Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hilfiger's Knockoff Reality

By Raquel Franco

Tommy Hilfiger is set to host a new faux Project Runaway reality show on CBS. 16 contestants will compete in New York City to design a collection under his label. Their talent, business acumen, sales and marketing savvy, social skills, resourcefulness, and of course their sense of style will be tested while staying in a SOHO loft. Each week Hilfiger and a clan of guests will form a "Style Council" to judge the designer hopefuls on their progress. Kevin Beggs, President of Programming & Production, Lions Gate Television stated, "The Cut encompasses the worlds of fashion, art, music and entertainment with a phenomenal brand creator like Tommy Hilfiger ..." The fashion inspired show sounds to me like a fake Fendi handbag trying to pass for the real thing. See for yourself when The Cut premieres on June 9th, 2005.

Source: realitytvworld.com and news.yahoo.com

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sex and the City Style

SATC_Carrie, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

Once upon a time every fashionista in the world fell in love with four fashionable girls. The hit HBO show was Sex and the City. To be the most stylish fashionista you can be, I recommend studying the styling of Miss. Bradshaw, Miss. Hobbes, Miss. Jones and Miss. York. With all their different views on fashion, love and relationships and over 400 outfit changes per season you will surely find that you can relate to one of these fabulous women.

Carrie Bradshaw was like a Super Model so everything looked good on her fantastic body. This NYC columnist's love for clothes, shoes and handbags made her the ultimate trendsetter from Manolo Blahnik stilettos to Gucci handbags. Her combination of vintage chic and designer couture style went from quirky to sexy in minutes in each episode. And her handbags were always the exclamation point of her bold fashion statement. Carrie usually opted for sleek clutches or smaller handbags that were adorned in feathers, beads, sequins, metallic and logos galore. To achieve Carrie's trendy style try the Big Buddha Sheepskin Wristlet Clutch.

Charlotte York approached love with optimism and hope. She was a traditional romantic and that tradition was reflected in her wardrobe. Her preppy uptown style was that of sophistication and elegance. Not only did she follow certain rules in love but she did in fashion as well. She was committed to wearing flowing dresses and skirts in solid pastels and light tones. Her rules for handbags were simple and elegant totes or comfortable shoulder bags. Try the "Nicole" Blue Tweed Satchel by Tamara Boston to follow Charlotte's rule.

Miranda Hobbes began SATC by only wearing navy and black suits but as her cynicism wore off so did the colors of her wardrobe. Miranda really embraced her red hair, pale skin and childbearing hips by wearing earth tones and a-line skirts that really flattered her figure. Even after embracing femininity with patterns and color she still wasn't afraid to walk out of the house in a pair of sweats. Her wardrobe most definitely reflected her mood. Her practical sense of style was also portrayed in her choice of handbag. Practicality was key when deciding what bag to match an outfit. As a working woman she carried big leather totes with a plethora of zipper pockets and at night she would match a sleek looking clutch with a simple dress. Try Diva Collection Motorcycle Bag to go with your work attire.

Samantha Jones independence and sexual attitude towards men reflected the clothes she wore. Samantha's uninhibited wardrobe consisted of vibrant colors, low cut necklines, and oversized jewelry. Her provocative style showed up in her handbags as well. Animal prints and skin-caressing fabrics like suede were known to be upon her handbag. Try the Satin Disco Clutch Handbag to get her sexy style.

The key to adding spice to any wardrobe is your handbag so grab one of these bags mentioned above to achieve your SATC look. All handbags can be purchased at http://www.le-fashionista.com.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Le-Fashionista.com featured on StyleSpoon.com

By: Wendy Owen

So we already knew that leFashionista had some of the
best deals under the sun...but now StyleSpoon seems to
know too! This week, leFashionista was featured
under this weeks' hot handbags, specifically the
Silverado Style bag in Begonia Pink (now on sale for

This website is kind of like E!'s "Talk Soup" for
on-line fashion; they compile the best fashion deals
of the week and line them up for your convenience.
They really do feature the cutest-of-the-cute, from
polka dot flats to metallic hobo bags and fun home
furnishings. They even show you how much they are and
where to get them with a related link.

