Monday, May 23, 2005

What's in your bag?

By: Wendy Owen

Ever wonder why luxe hobo bags are taking the fashion
world by storm? Why stars carry duffel sized designer
bags, instead of pocket sized cocktail purses?

Maybe it's because their fast-paced life requires a
bigger bag.

Think about it, stars aren't too different from you;
they work, have families, go shopping, go to the gym
and lead pretty busy lives. Can all of that really fit
into a credit-card sized bag? I don't think so.

Fortunately, nowadays, you don't have to sacrifice
style for size. It used to be that big bags were
virtually style-less, pocket-less and awkward. You can
now find a bag with compartments for your water
bottle, cell phone PDA, pens, mace etc.

So now, with all of this room, what should be in the
bag of every put together, fashion conscious woman?
Here's a little list of necessities to keep you
looking great without cramming your bag:

1) Mini make-up bag
Avoid extra clutter by carrying only the necessities:
lip gloss (or color), nail file, hair elastic, blemish
stick and moist towelettes. With these very minor
necessities, you can keep yourself looking "together"
which is the very basis of being glam.

2) Technology
For many, a cell phone is a must have item. With
today's advancing technology, you can even get one
with a camera, organizer, calculator and games.
Staying connected is so important, but a huge bag with
no reserved space for a cell phone is useless. Make
sure you find a bag with a cell phone pocket (inside
please!) or else this little piece of technology will
be more of an annoyance than a convenience.

3) Wallet, keys
Bigger bags allow for bigger wallets! Now you don't
have to limit your wallet sized based on your purse
size. Stash a pen with your wallet for extra
convenience. Another important thing to look for in
big bags? A zipper pocket for your keys. Aside from
getting lost in your bag, it's also important to have
them handy for safety reasons. If you live in an urban
area, a spot for mace inside your bag wouldn't be a
bad idea either. Unlike the stars, we can't all afford
body guards!

4) Mini-medicine cabinet
Mints, tums, band-aids and aspirin. Enough said.

5)Something that says YOU!
Whether it is your favorite magazine, a good book,
crossword puzzle or a transportable craft, it's always
wise to carry something to keep yourself occupied
during down times. Waiting rooms and bus rides can be
unbearable if you are bored to death. Chic women are
never bored, so always bring something with you to
occupy yourself.

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