Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Europe’s Autumn Girl Accessories For Fall: Handbags, Shoes, Jewlery & Gloves

Yes Fall is just around the corner. Alas if we are lucky we will have a glimpse of an Indian summer breaking into September up into early October. But still as the seasons change so does our wardrobe. I always feel a tang bit sad when fall comes around. The leaves start falling, awaiting the colder months ahead. But, I do love the colors of autumn. Which are rich in bold reds, sienna browns, yellows, and greens. These are the colors we can gain inspiration from! Even lilacs and lavenders, and blues are pushing forth their awesome colors. In the jewelry and accessories department. But what has Europe got going on in the fall department? Let’s find out!


High Boots

Knee-high or over-the-knee styles are best paired with mini lengths and go great with wool mini skirts. These long boots will take lightweight dresses into winter. And the Soft suede styles in the palest of hues are the feminine choice of the season.


Baby Bags

Wheter it’s Perspex boxes, pompoms, or frilled leather purses. The more fanciful your bag, the better! Don’t reserve these handbags just for evening outings - these little gems deserve to be displayed all day!


Costume Jewelry

From chunky wooden beads, giant Deco cuffs, and bold neck pieces… Jewelry comes super-sized! As long as it makes an impact, anything goes.


Experiment with bold colors or try glossy black leather. The perfect glove length? Ending halfway up the forearm.

Source: Vogue UK

Friday, August 15, 2008

Celebrity News: Actress Michelle Yeoh Goes To Babylon AD

Michelle Yeoh - our heroine and Asian actress, gives fashion her own touch

Michelle Yeoh cannot bring us any surprises. Move over Angelina Jolie. This stellar Asian actress is one of the top action actresses out there today. She is a woman who has gained fame and fortune by starring in action films. Like leading male action hero Jackie Chan, Yeoh has been celebrated for performing her own death-defying stunts and handling her own fight scenes. Moreover, she has cultivated this reputation without compromising her femininity. Yeoh's formidable beauty, poise and winning personality are what brought her to top of her league. This ex-bond girl. (Yes she starred opposite Pierce Brosnan). Recently celebrated in the quake of her movie - The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Michelle shone in her decadent and beautiful Asian inspired costumes for this cool flick. As well as on the red carpet for the release of the movie.

Michelle is certainly not shy when it comes to being bright in yellow and gold pumps at her red carpet premiere of The Mummy 3

Here Michelle sparkles in Gucci. Inspired by Gisele’s catwalk fashion frenzy in the chic design

From ancient china to the future with Babylon AD. Michelle's new flick also co-stars one of my favorite action actors - Vin Diesel. Yes this futuristic thriller has Michelle doing what she knows best - karate.
And looking great of course! We love you Michelle!

Michelle brings it on in her latest flick Babylon AD starring opposite her leading man Vin Diesel

Source: Google, Yahoo!, Babylon AD,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Go West: Cowgirl Inspired Styles for Fall

Jessica Simpson (source)

Rihanna (source)

Sienna Miller (source)

Whether you are a little bit country (or a little bit rock n' roll), every fashionista will benefit from some Western-inspired pieces this fall. Okay, so cowgirl chic isn't exactly revolutioinary; many will agree that it was Sienna Miller who created a Western/Boho renaissance a few years ago. Those styles, which were typically limited to just summer wear, are now translating into fabulous fall fashions.

Ready to take the reigns? Then saddle up and add these goodies to your must-have list for your fall wardrobe:


Sam Edelman "Utah" Boots (source)

The easiest and most versatile Western-inspired piece you can buy has to be a pair of boots. The hottest ones of the season are fringy and covered in luxe suede. Pair these with anything from jeans to skirts to add instant cowgirl flair.


BDG Mandarin Plaid Button-Up (source)

While J-Simp has been embracing her love for plaid for months now, it's just now catching our attention for fall wear. Look for plaid shirt dresses and button-ups for a casual chic look. I especially love what Rihanna has done with hers, wearing it under a snug vest to give her Western wear an edgier appeal.

Also look for brown suede bags and belts with antique hardware to amplify your look. Denim vests (and any denim in general) married with gauzy white cotton tops are perfect for late summer/early fall transitions. So, whether you are looking for a way to resurrect some of your old summer favorites, or simply love the Western wear look for fall, take some cues from these cowgirl inspired styles to put a little yee-haw into your look.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hot Looks for Fall: The New Goth

Mary Kate Olsen (source)

Leave your chain wallets and spike-studded go-go boots back in 1997…the new goth is more fabulous fierce than Marilyn Manson couture. For Fall ‘08, instead venture to the dark side with caged high-heels, dark textured tights and vintage inspired lace. Oh yeah, and a latex mini for the truly daring.
Surprised that goth has made a comeback? Don’t be…Mary Kate Olsen has been doing it since last year, and black and navy nail polish were also big back then as well. It was only a matter of time, really. While this look is not ideal for everyone (I’m more into color, thank you very much), brave fashionista’s can really take advantage of this vampy style and go all-out, or just add a few macabre elements to their current look.
If you are ready to add some dark details to your fall wardrobe, check out these must-haves for inspiration:

