Wednesday, May 04, 2005

When it comes to being trendy are we being too skeptical?

Ashley Simpson, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

This morning was like any other day. I woke up fifteen minutes after I should have. And I believed in myself that with 15 minutes to spare I had time to get my morning Starbucks and still make it to work on time. Well, as I grabbed my coffee with three last names (Grande, Nonfat, Sugar Free, Vanilla Latte) I noticed something.

The woman on my right was wearing gray pants and a plain white sweater. And the woman on my left could have been my twin. We both were wearing black trousers, black t-shirts and a black blazer. In an attempt to add something trendy to my ensemble I was wearing black beads. I had seen Ashlee Simpson wearing them and thought well that's a look I can pull off. But then I thought to myself why am I subjecting myself to only a string of beads?

I remember a time when my trend phobic friend once told me that the reason she didn't wear trendy pieces was because she just didn't feel brave enough. I am sure many women can relate, as my working, Starbucks drinking women have shown me. Does this fear come from not wanting to be stared at? Trendy things can attract attention. But attention is not necessarily bad. When a person is staring at your Metallic Balenciaga bag it is because it is a really cute bag! Or maybe they are staring out of pure jealousy.

Harper's Bazaar claimed in a recent issue that green and yellow were the key shades this season. Afraid? Don't worry just grab a yellow bag to add to your low-key ensemble. This will keep you up to date with the trends while spicing up your other wise safe outfit. You may say, " Well, I'll never wear that." True, you may not wear it that often but trendy pieces leave you open to be creative with your wardrobe. And I have learned that when you do bring that sparkly mesh bag out to play you just feel special. It's like getting desert after a long carb fast.

Step off the sidelines and try these great trendy bags at leFashionista:

Besso Large Hobo Handbag in Sky Blue - this bag will make any all black outfit pop!
Metal Mesh Tie Hobo Handbag in Pink- this bag goes great with a little back dress or even jeans and a t-shirt
Cuffz - Martini - do it like a Hilton sister and let your bag stand out with a chained cuff strap

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