Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Clash Connection

By Raquel Franco

This past Sunday as I sat down with my morning coffee and my fashion literature (aka In Style, Vogue, etc.), and I noticed something peculiar. Flipping through the glossy pages and celebrity faces I noticed that many of our favorite stars were looking oh so cute but one thing was out of place. None of their couture pieces really matched. Why do things that clash, mesh? Is it like relationships when opposites attract or is it that they have the perfect body and anything looks good?

One of my fellow fashionista’s, Chantel, mentioned that, “…clothes that clash look good because it looks thrown together and effortless, as opposed to matching everything which looks calculated and trying too hard.” This can be true. When an outfit matches too much you can appear stiff and up tight and you definitely will come off as someone who is trying to please everyone. A mismatched look like Ashley Olsen’s is sexy and gives off the vibe that you don’t care what anyone thinks.

While talking to another fashionsta I learned that sometimes what looks like clashing is really matching. A cool clashing outfit may deceive you by adding a small accessory that pulls the opposite styles together.

But the most common response I received when asking women why clashing works was because of confidence. Sarah Jessica Parker is a perfect example. While starring in Sex and the City as Carrie Bradshaw she constantly wore funky pieces that no one in their right mind would put together but she always pulled it off. I believe it was because she had confidence and she was just having fun with her wardrobe and that’s what made her look fabulous.

So if you are thinking about clashing this weekend just grab an accessory to match and let your confidence shine on the outside and you are ready to go!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lyrical Beauty

by Raquel Franco

This online boutique will be sweet music to your ears or fashion to your body. The collection of up and coming designer items display a unique talent that tells you these are not only designers but artists. Many of the intricate jewelry are handmade to order. Some of my favorite pieces that you should definitely check out are:

Designer Luka: Out to Sea Necklace
This delicate design with soft blue stones and Swarovski crystals is great for summer. The dove charm creates a very feminine look that would go perfect with a white sundress. And at this low price it’s too good to turn down.

Designer Luka: Maggie Earrings
Acessorries made out if shells are perfect for summer at the beach. You will fit right in with these fantastic light blue earrings. Tip: Long earrings like these elongate the neck.

Heavens Best Creations: Pearl and Bali Necklace
Want to create the sexy chic Bohemian look that Mary Kate and Ashley have been sporting? Well this long pearl necklace will do just that. Matching it with a lace vintage dress will create the boho look in a snap.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Accessory Indulgence

By Raquel Franco

leFashionista has found one of the Internet’s best-kept secrets. is filled with chic little treasures to add to your summer accessories. The romantic bohemian style pieces will play a fantastic supporting role to any ensemble you have hanging in your closet. Some of my favorites are:

Greenshell Earrings

Dangling earrings like these can elongate the neck and make it seem slim. They will create a shimmer effect in the sun and really pop hanging underneath auburn hair. These earrings are my favorite because of their grace and they make me think of
summer romance.

African Trade Glass Earrings

These sweet pea teardrop earrings are great if you want to draw attention to your face. The bright emerald green hue accents all shades of hair. What I love about these watermelon style duds is the texture that makes them seem vintage

Sparkling Sage Necklace

Mary Kate and Ashley have been seen wearing jewelry like these, long, gold and bohemian necklaces. This tree stoned necklace is so simple but elegant. I see myself wearing this with everything from a t-shirt and jeans to an ivory summer dress. I am smitten with this gold treasure even though I am a not Golds biggest fan.

So if you are looking for romance this summer head on over to our new affiliate and be swept off you feet for less than $100 bucks.

Hand-made jewelry as seen on TV's "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer", in the pages of "O Magazine" and more.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Handbag Convenience

By Raquel Franco

Every girl faces the same dilemma when taken out to dinner. Where in the heck am I going to put my handbag? If you value your precious couture at all you won’t dare put it on the floor but if you put in the table it causes you to duck and weave to make eye contact with your date. As big as handbags are getting today you’ll never be able to create chemistry with your Big Buddha bag trying to steal all the attention. So what’s the solution? Hold it or get yourself a purse pal. As ridiculous as this sounds the new handbag hanger is quite clever and will solve all your dinning problems. This small and affordable device comes in 6 designs and will definitely keep your Anna Tote bag from getting in the way of a romantic evening.

Last week I received my very first PursePal in the mail. When I pulled out the gold plated Pink Ribbon hanger I have to say I began to doubt whether it would hold my oversized bag and all its contents. The pal was so adorable and I felt nervous as I placed it on my desk. I was rooting for it to work. I hooked my handbag on the hook and ta da! It worked. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now I always carry my purse-pal with me and it has been my savior at 2 dinners already.

