Sunday, February 05, 2006

This Valentine’s Day, Get What You Really Want!

This Valentine’s Day, Get What You Really Want!

Send him a leFashionista Sweetheart Coupon!

Boyfriends and husbands can be clueless at what to give you for Valentine’s Day…so why don’t you just tell them?

Avoid getting another box of chocolates and roses this year (they’re overrated anyway!) and send him a “hint-hint” pre-Valentine’s Day card!

We know you’ve had your eye on that Jewels bag or those gorgeous earrings from reimagined,etc…but he doesn’t! Give him a clue with our printable leFashionista Sweetheart Coupon! Put one on the bathroom mirror, in his car, or wherever so he won’t be clueless this year.

You’ll love it because you’re getting what you really want, and he’ll love it because every customer that uses a Sweetheart Coupon will receive 10% off!

Don’t have a sweetie this year? Well, self-love is even better! Don’t wait around for Romeo to get you the goods…treat yourself to luxe bath products or hot accessories this Valentine’s Day.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start planting a little idea in his head, or just start browsing for yourself!

Use code:"SWEETHEART" during checkout to receive 10% off with purchase.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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