Like leFashionista, StyleSpoon is also on a mission
to bring you great looks at great prices. They also
keep you updated on fashion events happening in New
York and L.A. This is a great site to check out if
you're a trend-setter or just want to be like one!

Home Sweet Holmes

Katie, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Not only does 26 year old Katie Holmes have new arm candy but she has developed a new sexy, feminine style. The Ohio native is enjoying a lot of new experiences this year. She has recently moved to New York City, exposed her new love for Tom Cruise, is starring in her first blockbuster film (Batman Begins) and is sporting a new chic style. In a recent interview with InStyle magazine Katie wore a pair of flared Salt Work jeans, a black Prada jacket and red patent leather flats by Hogan. This outfit is evidence that she is already fitting in well with the hip NYC style. In the interview she told InStyle that her favorite shops in New York are Marc Jacobs, Chanel, DKNY, Club Monaco, and Hogan. Katie feminine style consists of romantic dresses with an empire waist and classic blazers with jeans. Her handbag style consists of neutral colors that can go with any outfit.

Try leFashionista's Diva Collection to get Katie's sweet look.

Monday, May 23, 2005

What's in your bag?

By: Wendy Owen

Ever wonder why luxe hobo bags are taking the fashion
world by storm? Why stars carry duffel sized designer
bags, instead of pocket sized cocktail purses?

Maybe it's because their fast-paced life requires a
bigger bag.

Think about it, stars aren't too different from you;
they work, have families, go shopping, go to the gym
and lead pretty busy lives. Can all of that really fit
into a credit-card sized bag? I don't think so.

Fortunately, nowadays, you don't have to sacrifice
style for size. It used to be that big bags were
virtually style-less, pocket-less and awkward. You can
now find a bag with compartments for your water
bottle, cell phone PDA, pens, mace etc.

So now, with all of this room, what should be in the
bag of every put together, fashion conscious woman?
Here's a little list of necessities to keep you
looking great without cramming your bag:

1) Mini make-up bag
Avoid extra clutter by carrying only the necessities:
lip gloss (or color), nail file, hair elastic, blemish
stick and moist towelettes. With these very minor
necessities, you can keep yourself looking "together"
which is the very basis of being glam.

2) Technology
For many, a cell phone is a must have item. With
today's advancing technology, you can even get one
with a camera, organizer, calculator and games.
Staying connected is so important, but a huge bag with
no reserved space for a cell phone is useless. Make
sure you find a bag with a cell phone pocket (inside
please!) or else this little piece of technology will
be more of an annoyance than a convenience.

3) Wallet, keys
Bigger bags allow for bigger wallets! Now you don't
have to limit your wallet sized based on your purse
size. Stash a pen with your wallet for extra
convenience. Another important thing to look for in
big bags? A zipper pocket for your keys. Aside from
getting lost in your bag, it's also important to have
them handy for safety reasons. If you live in an urban
area, a spot for mace inside your bag wouldn't be a
bad idea either. Unlike the stars, we can't all afford
body guards!

4) Mini-medicine cabinet
Mints, tums, band-aids and aspirin. Enough said.

5)Something that says YOU!
Whether it is your favorite magazine, a good book,
crossword puzzle or a transportable craft, it's always
wise to carry something to keep yourself occupied
during down times. Waiting rooms and bus rides can be
unbearable if you are bored to death. Chic women are
never bored, so always bring something with you to
occupy yourself.

Friday, May 20, 2005

*$20 Off Hot Bags at leFashionista*

SheepskinHoboBlue, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Looking for a handbag that fits your fashion sense, but doesn't rob your pocketbook? Want a hot hobo in ripping blue to take you to the disco? Buy Besso. A moxie messenger for those Saturday afternoon fashion grabs? Dig into Diva. Need a pretty wristlet for a candlelit night? Big Buddha whispers "you have it all." Email customerservice@le-fashionista.com and write "I will have it all" in the subject line and-until June 1-you can! Take $20 off any Besso, Diva and Big Buddha bag and get free shipping, too! Take your pick at leFashionista.com.

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When it comes to handbags, what are the deal breakers?

