Tuesday, February 28, 2006

LeFashionista Needs Your Help!

Besso Motorcycle Bag, $150

Kate Spade Saratoga Springs
Karolina Bag, $275.00

Belly Basics Messenger Bag

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cucumber Roll
Shoulder Bag, $175

LeFashionista editors need your help! I'll be having my first baby this June, and already, I'm looking for the perfect diaper bag. Celebrities are no help...they don't seem to bother too much with diaper bags. So, after doing a little research myself, I have come up with some really cute options (see above).

However, here's my problem: should I buy something cute that I like, or something that dad won't be ashamed to carry either? Something designer, or something sensible? Or, should I just buy that big motorcycle bag that I've been ogling over, use it as a diaper bag, and then be able to use it after?

Also, let us know if you have a favorite diaper bag designer! Did your diaper bag become your purse, or did you carry one too? Help!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Old West Meets New Fab

Dior Gaucho Denim/Leather Medium Saddle Bag

And now for something completely different...Dior's Gaucho Denim and Leather Medium Saddle Bag! Like nothing else you'll see for this spring, this western "gaucho" style is loaded with deatails. Metallic hardward, lambskin trim and squared pocket detailing make for a unique but hot look.

This fringe-less take on western wear may just be the hottest thing going into summer. This is definitely the bag for the girl that's over metallics, done with wicker and ready for something classic but edgy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Clutch it this Spring

Chloe Mini Leather Paddington Bag

Marc Jacobs Stam Leather Bag

Luella Luca Fringed Shoulder Bag

Jimmy Choo Bronze Orpheus Large Hobo Bag

"Couture" readers have spoken...boho is dead, and this spring it's all about the streamlined and the shiny again. This spring its about details, easy classic lines and neutral earth and metallic tones.

Get yours before they appear in the rag mags on some celebrity's arm. You can find these and more hot spring styles at www.net-a-porter.com.

We love the Jimmy Choo Large Hobo...the newer "hobo" shape is cute, almost bucket style, sleeker looking than the "bohemian" hobo's.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spotlight On Primp

Primp Thermal Bunny, $70

Teri Hatcher in Primp

Where in the heck did this soooo cute line come from? Seems like all of a sudden, the girliest of the girls in Hollywood are decked in cutesy tops and sweat sets from Primp. Unicorns, ice cream cones, fuzzy animals and more adorn their snug line.

But primp isn't all about cutesy...some of their stuff is a little too "club-girl" look, but they also have some surprisingly elegant and chic casual styles. Check them out online at the ultimate celebrity shopping store, Kitson, at www.shopkitson.com.

Return of the Tunic

Mischa Barton, Spring 2005

Gap Tunic

Old Navy Tunic

They're baaack...seems like mall retail outlets have decided for us that tunics are still awesome. Now available in Indian AND Carribean styles, are tunics still a hot commodity, or are they SO last season?

I honestly can't say I've seen any celebrities wearing them this season (even the pregnant ones!) despite the fact that they are totally comfy. However, they do give a kind of shapeless look, don't they?

Oh well, let us know what you think...will celebrities start getting all tribal again with tunics and big beads for spring, or will this simply be a mall-girl look?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Christian Dior in India

Wicker Frame Bag With Raffia Flowers
$1,800 by Dior

Last Tuesday Christian Dior opened its first ever boutique in India, with other luxury brands like Versace and Gucci expected to follow right behind. This is big news for fashion lovers in India, where business from out of the country has been restricted for so long. Other luxury retailers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Bulgari already have stores open in India, as their demand for luxury goods keeps rising.

In a country where most of the population can't afford their $1,000 bags (but who can really afford them in America either?) maybe it's a good sign that big name retailers are coming into the mainstream for India. At least now fashionistas in India can save a few rupee's on tariffs, taxes and import fees.

No Dior store near you? Check out www.eluxury.com for hot new bags you can't get just anywhere. Our Dior pick? This adorable Wicker Frame Bag with Raffia Flowers....so cute for Spring.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympic Style

Joannie Rochette

Figure skating costumes are notoriously ugly...granted, they have to be comfortable and flexible enough to do a triple-axle in, but c'mon! Can't we get John Galliano or Bagdley Mischka to design a cute skating leotard already?

