Friday, June 30, 2006

Cute Knits by Lara Kazan

Mod Hat

Ribbed Cable Scarf

Leg Warmers with Snaps

Oh, how I long for those chilly winter nights...oh well, until summer ends, I can still drool over cute sweaters and scarves, right?

If you love winter wear too, check out to see her super cute fall line of hats, scarves, and my favorite, leg warmers. Kazan is a New York native who has done it all in fashion, and her styles are available in boutiques nation-wide as well as department stors like Bergdof Goodman.

Not quite ready yet for winter wear? Check out her sale items from the last few seasons for cute knitted tops, scarves and more. See? We told you crochet was hot.

The Front Crochet Jacket, on Sale!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sleep With Vera Wang

Vera Wang by Serta Solitaire Euro Top Plush Mattress, $3,299.00 for a King Size.

I can accept Isaac Mizrahi designing furniture for Target. I can even live with Ralph Lauren's line of home interior paints at Home Depot. But this is just too much.

Now the most sought after wedding dress designer in the world is bringing you the bridal bed as well in conjunction with Serta.

Vera Wang now lends her extensive experience and design instincts to Serta with The Vera Wang Collection. The collection combines luxurious fabrics and new technology featuring Vera Wang’s signature designs.

The bedding features Wang’s triple heart motif, a limited edition designer mattress set for Serta’s 2006 Counting Sheep for the Cure campaign with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and a signature bridal bed inspired by one of Wang’s best-selling bridal designs. Each features Embraceable comfort, a synthetic down-like material designed to provide extra comfort. (source)

Oh least your every day person can afford to buy one of her beds...sort of. How disappointing, really. When John Galliano starts designing living room rugs, give me a call though. Those would probably be awesome.

What do you think...should high-end and couture designers stick to fashion, or is it okay to lend their label to whatever they want, even if it's pillow-top mattresses? Discuss!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sweet, Simple, Lilla P.

Pima Stretch Cross Front Dress, $115.00

Featherweight V-Neck Short Sleeve, $70.00

Pima Jersey Butterfly Sleeve, $58.00

Pima Jersey Double V-Neck, $55.00

A must have for any fashionista are really good basic tops in flattering cuts, comfy fabric and pretty hues. Fill your closet with versatile basic tops and they can be dressed up for work or dressed down for play. Boring you say? No way! The blank canvas of a simple top is the perfect foundation for your favorite jewelry, bags and shoes.

That being said, Lilla P. offers some of the best simple tops available. In a number of different weighted jersey cottons, cuts and styles, Lilla P. has something for everyone. Designed by founder Pauline Nakios, her vision was to create the perfect tee, and she may have done just that!

We especially love Lilla P.'s wrap skirts and stretch jersey dress, which look super comfy and flattering. Check out their line at, and look for a boutique near you that offers the Lilla P. line.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The New Romantic

Hand Crochet Drop-Waist Dress, Vince, $220.00

Robert Rodriguez Embroidered Dress, $385.00

Luxe Solid Ruffle Yoke House Dress, $58.00

Luxe Voile Bib Insert Tunic, $48.00

Just when I got used to girly ruffles, buttons and embroidery, the frilly Victorian look was out and bohemian chic ruled. Lucky for me, the fashion forecast says that girly-wear is on the horizon once again.

Last Fall, it was all about crushed velvet in dark, rich colors and gothic-Renaissance styles. This Fall, the new romantic styles have returned to a more Victorian edge with puffy sleeves, longer tunic styles and delicate details.

You can get ahead of the game this summer by rocking one of the most surprising fashion returns around...crochet! Like to do it yourself? Check out
for great ideas and to get those needles goin'.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Go Incognito

Heather Locklear hides out, beach-style

Ashley Olsen shops in shades

Britney is back in black

Let's face it...celebrities are just like us, except they are rich, famous and lead extravagant lifestyles. Despite their fame, they need to get out and be normal folks too now and then. Unfortunately for most celebrities, they can't enjoy a day of shopping or at the beach without jumping through hoops or really hiding out.

Ironically enough, celebrities have ended up creating trends with their "in cognito" wear. From big, glamorous sunglasses to darkly dyed tresses and casual wear, celebs still manage to cause a stir on their days off.

Therefore, my new favorite fashion look of the summer is what I would like to call "in cognito." This is a fabulous and affordable look, and great for those who can't afford high-end celebrity styles. Grab some dark shades and a floppy hat like Heather Locklear for a little easy mystery, or go all-out like Britney by steppin-out in a shocking new hair hue.