By Raquel Franco

In life it seems as though we have so many choices. Maybe we even have too many choices. From the array of lattes and cappuccinos in the morning to fast food or left-overs for lunch how do you determine what's right for you? Better yet how do you decide what to wear when making all these decisions? I mean a girl's gotta at least look her best and disguise the fact she is frazzled with these decisions right? And the most important part of your wardrobe is definitely gotta be your bag. Your handbag holds all your choices in life. It holds the phone you chose, palm pilot, books and all that make-up that took hours even months to find to fit your complexion. With your bag being the focal point of your day, when choosing one, what are the deal breakers?

When interviewing some women I found out that big handbags s are essential. The number one deal breaker is definitely when a handbag is too small. A bag too small is like a guy with a hairy back. Psyche from Lime-Light.org said, "Even my school bag is large. I'm using the L.A.M.B. tattoo tote. A supervisor at work was like, 'Are you moving?'." Sometimes it can feel that way. Here are the top seven deal breakers:

1. When a handbag is too small.
2. Price. It's gotta be within your budget.
3. Logos. You hate logos, Coach better figure out something else to do with those bags huh?
4. Short handles. You like them too be large enough to carry on your shoulder.
5. No inside pockets. A girls gotta have a place to store her cell phone.
6. When everyone has it. Most of you would rather be the trendsetter than a fashion follower.
7. When there is an outside pocket.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

If everyone has one, is it still special?

By Raquel Franco

I remember the first time I saw that luscious white multi colored monogram Louis Vuitton bag. I fell madly in love. It was big, it was cute, and it was to be mine, if it weren't for the price tag. When ever I saw that bag in Vogue I wanted it more and more. Then Jessica Simpson started to carry hers around like a security blanket on Newlyweds every week and my envy grew deeper. But then within a few weeks of Louis envy I saw a fifteen year girl carrying one at the mall. My jaw dropped as she walked passed me laughing on the phone with her blonde hair flipping and her Louis bag blazing. Then not two days later I saw a grandma carrying one and more young girls following suit. As the summer days moved on so did the tornado of multi-colored LV's.

Needless to say, my heart beats no longer for the precious Louis I never had. And now I think to myself, why?

I believe that maybe it was cute because it was rare. I like being original. I don't particularly want to be like everybody else. But I must say that if I like something and everyone does have it, I am not afraid to wear it anyway. Right now I have fallen in love with the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag and don't care that every celebrity has ten in every color imaginable. I am sure that by the time I can afford one it will have lost its status but it will still be special to me. When talking to a friend she said that most designer bags are timeless and if it's not a faux bag then it never loses it status. In some cases I believe this to be true. A Hermes Berkin bag will always be classy and grab gasps from ladies in passing.

But are only designer bags special just because they cost next months rent? And are things really only special when they are rare. I guess it's really up to you and how you feel in your heart about the bag you carry in your hand.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Now I Shop Alone

By Raquel Franco

There was a time in my life when I may have had a little shopping problem. I would have about five shirts in my closet with the tags still on them and no food in the fridge. So, yeah you could say I was a shopaholic. And I was pretty open about the things I spent. Well, a little more than open. I loved showing off my purchases to who ever was available for a small runway show. And whenever I went shopping my caller id should have had a warning sign so that my friends would know that I was calling to give them a fashion update.

After a few months, well more like years of going broke with style my debt caught up to me and was beating me with a club. And of course I blabbed to my friends about this as well. So why was I so upset when I suddenly felt myself being ganged up on by my friends?

I was shopping with a friend one day and she started giving me the third degree about the shoes I was buying. Was I on trial for something? Apparently I was on trial for too many shop and runs. I started to feel like I couldn't tell her when I went shopping. In fact I stopped telling everyone and now I shop alone so I won't be judged. Everyone started telling me what to do financially and not one of them was financially stable themselves. I never said anything to anyone else when they were blowing their month's rent on needless thing. When is it okay to cross the line and talk money with your friends? Is it never? Money should be kept in your wallet not in your friend's advice. And shopping should be for bonding not judging.