In honor of the 2006 Olympics in Torino, I would like to nominate Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette as best dressed figure skater. Her costumes are always totally cute and sassy--not at all what we are used to (think blue spandex and sparkles).

So Joannie, take a bow. Even if you don't win the gold, you are a winner in our eyes. Way to go!

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Many Fashion Morphs of L. Lo

Lindsay, February, 2006
Grown-up but slouchy?

Lindsay, Spring 2005

Lindsay, Fall 2004
Starting to look classy...

Lindsay, Spring 2004
Ahh, the mistakes of youth...

In the very short amount of time that Lindsay Lohan has been in the Hollywood scene, she has pulled more image changes than Madonna. She's tried every hair color under the sun and changed her body shape from healthy to sickly to sorta-healthy again (but she's had a rough time, so we'll give her a break).

While it's not uncommon for new young starlets to make shameful fashion mistakes in their early career (see newsboy cap, striped camisole and gold ethnic earrings), is Lindsay Lohan really going back to her fashion no-no's?

Case in point; February 2006, shopping in NYC Soho. The faded black jeans. The nautical print v-neck sweater. The giant black granny cardigan. The red scarf. At least her cleavage isn't on display anymore, but quit taking fashion cues from the Olsen twins already!

The only thing working for this new look is the white carryall and boots. She totally gets points for those. Otherwise, we beg for the new and improved grown-up and sophisticated L. Lo back.

What do you think? Has Lindsay gone from slutty to chic and now to slouch...or is she on to something with this new look?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Get Knitted This Spring

Miu Miu Crochet Frame Bag, $765

Knitted styles are showing up everywhere for this spring; in delicate patterns on cardigans, on wedge shoes and now on purses. Look out for cute ruffled bags this spring and let us know where to find your favorites.

Lefashionista's knitted pick? The Miu Miu Crochet Frame Bag. Miles away from that slouchy bag from The Sak that everyone loved so much a few years ago, this bag is casual but loaded with style.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Until Labor Day...

Jessica Simpson, From Brown to White!

Marc Jacobs Collection - Perforated Leather Brigitte

Leave it to Jessica to start yet another trend in fabulous bags...the perforated white Brigitte from Marc Jacobs. Classy and fun, as the old adage goes, you can carry this baby around until Labor Day.

So what do you think...is white alright? For me, white anything always gets dirty or dingy way too fast. But if you're Jessica Simpson, you can afford to just buy a new bag when your white one gets dirty.

So there you have it...the hottest bag of the moment. To me, it kind of looks like a pampered pooch carry all. I liked her red tassled Bulga bag from last fall way better. But what do I know?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Celebrities Can Wear Anything

Nicole Richie

Kate Bosworth

Lindsay Lohan

Rules for wearing leggings:

1) Be a celebrity, or at least try to look like one
These things are off-limits if you don't know how to carry them. They make designer jeans look completely pedestrian.

2) Weigh no more than 115 pounds
Celebrities without stick thin legs need not apply

3) Pair them with something awful
Not only does this detract from the fact that you are wearing leggings, but the sloppy+sloppy=fabulous look seems to be working these days.

4) Dress them up now and then
Don't worry, you aren't ruining a perfectly good designer dress if you have leggings underneath! You can go back to wearing them with ballet slippers and cut-off jeans tomorrow.

Ready to bring these babies into the mainstream? Get yours at Urban Outfitters for a solid $10. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Urban Outfitters Leggins, $10

The Olsens Are Grown-up Models

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for Bagdley Mischka

It's a far cry from their days of modeling their own clothing line for Wal-Mart...Mary-Kate and Ashley have hit it big time modeling for Bagdley Mischka.

Trading in jean skirts and button-up tops for couture, Mary-Kate and Ashley never looked better. Still a little creepy in their own "we're an unstoppable corporate powerhouse" sort of way, at least they aren't modeling the latest in thrift store glam.