Caged High-Heels

Giuseppe Zanotti Patent T-Strap Caged Stilletto, $625.00

Steve Madden “Madalynn” $109.95

You can go one of two ways with the “caged” sandal look, a direct spin-off from this summer’s uber popular gladiator sandal. The more hesitant can go the vampy route and look for vintage-inspired styles like this Giuseppe Zanotti sandal. The t-strap gives it a 1940’s vixen feel, and a shoe like this will give you a lot of mileage. Fierce trendanista’s can try the chunkier look like with the Steve Madden “Madalynn.” These are really popular right now with celebs (some are even pairing them with maxi dresses, but I don’t know about that one…).

Textured Tights:

Free People Crochet Tights, $38.00

If you buy one item for your fall wardrobe, I beg you to buy some dark textured tights. Tights are an inexpensive way to add interest to anything you already have in your closet, and look extra fierce when paired with a caged sandal (see above). Go get some right now, I mean it.
Rummage through your wardrobe and pull out your black wrap dresses, billowy white shirts, vintage cardigans, pearls, cameo pendants, chunky black or white rings and leave color out of this look. Top it all off with a handbag that’s heavy on the hardware and you’ve got one smokin’ “new goth” ensemble. Try it out for yourself, unless you’re afraid of the dark, that is.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Be Your Own Style Icon & Create Your Style With Yoana Baraschi And Black Halo

Be your own style icon! And create a unique style just for you. Today we are featuring classic designer Yoana Baraschi, paired with pearls. Or get a more casual approach with a Black Halo dress and silver flats. Either way, you’re going to look good!

Yoana Baraschi has wonderfully cut designs. And her choice of metallic grays is very eye catching. Though her designs are simple. You can still feel like a movie star in one of her garments. This dress is high fashion! I love the fit, color, and style! This will look great with pumps and into fall with a great pair of black boots! My Star suggestions who would wear her designs are Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, Christina Applegate, and Paris Hilton.

Black Halo has some really fabulous designs. And their outfits can look great at the office or for any evening event. Now you're looking haute couture! Here are my favorite picks.

Black Halo Jackie O Dress in Black

Black Halo Bouquet Cami Dress

Black Halo One Shoulder Jackie O Dress in Coral

Black Halo Tweed Cami Dress

Beautify your whole look with double strand pearls. As you know Pearls are up there with diamonds. Hence a girls best friend.

Cultured Pearl Double Strand In 14kt

Silver Paua Shell and Pearl Double-strand

Finish your look with a pair of Kate Spade point silver flats. Or a pair of silver Jimmy Choo sandal flats in silver. The choice is yours.

Kate Spade silver pebble leather 'Devon' flats

Jimmy Choo Metallic Silver Leather Gemstone T-Strap Flats

Source: TheFind.com

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hot Celebrity Trend: How to Wear One-Shoulder Dresses

Blake Lively (source)

Jenny McCarthy (source)

Alexis Bledel (source)

Rachel Bilson (source)

One of the most unexpected and surprisingly fresh trends of late summer seems to be the one-shoulder dress. Across the board, this vampy look is making waves with all types of celebrities. Whether they are going for an avant-garde look, or merely something youthful and fun, celebs are making this revolving trend their own again.

My favorite new twist on this hot again trend is the belted look. Blake lively turns an average blue dress into something fabulous with a simple cinch of the belt. For a more off-beat look, opt for a cap sleeve, like on Rachel Bilson. One of my favorite ways to wear the one-shoulder look is the "Grecian goddess" style, like on Jenny McCarthy. Gauzy fabrics and pleated gathers make for an ethereal yet sophisticated look on a one-shoulder dress.

Want to try this hot celebrity trend? Here's how to wear one-shoulder dresses:


Look for bright colors and flirty details, while keeping it simple all at the same time. This trend will work best with a solid color (a print will make this style look dated). I absolutely love this one from Juicy Couture...it makes me want to go dancing!

Juicy Couture (source)


Yes, a one-shoulder dress can be basic, I promise. If you are hesitant to try this trend, go for a simple sheath in black first. This is perfect paired under a shrunken tuxedo jacket for work; nix the jacket for happy hour for a great desk-to-dinner look.

Vince One-Shoulder Dress (source)

Still wondering what to do with that one-shoulder top you've been kicking around your closet since 2002? Resurrect it! If it is a solid color (black and white are going to work best), pair it with a pencil skirt in a matching or complimenting color and cinch in the middle with a belt. Voila! Instant dress! Try this trend out now while the weather is still warm, and let us know what you think of this look.


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