Do you ever feel like you have to lie to your friends or family about how much you spend? At leFashionista you won't have to. You can purchase bags for as low as 30 dollars.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Olsen Style

Olsen Style_may2ndolsen04, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

Mary Kate and Ashley are setting trends around the globe. When they first appeared among the streets of New York City wearing baggy pants and tee shirts we were all wondering what was up? But then their hobo style started to catch on. And soon everyone was wearing bohemian print skirts down to their ballet flat shoes. The Olsens also love to experiment with accessories. Layering is the key to their to achieving that bohemian look. They always have at least 5 necklaces of different styles and lengths wrapped around their necks.

They also love to layer their clothes to achieve casual ensembles. Blazers, tee-shirts, belts and shrugs are the perfect way to make sophistication seem easy and not stiff. Mary Kate and Ashley are also very consistent when adding handbags to their casual looks. With them it's the bigger the better.

When the girls are not studying and carrying multiple cups of Starbucks they are hitting the red carpet wearing chic vintage dresses. Simple lines added with sheer and lace and sexy heels are the ingredients to the Olsens sexy look.

These girls not only have huge bank statements but are also making huge fashion statements with a vintage and boho style.

Start by picking a back from leFashionistas Diva Collection to achieve to Olsens look. These twin beauties have been seen running around NYU's campus carrying bags like these in every color and size.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Top Ten Celebrity Fashionistas

Top Ten_april20thlindsay, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Poll taken from Lime-Light.org

1. Mary Kate Olsen: You love that her look is so casual and comfortable. She and her sister are good at experimenting with color and accessories. At leFashionista you can get a Diva Style bag inspired by the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag that Mary Kate has been seen carrying.
2. Nicole Richie: Everyone loves her new makeover. She has transformed from trashy to elegant and respectable
3. Ashley Olsen: This twin setter looks good in everything from baggy pants to vintage dresses.
4. Jessica Simpson: Jessica has looking sexy and but classy down pat. Her style is very old Hollywood.
5. Sienna Miller: You love her hobo chic and her boho chic mix. Sienna has been seen carrying a Chloe bag and you can have one just like hers at leFashionista.
6. Mischa Barton: You think this young rising star has e keen fashion sense and you love copying her youthful and flirty style.
7. Rachel Bilson: This actress is not afraid to take a chance on fashion. Even though she sometimes may leave you wondering what she was thinking, when she gets it right, it's right on.
8. Paris Hilton: This glamour girl is all about looking hot and knows how to wear attention getting outfits. Paris has been seen wearing a Cuffz bag that you can purchase at leFashionista.
9. Lindsay Lohan: This rising star is great at looking sexy but casual. She has a very hip and trendy style.
10. Kate Moss: This model is a human canvas for designers today. Her look and style inspires designers to keeping creating new trends.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sienna Style

Sienna - dressjeans, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

Not only is her boyfriend hot but so is her fashion sense. Ever since she lit up the screen with Jude Law in Alfie everyone is dying to get a taste of the ex-models wardrobe. Her style is very bohoesque, matching vintage with designer pieces. This boho beauty's sexy style seems effortless. She pulls off a glamorous look in an "it only took me 5 minutes" kind of way. Miller loves dressing up a fabulous pair of jeans with a flowing dress to add femininity to a casual look. Her favorite designers are McQueen, Chloe and Matthew Williamson. She has been seen lately sporting many stylish boho inspired bags by Chloe, including the Paddington.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Are bigger bags the new fashion frontier?

By Raquel Franco

Can I get a bag with my order and super size it please? That seems to be the order on handbag menu these days. Bags are starting to come in the size of gym bags. Designers everywhere are creating bags that are doubling in size. In the April issue of Harper's Bazaar, Phoebe Philo (the creative director of Chloe) said, "I love the luggage feeling of the Paddington." This large Paddington tote has been seen on celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kirsten Dunst.

Stylists are saying that these oversized are practical for every woman. They are great for carrying your clothes if you need to crash at your girlfriends house and the multitasking bags are convenient for holding any work that unfortunately needs to be taken home with you.

As you may have noticed the Bohemian look is flooding over the fashion scene faster than you can say Mary Kate. The Olsen sisters were the first to appear wearing the popular trend. Having a large handbag is the perfect accessory for creating the look. To achieve this look try Le Fashionista's Large Besso Hobo Bag in pewter.