Check out their ads next month in magazines everywhere for more pics of the grown-up and more fabulous than ever Olsen's.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Gabby Bella "Isyia" Necklace, $110.00

Really want to get some attention this Valentines Day? Add some color to your pulse points (your neck and your wrist!) with some sweet baubles. Pick out a heart-race-inducing hues in pink or red like Isyia necklace from Gabby Bella.

Jillian With a J "Pink Sugar Buddha Bath Bomb", $4

Spending the holiday alone? Forget about it with a nice relaxing bath. Jillian With a J's Pink Sugar Buddha Bomb will melt away your sorrows, without the sugar crash the next day.

With Love From Paris "Desire" Tank, $44

It's still not to late to look your best for the big "V" day! Try a sexy tank like ones from "With Love From Paris" with a pair of jeans and heels for a hot casual look.

Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Jessica Gets the Brown Out

Above: Jessica Simpson on her way
to a Kanye West concert.
Below: Melie Bianco Fringed Tote, $37.00

Known bag-a-holic Jessica Simpson always steps out in style, making us insanely jealous of her designer bags.

Want a hot bag like Jessica's without spending big bucks? Check out this one from Melie Bianco--now under $40 it's a fashion steal! Purfect for all four seasons in a neutral camel color, but also available in black for the city girl and emerald for the bold and daring.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grammys Go Wild

Gwen Stefani

Christina Milian

Teri Hatcher

Joss Stone

The Grammy's, like any other awards show, are usually full of fashion surprises, both good and bad. This year was no exception. While white seemed to dominate the styles of the better dressed (Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Ciara) some of our favorite fashion icons had the worst glam wear.

Bold prints and strange cuts made for bad awards show fashion choices, especially for Christina Milian and Gwen Stefani. While Gwen usually would look good in a paper bag, this outfit was a little too wild for the mama-to-be. There's just no explaining Milians dress. Yuck.

Teri Hatcher and Joss Stone almost struck fashion gold, if not for Hatcher's see through look and Stone's over-accesorizing. It's not the pattern of her dress that is necessarily bad, it's the red shoes, the gaudy necklace, the flower...just too much!

Who was your favorite fashion pick for this years' Grammys? Cast your votes!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Star-Studded Fashion Week

The Olsons at Badgley Mischka

Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson at Marc Jacobs

Ashanti at the Sean Jean Fragrance Launch

Pamela Anderson at MAC

Fashion week isn't just about the clothes darling...it's about seeing and
being seen! If you want to go to New York solely for the purpose of seeing
someone famous, Fashion Week is the time. Everyone from Bono to Debbie
Harry, Sophia Coppola and all of your famous designers are likely to be
hanging around one or more after parties.

This year, more stars than ever are even getting in on the actual fashion shows
themselves. In support of the National Heart Disease Awareness Month, stars like
Lindsay Lohan and Sheryl Crow modeled red frocks by top designers. Lohan modeled Calvin Klein while Crow rocked in a red number by Ralph Lauren.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Baby Phat Gets Grown Up for Fall '06

Baby Phat Fall Collection, 2006

Wow! Who knew that the same brand that brought you bling-wear at it's finest could also be so...classy? Couture collections are always better, but Kimora Lee Simmons has really outdone herself this time. So this explains all of the awards she's been winning!

Of all of the collections on display so far for fashion week, I think that Baby Phat's has the most color and originality. Who knew? While some of the styles are the same 40's-inspired or Asian-inspired looks we are seeing elsewhere, Baby Phat's is just a little more daring and fun. Somehow, it still manages to keep up the
high-maitenance diva feel of Baby Phat, just without all of the gold and glitter.

Girly, glam and oh-so-sexy, Baby Phat is LeFashionista's surpise winner for Fall 2006 fashion week!

Monday, February 06, 2006

New York Fashion Week Underway

Fashion Week for Fall 2006 is officially underway in New York
and it seems like dark colors dominate this year. Tailored 30's and 40's
styles seem to dominate work weark, while Asian-inspired motifs and
geometric prints are the basis of casual wear.

Standouts so far come from Tuleh and Gen Art, with some of the most
whimsical and feminine designs. Usual suspects like Nicole Miller fell
a little short this season on originality, but came through for tried and true styles.

Gen Art

Sass and Bide


Mary Ping

Diane Von Furstenburg

Nicole Miller

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