, check out their website for all the newest styles. We love their new line by cute! However, canvas sneaks are almost as cheap as flip-flops, so keep your eye out for great deals.

Here's a few little clues to making sure you get the most out of your canvas sneaks:

1) Slip-on or tie-on?: Answer: Both. It just depends on your style. If you love the ease with which you can slide on flip flops, slip-ons are for you. Plus they are are more "lady-like" and go good with everything from jeans to skirts. If you are more athletic or need something a little sturdier, tie-ons are for you. Laced-up canvases work great for that tom-boy look.

2) Printed or Plain?: Answer: Look at your wardrobe. If you are like me and have mostly solid colored tops and tees, then your feet are begging for some printed canvas. However, if your tops are loud and lovely, then you should probably go with basic footwear so you won't clash.

3) High-end, or Cheap-chic?: Answer: Look in your wallet. Just get what you can afford because it's only sneakers!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Dare to Wear?

Lindsay Lohan

Leave it to La-Lohan to catch our eye agin in a get-up that is one part Michael Jackson mixed with equal parts Kevin Federline and modest dominatrix.

Could this be a new trend emerging? (source) For my part, I seriously hope not. Never in my life would I think that someone would wear black leather knee-length walking shorts and think it was okay. Not only that, but she tops it with a white tank and fedora. And no heels? Whyyyyy?

So what's the verdict? Hot new summer look, or a grasping attempt to be really, really different? Discuss.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Spotlight on Gianni Bini

"Expert" Gold Flat, $39.99

"Spice" Wedge $69.00

Vintage Tan Satchel, $69.50

"Moroccan Tales" Zip Top Bag, $89.00

"Jaclyn" Silk Chiffon Dress, $178.00

"Anita" Tee $38.00 and "Adi" Skirt, $138.00

Always trying to be the purveyor of fashionable and affordable accesories and clothing, I bring you Gianni Bini! Available exclusively at Dillard's (sorry northern gals), their stuff is simple but haut and very ladylike. No Dillard's near your? Visit their website for even more hot hautness that you can order online.

Okay, their clothes are still a little pricey, but way cute, and I can personally attest to their durability and quality. While you are SOL if you need anything larger than a size 12, even plus-sized girls can appreciate their accesories. And if you can get their stuff on sale, it's really worth the money!

Their best deals really lie in their shoes, which I can also personally attest to be some of the best out there for the price. The best LeFashionista find? The "Expert" gold flat for less than $40 (also available in silver and black)! Gold flats are very hot for summer and are here to stay for a while, cute with skirts, jeans and even those Bermuda shorts that only the truly skinny can pull off. Gianni Bini heels are usually to die for as well, and from what my friends tell me, you can't find a more comfortable heel for the price.

Mad about M.A.C.

Dejarose Fragrance, $22.50

MV 1 Fragrance, $22.50

Green Eyeshadow, $13.50

Glitz Gloss in Ramoneo, $14.00

M.A.C. makeup may be one of the best department store makeup lines at (almost) drugstore prices. Burned before by their lipglass (dried out my lips and so sticky my hair got stuck in it constantly) I've become a new beleiver! While I am not as adventurous with makeup as I may like to be, I often fantasize about being able to pull of that shade of green eyeshadow...sigh.

One of their newest surprises is a fragrance line, based on color with all sorts of lovely exotic scents. The names aren't so great (Turquatic and Pinkaura just don't do it for me) but the price is right and the scents are lovely. I nearly fainted at their orange bottled scent (which they don't sell online, and also irks me) was so clean and smelled just like this orange scented spray I got from Avon in high school...but I digress.

For all of you other M.A.C. addicts, word around the makeup counter is that if you bring in six empty plastic M.A.C. containers, you will get one lipstick of your choice FREE. How wicked awesome is that?

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Large Woven Bracelet, $9.50

Crochet Flower Necklace, $12.50

Crochet Ball Earrings, $5.00

Who knew? My favorite trendy-but-cheap mall store, Old Navy, has made a foray into the jewelry world...and boy do I like it.

From what I can tell, their stuff is pretty original, not too pricey, and up with what's going on in fashion right now. Quality...well, time will only tell, right? Bracelets, earrings, necklaces...I don't think that they have any rings yet (or much jewelry for men either) but it's a great start.