Picture Caption:
Here is Jessica Simpson on May 3rd carrying a large crocodile bag.
Source: sweetkisses.net

Thursday, May 12, 2005

It's what's on the inside that really counts.

By Raquel Franco

When I first realized that having a fabulous bag was a key ingredient to looking fabulous I suddenly became a bag slut. I became obsessed with the idea of finding the perfect bag. Being young and going through some soul searching I went through bags just like I went through men.

In the beginning Target was the hot spot to finding a cheap steal that would most likely land me a cheap date. Like the men I met the bag was cheap, uncomfortable and non committal. Even though the bag's exterior was oh so cute, the lining would rip within a couple of months and my relationship would slip through the crack.

As I entered into the working world I was introduced to the man in the suit. The suit man was as gorgeous as his wardrobe. As our relationship grew out of the fantasy phase I started to feel insecure about my trendy style. I began to wonder if he was noticing that his luxurious style was overpowering mine. In fear of losing this dream man I rushed to the store to change my wardrobe from young to mature and everything black. Suit man seemed pleased and then it occurred to me that looks were important to him when he took me shopping at Saks 5th Avenue. Then there it was, while we were shopping, an oversized black leather Chloe handbag winking at me in the spotlight. Soon after the insane purchase I started to feel uncomfortable. I thought it was what I wanted but the inside was just too big for me. I was constantly fumbling around to find what I needed. And in my relationship with Suit man I was fumbling trying to be something I just was not. Needless to say, I returned my suit man and his Chloe bag.

Restless and frustrated after an exhausting relationship with my ex-bag and my ex-man I began to realize that this was not working. I wanted more. I needed a bag to fit my needs, not too big, not to small, reliable, comfortable, and low key but trendy like me. So I started to take my time. Now impulse buys are a big "no, no". I also try the bag on in the mirror to see if it compliments my style. I even transfer everything from my current purse to the possible candidate to make sure everything fits comfortably. And when it comes to men I am taking it slow and trying him on before jumping right in.

Looking for the perfect bag?
No fear leFashionista is here! Try these fabulous bags on for size.
The Diva Collection Balenciaga inspired bags come in two sizes and six fantastic colors. These will surely be a fabulous asset to your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Love at first site, is it real?

By Raquel Franco

Sure I believe in love at first site... with my handbag. I myself have never experienced this magical moment. And honestly I do not know if I believe that it is possible. The only thing that I can decide in five minutes if I will want forever is a great handbag. There is only so much you need to know about a bag. The few questions I need answered about my bag are: Does it have handles that are large enough to go over my shoulder? Are there pockets on the inside? Will it compliment at least 75% of my wardrobe? And most of all is it gorgeous?

When it comes to men I hope we as women have more than four questions that need be answered. And do we honestly think that questions like; when do you want to get married, when do you want to have kids, can you afford to support a family, are you a psycho, are you going to support me no matter what, and do you like cats, can be answered in five minutes of meeting someone? Just because he has dreamy blues eyes and he is tall dark and handsome does not mean he is your knight in shining armor. I think we have to make sure he's not hiding anything behind that armor. Our hearts are precious and should not be given away so freely.

If you want to give your heart away at first glance then give it to a beautiful bag. There are many spectacular bags at leFashionista that will never break your heart and last forever. Our new Cuffz bag by Linz Barfly will surely keep you "locked" down.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Is the Balenciaga bag on its way out?

By Raquel Franco

When the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag first appeared upon the arms of celebrities like Nicky Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker, they were an instant success. Stores were selling out of them and were unable to keep up with the supply and demand. Not only were Americans lusting after them but fashionistas in Taiwan and Switzerland were also craving a taste of designer Nicolas Ghesquiere. The waiting list for the sleek and sexy bag began growing larger than the Louis bag that is now "so five minutes ago."

Now time has passed and everybody wants one and every celebrity has one. Celebrities even have multiple bags in numerous sizes and colors. I am sure that you are getting to the point where you must be wondering is too late to get one. Will I just be another wannabe jumping on the bandwagon? Absolutely not! Celebs are still carrying their beloved bags wherever they go. A good way to know if a trend has taken on a life of its own is when everyone and their mother are carrying one. Now is the perfect time to be seen sporting this delicious arm candy. The bag is still yet to be made common among the average woman. Owning a bag like this will make you the first to stand out. So if you are having second thoughts, don't hesitate to give in to your desires.