If you would like a pal of your own please visit to get one of your own. The Pink Ribbon PursePal benefits Breast Cancer. Five dollars of every purchase goes towards research.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Handbags Gone Fugly

By Raquel Franco

Here are the top five most fugliest bags right now.

This multicolored beaded mess is too ugly even for grandma.

This bag is actually sold out at! This silver tote should read FUGLY instead of CRAM because the only thing crammed in here is a fashion mistake.

Louis got it so wrong with this bag. The only cherries I want to see are on my cheesecake not on my couture.

I am not an Eskimo and even if I were, I know I could keep warm and look cuter than this.

This floral multi-patterned looks like a quilt my grandmother would make. I don’t care if it held a thousand bucks I don’t think I could be seen wearing this outdated bag.

Jamin Puech

Fuglybag01_JAMIN PUECH, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Louis Vuitton

Fuglybag02_LOUISVUITTON, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Ugg Australia

Fuglybag02_UGG AUSTRALIA, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fashion Flattery

By Raquel Franco

I recently bought a ring unlike any I had ever seen before. It’s big, chunky and mixed with stone and CZ. I love it but was unsure if anyone else would. Secretly when I buy a new outfit or accessory I hope that someone will tell me that they love it. Well with this ring is a compliment magnet, as is my favorite BCBG handbag. Every time I wear this ring it receives a plethora of praise. I gush as they demand me to tell them where I got it. And my bag, well I keep its retailer a secret. My bag is unique and precious and I really don’t want anyone else to have one. When I hear a voice say, “Ooh I love your bag.” I say, “Thanks,” and run while hiding my huge grin. Compliments bring a satisfaction that guarantees you that you are a fashionista. It lets you know that you are making the right choices and that the day you spent an hour deciding if it was right for you was worth it. It also makes you feel like spending last months rent was worth it, at least for a moment anyway. Women love to shop because it feels good to think you look good and it feels even better when someone takes notice. So if we all share this love of fashion and flattery shouldn’t we be complimenting one another more often?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Jessica Simpson - Dog Accessories

K-9 Handbag Accessory

By Raquel Franco

Man’s best friend is taking on a whole new meaning in fashion. Furry and friendly puppies are now the new arm candy in Hollywood. Every hot star from Jessica Simpson to Paris Hilton has been seen carrying their precious miniature pups instead of their usual designer duds. In the recent June issue of In Style Nicole Richie, who has three dogs, stated that this summer she will be armed with her new puppy, “A chocolate Labrador – that’s the ultimate accessory.”

Paris Hilton was the first to start wearing her dog on her sleeve. The infamous Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, is the most popular of celebrities K-9 heirs. Bit Bit, Britney Spears’ white bundle of fuzz, was the next to be seen squinting at all the paparazzi lights. These cute little pets have since started a wave of new accessories among celebrities. Pets are becoming the new Louis.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It’s all in the Blog

I may be becoming a Blogaholic because I find myself viewing more than 10 a day. But in fulfilling m fashion needs I found a cute little fashion blog about bags titled, In My Bag. The New York city Bag Chick is great at keeping it real and updating you on all the latest celerity handbag trends. I especially impressed by a recent update she made about a new bracelet from On Cue ( The chic studded bracelets also double as a wallet to hold all your cash, change and keys while you are in dancing in the club and don’t want to be inconvenienced by your handbag. I appreciate the fact that Bag Chick is very loyal to hear readers by answering every fashion emergency they may have. She is quick to research and rescue any fashion enigma. A way that she keeps it real is by being honest about pricing. She is very aware of a girl’s fashion needs and posts bags that are great for a fashionista on a budget. What I also discovered were bags that I had never seen before that were creative and chic. I applaud In My Bag for its informative and truthful fashion news.

Visit In My Bag at

Monday, June 13, 2005

Pucker Up

By Raquel Franco

Handbag lover Ella has all your shopping needs wrapped up into one tiny little blog. Pursed Lips is fresh, humorous and filled with all the links your handbag heart desires. The new blog writer is aware of the season and will have you prepared for every occasion. You’ll even be ahead of schedule with the new hot review of Marc Jacobs’s fall line. As Father’s Day rapidly approaches Ella suggests giving a wallet for the perfect gift. Her humorous approach convinces me to head on over to the closest department store to rectify my own fathers “old and ratty” wallet. She brings up an excellent point that, “Our male peers tease us for carrying handbags, while they walk around with a lump in their pants - in the wrong spot.”
And for all you gals that love Coach and prints, this blog is definitely for you. Ella favors them over most other designers and styles. But even if it is not your favorite, Lips will surely keep you updated on the other latest handbag and wallet trends. She also accommodates every fashionista from with a fat wallet to those with loose change. So keep your lips pursed and kiss your fashion woes goodbye because this blog will satisfy your every need.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Get Tooned In

Get Tooned In, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

White Hot Summer

By Raquel Franco

Memorial Day has come and gone and the heat is finally hear which only means one thing. White can now be added to your wardrobe. Not that anyone follows those rules anymore but… I do. Wearing white has been the one fashion rule I am always afraid to break. Think Never Been Kissed, when Drew Barrymoore spills her chocolate milk all over her white jeans. I would be mortified.

