Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Olsen Style

Olsen Style_may2ndolsen04, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

Mary Kate and Ashley are setting trends around the globe. When they first appeared among the streets of New York City wearing baggy pants and tee shirts we were all wondering what was up? But then their hobo style started to catch on. And soon everyone was wearing bohemian print skirts down to their ballet flat shoes. The Olsens also love to experiment with accessories. Layering is the key to their to achieving that bohemian look. They always have at least 5 necklaces of different styles and lengths wrapped around their necks.

They also love to layer their clothes to achieve casual ensembles. Blazers, tee-shirts, belts and shrugs are the perfect way to make sophistication seem easy and not stiff. Mary Kate and Ashley are also very consistent when adding handbags to their casual looks. With them it's the bigger the better.

When the girls are not studying and carrying multiple cups of Starbucks they are hitting the red carpet wearing chic vintage dresses. Simple lines added with sheer and lace and sexy heels are the ingredients to the Olsens sexy look.

These girls not only have huge bank statements but are also making huge fashion statements with a vintage and boho style.

Start by picking a back from leFashionistas Diva Collection to achieve to Olsens look. These twin beauties have been seen running around NYU's campus carrying bags like these in every color and size.

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Anonymous said...

I feel like you have to be super skinny to pull off the layered look. I try layering and I look thick.


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