Friday, May 06, 2005

When nothing looks right, what can you turn to?

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By Raquel Franco

It's inevitable that at least once a month you'll wake up and have one of those days. That day is the day you want to look perfect. Maybe that special occasion is a first date or an evening out trying to get a first date but either way sometimes your closet decides to go on strike. You know it has begun when the fifth outfit you have tried on still looks like you gained ten pounds. You go and check the scale. Weight is still the same. Eyes rolling and time ticking you try on another outfit. Now you're teeth are gritting and you are on the verge of tears cause nothing is looking right. Then suddenly you realize all hope is not lost as you remember your fool proof, skinny outfit. As you zip up your pants you realize your stubborn closet isn't letting up.

I had a similar experience like this last week and I ended up wearing jeans and a sweater on my date. Cause you know what if I'm going to look like crap I might as well be comfortable. Through all the sweat and tears something did give me comfort. It was my BCBG tote. I love this bag. And this bag is cute all on it's own. It never has to form to my body to look a certain way. It just stays by my side. My handbag is trustworthy and I can always count on it to make me look fabulous. If I don't get any compliments I know my bag will. So my remedy for a closet on strike is to go buy yourself a bag you can't live without.

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