You can fulfill your craving at Le Fashionista. We now carry four Balenciaga style bags in two sizes for a mere fraction that it costs to buy the real bag.

Shown above are recent pictures of many celebs who own the infamous bag and none of your friends that don't.

Picture source: http://lime-light.org

Picture Caption:

1. Diva Collection Motorcycle Bags
2. Nicole Richie on March 23rd
3. Amerie on April 25th

Nicole Richie on March 23rd

Nicole Richie on March 23rd, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Amerie on April 25th

Amerie on April 25th, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

When i was 13 years old

martini, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

by Cathy Lewis

When I was 13 years old, my mother and I were shopping and we came across a Coach store. In the window was a mini-city bag, camel brown leather. I had to have it. It would have cost me all my allowance, but I didn't care. I needed that handbag.

As I was purchasing the Coach bag, I remembered feeling like I had gone on to the next level. It was my first real symbolic fashionable item I had bought myself. It all had started by this one purchase.

I brought it to school with me the next day. All of my girlfriends loved it. I was the first one in junior high to have this handbag. It was in a sense... invigorating. Only a girl could understand this. A handbag, you say, can be invigorating? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Very much, in that it creates a whole new identity in and of you.

First you must understand how girls think. We are constantly in competition. When we don't even realize it, we are in competition between each other. "I have the most athletic boyfriend." "I have the cutest boyfriend." "I have the most stylish and trendy clothes." "I have the most clothes." "I am the smartest one." "I am the cutest one," and it goes on.

When women get older they do not leave behind that sense of competition. This is how we measure our social status and perception of ourselves to the world around us. This is not to be mistaken for the measure of success; women do not need a handbag to be successful. I can't say all women do this, but most women do. Regardless of what you buy and what your sense of style is. If you are a Goth girl, then you are in competition to be the most gothic looking princess. You want to be the darkest most desirable Goth chick. If you are a cowgirl, you want to have the cutest hat and the cutest cowboy with the tightest wranglers.

Why so many handbags, you ask? Well women have many identities. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and lovers. There is a handbag for every identity.

Sisters buy handbags to say, "I saw it first and you can't have it." Going back to the age old rules between sisters; you can't have the same clothes, handbags, boyfriends or hairstyle.

Mothers buy handbags for convenience. Usually they carry the necessities of being a mother; items for herself and items for her children and items just in case.

Daughters buy handbags to say, "I want to grow up too soon." This is a special time in a girl's life. They want to be so grown up yet that can't. So you buy a cut little handbag so they can carry their lip gloss and perfume in it.

Friends, similar to sisters, buy handbags together but they hope to be the first to spot the handbag they know their friend will spot as well. Friends don't let friends buy ugly handbags. Most importantly, we definitely do not fight over the same handbag. Friendship over a handbag is not worth the fight.

Lovers, well, they buy the sexy bags. It only needs to carry the necessities of course. For instance, on a date all you would need to bring is a small wallet with cab money, lipstick, a cell phone just in case and Kleenex just in case he is a real jerk.

Handbags have become a part of our culture. Anything that has become a part of our culture becomes a part of the individual. If we could create our own handbags they would all be different. In a sense the quest for the handbag is a quest for searching for ourselves. Funny as it may seem, in reality it's true. Everything we own is a reflection of who we are and by looking at a person's handbag you at least can guess at what type of woman she is. She is a sister, a mother, a daughter and she is a lover.

Years later, I still have my Coach handbag. I can only assume for myself that it's a piece me, when I was 13 years old. My handbag now... well, I have many of them. I am no longer that little girl shopping with her mother. I am after all, a woman now and also a sister, daughter, a friend, and a lover.

Now available at leFashionista Cuffz by Linz Barfly bag.

Martini has a metallic silver lambskin exterior and a silver printed silk lining. Handcuff is nickel-plated steel ("designed for official police use").

