Thursday, May 19, 2005

If everyone has one, is it still special?

By Raquel Franco

I remember the first time I saw that luscious white multi colored monogram Louis Vuitton bag. I fell madly in love. It was big, it was cute, and it was to be mine, if it weren't for the price tag. When ever I saw that bag in Vogue I wanted it more and more. Then Jessica Simpson started to carry hers around like a security blanket on Newlyweds every week and my envy grew deeper. But then within a few weeks of Louis envy I saw a fifteen year girl carrying one at the mall. My jaw dropped as she walked passed me laughing on the phone with her blonde hair flipping and her Louis bag blazing. Then not two days later I saw a grandma carrying one and more young girls following suit. As the summer days moved on so did the tornado of multi-colored LV's.

Needless to say, my heart beats no longer for the precious Louis I never had. And now I think to myself, why?

I believe that maybe it was cute because it was rare. I like being original. I don't particularly want to be like everybody else. But I must say that if I like something and everyone does have it, I am not afraid to wear it anyway. Right now I have fallen in love with the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag and don't care that every celebrity has ten in every color imaginable. I am sure that by the time I can afford one it will have lost its status but it will still be special to me. When talking to a friend she said that most designer bags are timeless and if it's not a faux bag then it never loses it status. In some cases I believe this to be true. A Hermes Berkin bag will always be classy and grab gasps from ladies in passing.

But are only designer bags special just because they cost next months rent? And are things really only special when they are rare. I guess it's really up to you and how you feel in your heart about the bag you carry in your hand.

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Anonymous said...

I go through the same yearning when all these designer bags came out but now I'm glad I didn't spend the money.


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