Apparently, they also have bath and body products in the stores as well, but not available online.
Is Old Navy on their way to being more than just great cheap t-shirts and flip flops? What do you guys think...are they fashion life savers for pennywise fashionista's, or not so hot?

The Handbag of Hope

handbag of hope hobo baghandbag of hope single star wallet
Hobo Bag, $22.00 and wallet, $10.00

handbag of hope double strap pursehandbag of hope wallet
Double Strap Purse, $18.00 and wallet $8.00

Don't you just love it when you can buy cute stuff AND donate to a great cause at the same time? Right now, Claire's is offering a cute line of handbags and wallets inspired by a young cancer victim named Hope.

Designed by Ali Lauren Spizman, with each purchase of these bags, 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Hope, the little girl who inspired this collection, has already raised over a million dollars for this great cause. The Make-A-Wish foundation is an agency that helps to grant the last wishes of terminally ill children.

Check out Claire's at a mall near you, and pick up one of these bags for your stylin' little sis'. They also offer more grown up styles here in gold, black and white star spangled bags and hobo's with a little L.A.M.B. flair.

Pretty Ponytails

Cara Couture Ponytail Jewels
Cara Couture Ponytail Jewels, $35.00 each

Starburst Ponytail Holder by Karina, $3.75

Carmen Electra

Sport a really haute look this summer with a pretty ponytail! Sleek and sporty or a big sexy mess, this is a great style for busy girls who want to beat the heat.

My personal favorite style is the "just rolled out of bed" know, flyaways, piecy bangs, the works. Some stars spend hours with their stylists achieving this look, but for me, it just comes naturally.

Take your up-do look to the next level with some great hair accesories. Remember to think outside the box when looking for hair baubles...mall jewelry stores like Claire's sometimes have the cutest hair accesories for way less. Got a cute broach collecting dust in your jewelry box? Revive it as a hair piece!

Ponytails not your thing? Scarves, head bands, bobby pins and especially baby barettes are also hot in a big long as you are having fun with it, and don't get too crazy, you are one step ahead. Word is flowers (especially orchids) are big for this summer too, so try it out now before everyone else is.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Haute Beach Essentials

Old Navy Beach Tote, $19.50

Pucci Beach Tote, $495.00

Leather Star Flip Flop
Leather Star Flip Flops, $34.00

Diorantik Flat Sandal
Dior Diorantik Flat Sandal, $485.00
Luella Metal Aviator Sunglasses - White
Luella Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $11.89

Whitney Sunglasses
Whitney Sunglasses $300.00

Graphic Floral Triangle Top, $19.99
Green String Bikini
Pucci Green String Bikini, $255.00

And just for fun...

Women’s Textured Floppy Straw Hat
Floppy Straw Hat, $12.99

As a Florida girl, we get beach weather year round...but for those of you elsewhere, it's time to get those toes painted and remove any unsightly hair because summer is here!

Looking like a million bucks at the beach can be cheaper than you think! Feel free to splurge on one item (bikini? of course) and get a little chintzy with the rest. Wal-Mart sandals and sunglasses? No one is going to tell the difference.

Whether you want to spend a little or spend a lot, we've put together some of the best summer beach trends and where you can get them!

Summer Essentials:
*Bright floral or graphic beach bag
*Fun flip-flops
*Cute cover-up
*Haute bathing suit
*Sun tan lotion with a high SPF

What's your fave summer essential or beach accessory? I can't live without my fold out chair at the beach...sandy bottoms just don't do it for me. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Love it? Make it!

Round Toe Ankle Strap flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs, $278.95

Sigerson Morrison Ballet Flats, $393.95

If you are anything like me, you ogle over gorgeous designer shoes but just can't bring yourself to shell out the big bucks for them (okay, that one time on Ebay, but they weren't even my size!).

That's why ever since high school, I have been of the DIY persuasion (that's Do It Yourself, FYI). Being your own designer is actually pretty fun, and there's nothing more rewarding than having someone ask where you got something, only to reply "This old thing? I made it."

*Self-Designer Tip*
See a cute pair of adorned flats, and think you can do it yourself? You probably can. A glue gun can be your best friend on a pair of less expensive shoes. Try it out first on an old or cheap pair, and round up some old earrings, broaches, sequins, or whatever your heart desires. Glue accordingly and voila! Designer shoes that no one else has.