My favorite mysterious-celeb piece? The Espionage bag from Besso, available through LeFashionista. Stylish and beautifully crafted, the Espionage bag has a million pockets, perfect for holding all of that mace and restraining orders for the paparazzi.

Espionage bag, $195.00

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Vintage Couture By Karen Zambos

Rayon Jersey Two Way Dress, $330

Drape Dress, $355

Teal and Brown Printed Chiffon Tunic, $355

What's better than finding an awesome vintage piece that is both timeless, and hot? Finding a NEW vintage-inspired piece that is both timeless and hot! Karen Zambos Vintage Couture manages to marry prints and styles of yesterday (think the best of disco meets 1960's loungewear) with great cuts and fabrics of today.

Designer Zambos has been working in fashion almost all her life, but her career really took off when she began to dye vintage slips and sell them at Tracy Ross in L.A. Like yours truly, Zambos also made a name for herself by turning trash into treasure and reconstructing vintage pieces. Today, her fun and feminine styles mixed with menswear pieces are coveted by the stars, such as Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and the Simpson sisters.

Check out Karen's website for her wide variety of pieces for her Fall 2006 collection, as well as her "Elegently Waisted" collection of leather belts. I absolutely love the fluidity of her pieces, most of which look like they would flatter almost any figure. Hawt!

NatioN Ltd.

Long Sleeve Inside Out, $60
Burnout Crew, $69
A-Line Spaghetti Racerback, $71.00

As a little Fashionista, I heeded the words of my mother on the importance of always owning a good tee-shirt. Now as an adult, solid tee's in great cuts and comfy fabrics are a must have for my wardrobe, and NatioN Ltd. has some of the best I have ever seen!

Creator (and website tee-shirt model) Jen brings you thin, destroyed tee-shirts in colors, cuts and styles that you can't just get out of a plastic-wrapped package from Target. While currently her tee's may look a little "plain Jane" to some, NatioN Ltd. hints on their site that printed tees may be coming soon.

One of the things that I like the most about this site is that not only do they offer some really good basic tee's ( more women and men), but they also offer some inspirations on how to wear them as well. Under a blazer, layered, with a long strand of beads...whatever! Either way, as a confirmed accesories lover, plain tee's like the ones from NatioN Ltd. are a staple for me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

High (heeled) Fashion

Black Platform Pumps by Steven Lemore, $143.00

Tan Studded Platform, by RSVP, $90.00

Red Platform Slingback, By Stuart Weitzman, $279.00

Remember how we blogged about those skinny jeans that are coming back? Well, THESE are the killer shoes to go with them.

Platforms are also nothing new to the fashion world, but were big on this season's runway, and are sure to make a major comeback this fall. For all of you high-heeled loving fashionista's who are sick to death of flats, your day has come.

Wanna wear these nearly 4 inches of fabulousness without looking, ahem, street-walker chic? Simple! Pair them with jeans or a below-the-knee skirt for optimum cuteness. Also, look for styles with natural accents (wood, cork and rope are some of our favorites), and try to avoid those lace-up deals.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Baby Chic

Leather Baby Fluffy with Charm
Juicy Couture Leather Baby Fluffy with Charm $250.00

Myolee, Carrie babydoll top, $65.00

Baby Barrettes Set of 2
Baby Barrettes, $10.00

I must admit...being a new mom has me looking at fashion in a whole new way! One of my tried and true favorite summer looks has got to be of the baby-inspired variety; i.e., flirty babydoll dresses and tops, cute plastic baby barrettes, pastel colors and cute embellishments.

You can get your baby-chic on (but with a grown-up flair) with the Juicy Couture Leather Baby Fluffy. So cute and practical without being loud, obnoxious and covered in Hello Kitty.

Other grown-up-meets-babydoll winners? SJP does grown-up baby-chic right in this short and sweet shiny ensemble.

 | Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

Share your favorite baby-sweet tips with LeFashionista!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Get the Skinny

Berlin Skinny Jean, Uranium
Rock and Republic Berlin Skinny Jeans in Uranium, $230.00

Ozzy Skinny Zipper-Leg Jean, Uranium
Rock and Republic Ozzy Skinny Zipper-Leg Jean $275.00

Roxy Skinny Jean, New York Rinse
7 for all Mankind Roxy Skinny Jeans, $143.00

Channel your inner "Olivia-Newton-John-as-bad-Sandy-in-Grease" with this falls' hottest return in denim...the ultra skinny jean.

Stars like Mary-Kate Olsen have been seen in skinny jeans with equally skinny tops and fierce pumps for a while now. However, this fall they will be more available to the mainstream thanks to brands like Rock and Republic, 7, and True Religion.

