Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sex and the City Style

SATC_Carrie, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

Once upon a time every fashionista in the world fell in love with four fashionable girls. The hit HBO show was Sex and the City. To be the most stylish fashionista you can be, I recommend studying the styling of Miss. Bradshaw, Miss. Hobbes, Miss. Jones and Miss. York. With all their different views on fashion, love and relationships and over 400 outfit changes per season you will surely find that you can relate to one of these fabulous women.

Carrie Bradshaw was like a Super Model so everything looked good on her fantastic body. This NYC columnist's love for clothes, shoes and handbags made her the ultimate trendsetter from Manolo Blahnik stilettos to Gucci handbags. Her combination of vintage chic and designer couture style went from quirky to sexy in minutes in each episode. And her handbags were always the exclamation point of her bold fashion statement. Carrie usually opted for sleek clutches or smaller handbags that were adorned in feathers, beads, sequins, metallic and logos galore. To achieve Carrie's trendy style try the Big Buddha Sheepskin Wristlet Clutch.

Charlotte York approached love with optimism and hope. She was a traditional romantic and that tradition was reflected in her wardrobe. Her preppy uptown style was that of sophistication and elegance. Not only did she follow certain rules in love but she did in fashion as well. She was committed to wearing flowing dresses and skirts in solid pastels and light tones. Her rules for handbags were simple and elegant totes or comfortable shoulder bags. Try the "Nicole" Blue Tweed Satchel by Tamara Boston to follow Charlotte's rule.

Miranda Hobbes began SATC by only wearing navy and black suits but as her cynicism wore off so did the colors of her wardrobe. Miranda really embraced her red hair, pale skin and childbearing hips by wearing earth tones and a-line skirts that really flattered her figure. Even after embracing femininity with patterns and color she still wasn't afraid to walk out of the house in a pair of sweats. Her wardrobe most definitely reflected her mood. Her practical sense of style was also portrayed in her choice of handbag. Practicality was key when deciding what bag to match an outfit. As a working woman she carried big leather totes with a plethora of zipper pockets and at night she would match a sleek looking clutch with a simple dress. Try Diva Collection Motorcycle Bag to go with your work attire.

Samantha Jones independence and sexual attitude towards men reflected the clothes she wore. Samantha's uninhibited wardrobe consisted of vibrant colors, low cut necklines, and oversized jewelry. Her provocative style showed up in her handbags as well. Animal prints and skin-caressing fabrics like suede were known to be upon her handbag. Try the Satin Disco Clutch Handbag to get her sexy style.

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