Want more great DIY ideas? Visit and check out their Style Studio section. Really crafty gals and guys should also check out Ready Made magazine's website to see how to make a ton of stuff from quirky bags and tees to furniture and other home goods.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

America's Next Top Model...The Final Three

Top Model Do's and Don'ts |
Joanie, Jade and Danielle work it tonight for the final prize.

So this show has been on for a million seasons and I just never paid any attention to it because, well, I hate reality T.V. However, my best friend came over and forced me to watch it and now I'm hooked! Tonight is the last episode and my money is on Joanie. She really worked it on that elephant photo shoot.

The drama! Those impossibly high shoes! The gossiping! Catch the season finale tonight on UPN at 8:00 to see who wins $100,000 and the chance at a modeling career.

The question is...will any of them have a career in modeling after this show? Most probably won't. Like American Idol, they all get their flash in the pan moments, and a very few go on to become something bigger.

So...any other addicts out there? Who are you rooting for? Or is this just another stupid reality show that I somehow got sucked into? Let us know!

Couture Reviews: Semperly Fabulous!

So you know that something is good, wait, let me cross that out, “AMAZING” when a perfect stranger grabs your hand out of the sink as you are washing your hands in the powder room at a restaurant and gasps, “Oh My God, where did you get that!?”

Need I type more? You don’t have to twist my Mini Crystal Wreath Bracelet adorned arm!

When I think “beaded bracelet,” I usually envision a bunch of beads thrown together on cheap fishing string with a craft store clasp…I was simply floored and literally speechless when I opened the cute little box I received from's Rochelle Semper filled with three of her breathtaking bobbles.

Semper’s attention to detail is spectacular and she certainly doesn’t skip on the quality. Mini Crystal Wreath Bracelets are made out of the finest Austrian Crystal strung on sterling silver wire with an elegant sterling silver clasp. Photographs do no justice whatsoever to the presentation, beauty and quality of Semper’s fine crafted pieces.

The bracelets can be worn with a cute skirt or pair of jeans during the day and a haute dress at night. These bracelets sparkle and shine and were definitely the thing I needed to complete my evening ensemble. I felt sophisticated and beautiful wearing the bracelets at dinner and can’t wait to go out again to show off the goods.

I recommend Semper’s pieces to any and every woman.

P.S. Rochelle Semper’s Mini Crystal Wreath Bracelets make fabulous wedding and bridesmaid gifts!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Looks...With Love

Madeleine, $45

Angelina, $38.00

Claire, $36.00

Julietta, $45.00

LeFashionista's tres chic line, With Love From Paris, is back with cute camisoles and lovely lingerie for this summer! Sequin, lace and hand-painted details make these sweet basic cami's and tanks unique and hot. Great for wearing around the house, around your boyfriend, or to dress up a pair of jeans.

May we suggest: Pull it together with a pair of equally unique earrings, like these soft, but surprising earrings from Bellalulu:

Blush Clusters, $48.00

Top it all off with a great bag like this Jewels by Julie Knapp bag for a look that is fabuleaux.

Orly Bag, $249.00

Monday, May 15, 2006

A Celebrity's Best, Friend

Paris with Tinkerbell

Ashlee with Hula

Mischa with Ziggy

Rachel with Thurmen

Jake with Atticus

Whatever they are wearing, the accessory of the choice for the rich and famous in the last few years has undoubtedly been of the furry persuasion.

Sure, celebrity's are just like you and me, and of course they have pets. For example, did you know that Jim Carey had a Great Dane named George? Yeah, me neither. Some celebs, like Jake Gyllenhaal, just happen to get pictured with their pets because they really love and take care of them, and others remain an unseen mystery.

Sadly, it seems as though the "accessory pet" trend is still going strong. Stars like Mischa Barton and Ashlee Simpson get a ton of undue press just by carrying their newest pet around everywhere they go. I would say this was great, if Mischa and Ash didn't already have dogs at home that they used to lovingly tote everywhere.

What do you think? Are these stars just making like the Europeans and bringing their pets everywhere because they love them...or because they just needed something new and cute to satisfy them for a while?

For those of you who want to pack up your pooch like the stars, may we suggest:
Sac Chien 50
Louis Vuitton Sac Chien 50, $1,570.00

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