Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Love at first site, is it real?

By Raquel Franco

Sure I believe in love at first site... with my handbag. I myself have never experienced this magical moment. And honestly I do not know if I believe that it is possible. The only thing that I can decide in five minutes if I will want forever is a great handbag. There is only so much you need to know about a bag. The few questions I need answered about my bag are: Does it have handles that are large enough to go over my shoulder? Are there pockets on the inside? Will it compliment at least 75% of my wardrobe? And most of all is it gorgeous?

When it comes to men I hope we as women have more than four questions that need be answered. And do we honestly think that questions like; when do you want to get married, when do you want to have kids, can you afford to support a family, are you a psycho, are you going to support me no matter what, and do you like cats, can be answered in five minutes of meeting someone? Just because he has dreamy blues eyes and he is tall dark and handsome does not mean he is your knight in shining armor. I think we have to make sure he's not hiding anything behind that armor. Our hearts are precious and should not be given away so freely.

If you want to give your heart away at first glance then give it to a beautiful bag. There are many spectacular bags at leFashionista that will never break your heart and last forever. Our new Cuffz bag by Linz Barfly will surely keep you "locked" down.

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