The easiest way to avoid unwanted stain mishaps is to carry a white handbag instead of white threads. My favorite white bag right now is the Balenciaga. I know it’s all I talk about but every time I see it I say, “That’s hot.” leFashionista has the perfect little Balenciaga Motorcycle inspired bag for only 70 bucks.

Other white hot handbags to match those chic boho skirts are the Luella Gisele bag and the Coach Soho Hobo. These handbags are very sexy and will have you ready for summer.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Get Tooned In

This summer having a cartoon character all over your couture is the hottest new trend. Celebrities are reliving their childhoods by wearing t-shirts and handbags with characters like Mickey Mouse, Tweety Bird, Hello Kitty and more. Tweety Bird recently had his own premiere party at Kitson, one of the hottest boutiques in LA, to celebrate the release of the Tweety Couture line. Nicole Richie and Nicky Hilton were there to support the cat fearing bird. Intuition, another hot boutique in LA where Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted, also supports the new cartoon couture. The boutique carries Hello Kitty handbags, Rainbow Bright tees and many other vintage cartoon favorites. Celebrities are even designing these adorable tees. Quincy Jones daughter, Kidada is coming out with a Disney couture line for the fall. But don’t wait till the fall you can achieve this popular trend now. It is sprouting up every where and is the perfect way to look casual and cute this summer.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

When shopping, is it better to follow your heart or your head?

By Raquel Franco

There are two kinds of shopping trips, practical and impulsive. Sometimes these two can merge into an empty bank account. There have been some times when I am actually in a store to find something that I really need. On those times I am feeling good about myself because my money is not going to be wasted on something I have convinced myself that I have to have. Usually that feeling does not last long. Something fabulous like a new oversized red leather bag that I saw Jessica Simpson wearing in US Weekly will catch my eye and it’s over. I will fall in love and stare at it for over a half an hour torn over what to do next. My heart tells me I have to have this bag. I tell myself it’s beautiful and I will be beautiful carrying it. My mind (the dirty rotten scoundrel) tells me I am here to get shoes and I only have enough in my bank account for shoes. I try to reason.

See if I go with my heart, I know I will wear the crap out of that bag and love my purchase. If I do what my mind says, I’ll have money to pay my credit card bill that seems to never decrease and think about that bag until I purchase it later. So, I decide to get the bag and a week later I am mad at myself cause I can’t pay one of my bills. So maybe my heart wasn’t right but it sure felt good at the time. And isn’t that what love is all about? We blindly follow our hearts for a good feeling and then most of the time we get hurt. But should we listen to our minds and protect ourselves from the inevitable pain? What’s better, living and hurting or waiting and wanting?

Follow your heart and grab the best replica

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pack your Handbag with these great Summer Reads

By Raquel Franco

Every summer you have to intellectually stimulate yourself in some way, right? Or at least indulge in a shameless piece of chick lit. Here are some of the best summer novels that will have you curled up laughing and/or crying.

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume:
Two best friends cope with first loves, sexual experiences, family problems and all that becoming an adult can bring.

White Oleander by Janet Fitch
Astrid Magnussen is left to survive on her own at thirteen after her strikingly beautiful and neurotic mother poisons her ex lover.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson have the perfect summer romance until fate rips them apart. Allie returns to Noah after several years and even though she is engaged she begins to have those same feelings she once had for Noah and now she must choose.

The Nanny Diaries by Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin
Nanny has just landed a dream job sitting for sweet little Grayer. Nanny may have celebrated too soon when she finds herself being the mommy in his life and cleaning up the pieces of a broken marriage.

While I Was Gone by Sue Miller
The past has just walked back into Jo Becker’s life and turned it upside down. Jo now, after all these years, has to confront it.

The Autobiography of Vivian by Sherrie Krantz
Left battered and bruised Vivian Livingston is now picking herself up of the ground and moving to the big apple to start her life over again.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Terry Make-up Bags

Makeup Bags Necessity

By Raquel Franco

I am 100 percent sure that any gal who wears makeup has experienced a big fat birthday cake of colored powder all over the inside of her handbag. It usually happens when you just want to grab some chap stick and when you pull your hand out you have eye shadow underneath your nails and smothered on your fingers. Expletives pour out as you dump out your bag and try to salvage every treasure that has been exposed to the frosted mess. This, my fellow fashionistas, is why we all need a makeup bag. They are absolutely essential to keep your couture handbag from going into hand me down status.