Not quite sure how to wear these without looking either dated or just plain ridiculous? For one thing, don't squeeze into a pair that are too get a little belly overflow that way. Also, wear them scrunched over cute high heels to avoid achieving that "southern cowgirl" look.

Love the look, but can't shell out hundreds of dollars on jeans? Check out Old Navy's skinny jeans at only $34.50, and save the rest of your cash for cute shoes.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Do, I Don’t, I Do!

Everywhere I turn, gazebo parks, rose gardens and churches are filling with a groom and a bride and I’m not seeing any of the wedding trends predicted for 2006. I will be getting married sometime next year, so of course a whole new crop of trends will emerge. As for this year, what do you think about these suggestions?

Diamond and Rhinestone Hair Accessories: I like a little sparkle in the hair. Diamond bracelets and earrings add a new shimmer and shine to your tresses.

Color: White and cream are popular colors for wedding dresses, but over the years, we have seen a transition from tradition. I wouldn’t mind incorporating my favorite color, olive green somewhere into my wedding ensemble. This year, some will opt for colored sashes or hand stitching in different colors. I’ve heard we’ll be seeing a lot of chocolate brown and orange dresses this year. They say a rich orange goes well with red or cream; chocolate brown goes well with pastel colors.

Fur Accents: Not for me, I am pro-furry critters and even the sight of the fake stuff makes me want to gag.

Accessories can really make an outfit POP! Something just as simple as this wrist decoration can make you feel like a princess on your special day. To me, it looks a bit exotic.

Caserta Italia - Paradiso White Snake & Pearls Cuff, $225

Friday, June 16, 2006

What’s Your Score?

Apparently, according to the Internet gurus, I am not a clothes snob, but I appreciate nice clothes. I don’t fall victim to every fashion trend, but I do have the tendency to cling to a few. Where did I get all of this? Well, there are plenty of fun quizzes online that asks you anything from “do you wear white after Labor Day?” and “have you ever stopped dating someone because of the way they dressed?” The answer for me was: “yes, I wear white after Labor Day if the outfit permits” and “no, I’ve never stopped dating someone because of how they dressed” but I might have thought twice before even starting. Sometimes, what you wear really does speak volumes.

If you think you are a fashion whiz when it comes to knowing your stuff, try this quiz out for size and see if you can name designers to the style of clothes shown.

Want to try on a new designer? Take this quiz to get some ideas. According to the way I answered questions like “what’s your favorite lip color” and “type of bra,” my recommendation was Versace. Sounds like me.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Celebrity Babies Have Clout in the Fashion World

Who would have thought that a 3-week-old baby could move mountains in the fashion world? Appearing on the cover of People magazine, the daughter of Angelina and Brad (we are all on a first name basis now, aren’t we?) is wearing a nifty T-shirt that prompted the masses to clear them off the racks.

The T-shirt was made of a vintage-washed gray cotton and sported the words “The Pots & Pans Band.” The shirt costs $42 and was once found at stores like Bloomingdale’s and Fred Segal until the sell-out led to Internet shopping and direct phone orders. Who is happy for the extra pub? Designer, Kingsley Aarons is reaping the benefits and has supplied other celebrities with kiddie outfits, such as Heidi Klum and Gwen Stefani.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Put Me in Cuffs!

When I don’t feel like squinting and squirming to unfasten by bracelets, I choose something easy and quick to slip on and off. That’s when I go for a cuff, which can really give me the opportunity to make a statement. Silver cuffs are great when I’m wearing a dress, but for really sending a message, a nice leather cuff is the way to go. And it doesn’t have to be basic black. A variety of colors, styles and materials are out there. I prefer a nice blue, but I’ve seen some really striking green, yellow and red selections.

Cuffs can be as plain as one color with no decoration or as elaborate as the ones shown below. The bright colors are fantastic, don’t you think? They almost look like works of art for the wrist!

Caserta Italia - Farandole Turquoise Metallic Cuff $275

Caserta Italia - Ischia Python Cuff $265

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Avoidable Fashion Blunders

The next time you leave the house, you might want to take an extra look in the mirror to see whether or not you have forgotten any minor details that could really ruin an outfit…I’m talking going beyond the hole in your pantyhose you thought only you could see.

For example, the blouse may be clean, but did you check to see if all stains disappeared after a washing? Yellowy sweat stains on a light colored garment are quite unattractive. Sweat stains, period, are unattractive, which calls attention to the wrong parts of your wardrobe. You may be wearing one of the latest fashions or a gorgeous dress, but no one will remember it if you donned a sweat stain as an accessory.

