Wednesday, May 25, 2005 featured on

By: Wendy Owen

So we already knew that leFashionista had some of the
best deals under the sun...but now StyleSpoon seems to
know too! This week, leFashionista was featured
under this weeks' hot handbags, specifically the
Silverado Style bag in Begonia Pink (now on sale for

This website is kind of like E!'s "Talk Soup" for
on-line fashion; they compile the best fashion deals
of the week and line them up for your convenience.
They really do feature the cutest-of-the-cute, from
polka dot flats to metallic hobo bags and fun home
furnishings. They even show you how much they are and
where to get them with a related link.

Like leFashionista, StyleSpoon is also on a mission
to bring you great looks at great prices. They also
keep you updated on fashion events happening in New
York and L.A. This is a great site to check out if
you're a trend-setter or just want to be like one!

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