Friday, May 06, 2005

When nothing looks right, what can you turn to?

orly, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

It's inevitable that at least once a month you'll wake up and have one of those days. That day is the day you want to look perfect. Maybe that special occasion is a first date or an evening out trying to get a first date but either way sometimes your closet decides to go on strike. You know it has begun when the fifth outfit you have tried on still looks like you gained ten pounds. You go and check the scale. Weight is still the same. Eyes rolling and time ticking you try on another outfit. Now you're teeth are gritting and you are on the verge of tears cause nothing is looking right. Then suddenly you realize all hope is not lost as you remember your fool proof, skinny outfit. As you zip up your pants you realize your stubborn closet isn't letting up.

I had a similar experience like this last week and I ended up wearing jeans and a sweater on my date. Cause you know what if I'm going to look like crap I might as well be comfortable. Through all the sweat and tears something did give me comfort. It was my BCBG tote. I love this bag. And this bag is cute all on it's own. It never has to form to my body to look a certain way. It just stays by my side. My handbag is trustworthy and I can always count on it to make me look fabulous. If I don't get any compliments I know my bag will. So my remedy for a closet on strike is to go buy yourself a bag you can't live without.

Try these lovable bags at leFashionista:
Besso-style Motorcycle Le Dix Lariat Bag in Black
Camel Loop de Loop Bag
Silverado Style Handbags
Jewels by Julie Knapp - Orly

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Richie Style

Richie Style, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Remember Nicole Richie when she first appeared on the Simple Life? I am sure we all wanted to know what in the world was she thinking. The booty shorts and skimpy tops she wore were so unflattering. Now three years later Nicole has ditched her trashy style and has been seen sporting a more sophisticated look. She has transformed herself from being a "don't" to a major "do".

At leFashionista you can achieve Richie's fabulous look with the Camel Loop de Loop Bag. This bag resembles the Chloe bag that Richie has been toting recently in Beverly Hills. This hand woven bag totally adds to that elegant Bohemian look that Richie embodies.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

When it comes to being trendy are we being too skeptical?

Ashley Simpson, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

This morning was like any other day. I woke up fifteen minutes after I should have. And I believed in myself that with 15 minutes to spare I had time to get my morning Starbucks and still make it to work on time. Well, as I grabbed my coffee with three last names (Grande, Nonfat, Sugar Free, Vanilla Latte) I noticed something.

The woman on my right was wearing gray pants and a plain white sweater. And the woman on my left could have been my twin. We both were wearing black trousers, black t-shirts and a black blazer. In an attempt to add something trendy to my ensemble I was wearing black beads. I had seen Ashlee Simpson wearing them and thought well that's a look I can pull off. But then I thought to myself why am I subjecting myself to only a string of beads?

I remember a time when my trend phobic friend once told me that the reason she didn't wear trendy pieces was because she just didn't feel brave enough. I am sure many women can relate, as my working, Starbucks drinking women have shown me. Does this fear come from not wanting to be stared at? Trendy things can attract attention. But attention is not necessarily bad. When a person is staring at your Metallic Balenciaga bag it is because it is a really cute bag! Or maybe they are staring out of pure jealousy.

Harper's Bazaar claimed in a recent issue that green and yellow were the key shades this season. Afraid? Don't worry just grab a yellow bag to add to your low-key ensemble. This will keep you up to date with the trends while spicing up your other wise safe outfit. You may say, " Well, I'll never wear that." True, you may not wear it that often but trendy pieces leave you open to be creative with your wardrobe. And I have learned that when you do bring that sparkly mesh bag out to play you just feel special. It's like getting desert after a long carb fast.

Step off the sidelines and try these great trendy bags at leFashionista:

Besso Large Hobo Handbag in Sky Blue - this bag will make any all black outfit pop!
Metal Mesh Tie Hobo Handbag in Pink- this bag goes great with a little back dress or even jeans and a t-shirt
Cuffz - Martini - do it like a Hilton sister and let your bag stand out with a chained cuff strap

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jessica is seen here flossing a silver metallic bag.

Here Jessica is leaving her hotel in New York carrying a large hobo metallic bag.

Jessica in New York City carrying a gold metallic tote bag.

