Monday, May 16, 2005

Top Ten Celebrity Fashionistas

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1. Mary Kate Olsen: You love that her look is so casual and comfortable. She and her sister are good at experimenting with color and accessories. At leFashionista you can get a Diva Style bag inspired by the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag that Mary Kate has been seen carrying.
2. Nicole Richie: Everyone loves her new makeover. She has transformed from trashy to elegant and respectable
3. Ashley Olsen: This twin setter looks good in everything from baggy pants to vintage dresses.
4. Jessica Simpson: Jessica has looking sexy and but classy down pat. Her style is very old Hollywood.
5. Sienna Miller: You love her hobo chic and her boho chic mix. Sienna has been seen carrying a Chloe bag and you can have one just like hers at leFashionista.
6. Mischa Barton: You think this young rising star has e keen fashion sense and you love copying her youthful and flirty style.
7. Rachel Bilson: This actress is not afraid to take a chance on fashion. Even though she sometimes may leave you wondering what she was thinking, when she gets it right, it's right on.
8. Paris Hilton: This glamour girl is all about looking hot and knows how to wear attention getting outfits. Paris has been seen wearing a Cuffz bag that you can purchase at leFashionista.
9. Lindsay Lohan: This rising star is great at looking sexy but casual. She has a very hip and trendy style.
10. Kate Moss: This model is a human canvas for designers today. Her look and style inspires designers to keeping creating new trends.

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