My advice is to stay away from cloth makeup bags. They are prone to getting dirty very quickly. The only exception would be for matching a hot Juicy Couture tube dress while on the beach! Intuition has some cute ones that have gorgeous brooches attached to them. Lindsay Lohan likes to carry a mesh cosmetic bag by Jana Feifer. This is also great for wearing as a sparkly clutch. Sometimes clutches can impersonate great makeup bags. The Big Buddha Sheepskin wristlet at leFashionista can be a great makeup bag by day and a sexy evening clutch by night.

Whatever you decide is best for you, make sure you have one to avoid ruining any of you precious leather handbags.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Beach Ready Handbags

By Raquel Franco

The heat is turning on and clothes are coming off. And that can only mean one thing. It's summer! Summer is the perfect time to go to the beach and show off the results from every sweat-dripping mile you ran this winter. But before you go make sure you are armored with the right handbag to get you there. leFashionista has some great handbags that will carry all your beach essentials to get you through the summer.

The Big Buddha Sheepskin Hobo handbag comes in blue and gold. This butter soft, light hued bag will match any neutral colored bikini and add instant glamour. The cozy inside cell phone pocket will keep your phone safe and ready for you to enter phone numbers of all the hot guys you'll meet.

The Big Buddha Anna Tote is the prefect accessory to a flowing sexy tunic. The stylish oversized bag will hold everything from your sunscreen to your bath towel. The metallic metal studs will have you looking like a bronzed goddess in the sun this summer.

The Metallic Cassandra Hobo Handbag in Pink is the ultimate accessory to have you sparkling in the sun. It is the perfect size, color and shimmer to take you from day to night. It's also on sale for the perfect price of $38!!!

These bags are just a taste of what leFashionista has to offer this summer. Please go and check out the boutique for other fabulous options.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Handbag Vanity

Handbag Vanity, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Handbag Vanity

By Raquel Franco

Lately it seems as if all the hot celebrities are coming up with their own fashion lines to display their inner fashionista and give their fans a chance to look just like them but maybe it's just another way to get their name out their.

Jennifer Lopez was one of the first mainstream celebs to come out with a fashion line called JLO that featured casual urban wear, sunglasses, handbags, jewelry, hats and more. Soon to follow were stars like Eve (Fetish) and Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B.). The most popular item on both these lines is the handbags. Both styles are very ghetto fabulous and are all about displaying the logo. Even men are jumpin on the fashion bandwagon. P Diddy (Sean Jean), Jay Z (Rocawear), and Eminem (Shady Ltd.), the toughest of all men in the music business, are not afraid to show they know their couture or at least put their name on it.
Are these celebrities really multi-talented designers in the making? stated that, "Most "celebrity-designed" labels have practically nothing to do with their front people. Instead, a company first creates a line of potions or little skirts, then it approaches a star to endorse 'em and put a famous name on the label. What's the extent of the celebrity "creative" input? The star gets to say, "I like that one, but throw out the other one because it makes me look fat." Sometimes they will come up with an original name for the line but the creativity pretty much stops there. So if you are buying these products you are pretty much just hiring the celeb to be your stylist. They have only just picked the clothes out for you from a selection of "which do you like better".
Don't have a problem with faux celebrity designer lines? Jessica Simpson will be added to the list of "designers" in her new clothing line called Sweet Kisses that will feature a line of sportswear, denim, watches, lingerie, and handbags coming in the Fall of 2005.
And if you want a taste of real up and coming designers go to Le Fashionista and check out the new line of bags.

Caption: Here are some handbags that will be featured in Jessica's new line.
Caption: Here is Jessica at the launch pf her new clothing line.
Picture Source:

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Is Shopping the new Designer Drug?

By Raquel Franco

Now that my 4am late nights and one love knights are over I find myself running tugging on to a new thing for comfort. Before when ever a boy broke my heart or if I was just diagnosed with boredom I would just slip on my sexiest outfit and go out with my friends. But after the unknown excitement of waking up in the morning with a headache the size of New York City wore off I stopped turning to my prescription of a dose of after parties.

These days when I get lonely or my boyfriend has acted like a typical male I find myself browsing in a mall. Seeing the new clothing lines excites me and trying on the latest shoes totally makes me forget about whatever made me upset. And handbags are my crack and purchasing a new sweet smelling leather handbag can impair my judgment and cause me to call him up and actually apologize. The experience can be truly intoxicating. Wearing new clothes just makes you feel like a new person for a minute. It changes your image to something better than it was before.

As much as shopping is better than drinking and one night stands it does have its downfalls. My poor checkbook suffers because my emotional state and sometimes my dignity. I realize that as much as I crave for a shopping hit and run I have to be wise and just say a prayer next time I get hurt.

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