You can avoid this problem by holding your clothes to the light for a spot check. Then, I suggest you invest in a good anti- perspirant to make sure you don’t have a repeat performance. Yes, sweating is natural, but it is plain unnatural to ruin a good outfit with this totally avoidable blunder.

Ever happen to you? Don’t worry…you’re not the only one.

Another blunder is unknowingly wearing a see-through dress. It may look fine when you first put it on, but keep in mind that garments can change color, as well as shape when they hit a certain light. It is best that you test in a variety of situations before taking it for a spin. If you plan on wearing a see-through garment and wish to downplay it a bit, try covering up with a nude colored slip or a body stocking. You don’t want any surprises like Alexandra Kerry, who wore a black, sheer, translucent gown to the Cannes Film Festival.

Additional blunders that are totally avoidable, include:

Panties that bunch: Toss away the worn-up options and purchase your correct size.
Overexposed breasts: Get a bra that fits and you will appreciate the extra support.
Bulging bellies: Don’t wear skirts or pants that are too tight for you. Stop squeezing into things that you wore in high school.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Why Hide?

So, I’m thinking of getting a new pair of sunglasses to shield me from the excruciating sunny weather that is to come and discovered that JOOP! has a nice collection. Today, I found out JOOP offers a Womenswear Collection for the 2006 Spring/Summer season. And I thought they only made cologne…

The sunglasses are large with radiant summer colors and nice details. The shades of green remind me of freshly cut grass while the pinks suggest sweet bubblegum. This seems like the perfect way to spice up the summer. I’m thinking colorful sunglasses are the way to go, but I am NOT in the mood for the overly large “fly-eye” glasses that we see Nicole Ritchie hiding behind. I think I’ll PASS on her fashion direction.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Making Celeb Fashions Your Own

Usually, I wouldn’t be caught dead in some of the extreme and showy outfits that celebs wear, but once in a while, something grabs a hold of my interest. With a few changes, I feel the rest of the world can walk down the street in something similar.

Let’s take Jessica Alba for example. She hosted the MTV Movie Awards last night and that means dressing to impress. I fell in love with this dress, but the chances of having a place to wear it is rather slim. I think it would look great with a little covering up….perhaps a nice slip underneath and a jacket to downplay the excessive cleavage?

Miyagi- Petal Jacket, $280

Christina Aguilera arrived on the "Blue Carpet" wearing this disco ball ensemble, but just imagine this style if it was a skirt. A little more bearable? This would be interesting for a night on the town. By the way, this is a great example of how a classic, clean hairstyle can really make the most of an outfit.

The dress that Alicia Keys is wearing is fit for a wedding, but you can capture an important piece of this design by focusing on the top portion. There are plenty of sheer tanktops out there that can turn a pair of jeans into WOW! Top off the outfit with a pair of sexy open-toed shoes with a heel.

So, the next time you think a runway style is too wild for your reality or you can't dress like the celebs, you can always dress down any design or get inspired and make it your own.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Need a New Pair of Bloomers?

Platform shoes came back from the 70s, so why can’t Victorian and Edwardian designs make a comeback. Premier Designs Historic Clothing brings the 1920s back for men and women, offering items, such as Victorian gowns, blouses, jewelry, bloomers, as well as motor dusters. You might not want to wear the entire Victorian ensemble in public (unless you’re going to a costume party), but some items may set you apart from the rest of your fashion-forward peers. Mixing some of the fashion of today with that of the past is a great way to add spice to your own personal style and maybe set your own trend.

Speaking of mixing the past with the present, you will need something modern to keep you in touch with the today. Why not highlight a white blouse from the past with a Tiger Eye Lariat from My Little Pretty. This sterling silver chain (48 inches) is a great eye-catcher.

My Little Pretty - Tiger Eye Lariat , $235

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wish Upon a Star...

Gabby Bella
Good Night Earrings

When you were a child, was your favorite children’s bedtime story “Good Night, Moon?” Did you gaze out of a telescope to capture a constellation, a planet, perhaps a shooting star? For those who have been told that their head is in the clouds, you may want to check out this pair of earrings by Gabby Bella. They are appropriately dubbed “Good Night Earrings” and will cost you $124.

The moon and stars of each earring are made from gold. Additional attractive details include: Blue Onyx, Amazonite and Black Onyx. When wearing these, you might be able to make a wish on them or even make your old ones come true.

Looking for a measurement? They are 2 3/4' in length.


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