Monday, May 02, 2005

Handbags - Security Blanket or just Impractical?

In the city women are constantly seen carrying handbags close to their side. Handbags have become a life raft for the multitasking woman. They are seen in malls, restaurants, bathrooms, gyms and even churches. You can't go anywhere without seeing a woman carrying one. It seems as if women can't bear to be without them.

When I used to work at a mall at the Guest Services Booth I was bombarded with lost items all day long. But the most precious item lost was always a woman's bag. They'd come running frantic at the loss of their prized obsession. The moment I placed their sidekick back in their hands I would suddenly find myself pressed up against some strange woman's breast as she thanked me for being her savior. I'm sure many of us can relate to this situation, I think.

I definitely have a strong relationship with my bag but recently my love for my bag was tested. While on a double date, I was having trouble getting situated in my seat. My bag was sitting next to me and was causing my boyfriend's elbow to poke me every time he shoveled food is his mouth. In frustration he grabbed my bag. Immediately my defenses went up. I asked what in the world was he was doing. I knew that it was taking up the length of a person but it is a big "no-no" to set a woman's purse on the floor, especially when you are in a place that has peanut shells all over it. He stated that it would be easier to put it between us. Then his opinionated friend annoyingly replies, "Are you paying for this meal?"

I tell him no and he then proceeded to ask why do I even bring it in. He explains that he doesn't understand why women have to lug it everywhere when they are not buying anything. In his mind we are just being impractical. My immediate answer was, "It's my security blanket." His girlfriend nodded in agreement. I mean men just don't get it. We don't carry a bag to hold just our credit cards and cash. Our lives are in those bags. They hold pictures, makeup bags, journals, deodorant, condoms, palm pilots, cell phones, mirrors, lotion, keys, snacks and even puppies have been seen popping out of them these days. And who doesn't want a fabulous bag to spice up an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Granted, there are times when a woman says to herself, "Why did I bring my bag in the grocery store just to get a gallon of milk?" It's because we can't bare the risk of a Louis Vuitton serial killer taking our beloved bag, that's why. And no one asks children why they carry blankets around so I don't think we should have to explain why we bring our bags to unnecessary places either.

Want a security blanket all your own? leFashionista has the bag for you. The Besso Metallic Cargo Bag has been seen on Lindsay Lohan. The two inside pockets are great for holding all your essentials. The adjustable strap is convenient for going from your hand to your shoulder in a snap. To top it all off the Pewter color in comes in is perfect for the grocery store or the office.


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