Simpson Gets Metallic

Ever since Jessica Simpson questioned the contents of Tuna on the MTV hit, Newlyweds, Jessica's style has been in the lime light. She may seem that the dye has gone to her head but her style says different. Her classy style clearly portrays smart sophistication.

In a recent issue of People Magazine, Jessica stated that when it comes to fashion she goes to her mom for advice and she said, If I had Sarah Jessica Parker's number call her too. She went on to profess her love for bags. This addiction of hers was made obvious when she lugged her beloved Louis Vuitton bag to go camping. I am always in search of the perfect bag, she said. Bags are my weakness. Many of us share this same weakness.

Lately Simpson has been carrying Metallic bags in every style and color. She likes to flaunt her bags with a casual look, showing that Metallic is not just for evening. It adds glamour to any basic look. You can achieve this look with any of leFashionista's metallic styles. The boho style Orly bag by Julie Knapp is an easy way to create the chic look seen draped over Jessica's shoulder. leFashionista also has lots more Metallic trends that you can choose from to achieve Jessica's look.

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03: sweetkisses.net

Monday, May 02, 2005

News - Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming and fast. Hurry and purchase won of our signature bags to show Mom just how much you appreciate her. The Padlock bag is perfect and it goes with everything. Getting this bag will surely be a gift that will last forever and never go out of style.

Our new must-have bags are in!

The new Diva Collection features a set of ultra trendy Motorcycle Bags. This Balenciaga inspired bag that has been seen on celebs like Ashlee Simpson are sure to make a statement this summer.

Want to get noticed? Of course you do! The Mesh Tie Hobo bags are sure to make any ensemble sparkle while you are out on the dance floor or just hanging out with your girlfriends.

Handbags - Security Blanket or just Impractical?

In the city women are constantly seen carrying handbags close to their side. Handbags have become a life raft for the multitasking woman. They are seen in malls, restaurants, bathrooms, gyms and even churches. You can't go anywhere without seeing a woman carrying one. It seems as if women can't bear to be without them.

When I used to work at a mall at the Guest Services Booth I was bombarded with lost items all day long. But the most precious item lost was always a woman's bag. They'd come running frantic at the loss of their prized obsession. The moment I placed their sidekick back in their hands I would suddenly find myself pressed up against some strange woman's breast as she thanked me for being her savior. I'm sure many of us can relate to this situation, I think.

I definitely have a strong relationship with my bag but recently my love for my bag was tested. While on a double date, I was having trouble getting situated in my seat. My bag was sitting next to me and was causing my boyfriend's elbow to poke me every time he shoveled food is his mouth. In frustration he grabbed my bag. Immediately my defenses went up. I asked what in the world was he was doing. I knew that it was taking up the length of a person but it is a big "no-no" to set a woman's purse on the floor, especially when you are in a place that has peanut shells all over it. He stated that it would be easier to put it between us. Then his opinionated friend annoyingly replies, "Are you paying for this meal?"

I tell him no and he then proceeded to ask why do I even bring it in. He explains that he doesn't understand why women have to lug it everywhere when they are not buying anything. In his mind we are just being impractical. My immediate answer was, "It's my security blanket." His girlfriend nodded in agreement. I mean men just don't get it. We don't carry a bag to hold just our credit cards and cash. Our lives are in those bags. They hold pictures, makeup bags, journals, deodorant, condoms, palm pilots, cell phones, mirrors, lotion, keys, snacks and even puppies have been seen popping out of them these days. And who doesn't want a fabulous bag to spice up an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Granted, there are times when a woman says to herself, "Why did I bring my bag in the grocery store just to get a gallon of milk?" It's because we can't bare the risk of a Louis Vuitton serial killer taking our beloved bag, that's why. And no one asks children why they carry blankets around so I don't think we should have to explain why we bring our bags to unnecessary places either.

Want a security blanket all your own? leFashionista has the bag for you. The Besso Metallic Cargo Bag has been seen on Lindsay Lohan. The two inside pockets are great for holding all your essentials. The adjustable strap is convenient for going from your hand to your shoulder in a snap. To top it all off the Pewter color in comes in is perfect for the grocery store or the office.


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