Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Do, I Don’t, I Do!

Everywhere I turn, gazebo parks, rose gardens and churches are filling with a groom and a bride and I’m not seeing any of the wedding trends predicted for 2006. I will be getting married sometime next year, so of course a whole new crop of trends will emerge. As for this year, what do you think about these suggestions?

Diamond and Rhinestone Hair Accessories: I like a little sparkle in the hair. Diamond bracelets and earrings add a new shimmer and shine to your tresses.

Color: White and cream are popular colors for wedding dresses, but over the years, we have seen a transition from tradition. I wouldn’t mind incorporating my favorite color, olive green somewhere into my wedding ensemble. This year, some will opt for colored sashes or hand stitching in different colors. I’ve heard we’ll be seeing a lot of chocolate brown and orange dresses this year. They say a rich orange goes well with red or cream; chocolate brown goes well with pastel colors.

Fur Accents: Not for me, I am pro-furry critters and even the sight of the fake stuff makes me want to gag.

Accessories can really make an outfit POP! Something just as simple as this wrist decoration can make you feel like a princess on your special day. To me, it looks a bit exotic.

Caserta Italia - Paradiso White Snake & Pearls Cuff, $225

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