Friday, June 16, 2006

What’s Your Score?

Apparently, according to the Internet gurus, I am not a clothes snob, but I appreciate nice clothes. I don’t fall victim to every fashion trend, but I do have the tendency to cling to a few. Where did I get all of this? Well, there are plenty of fun quizzes online that asks you anything from “do you wear white after Labor Day?” and “have you ever stopped dating someone because of the way they dressed?” The answer for me was: “yes, I wear white after Labor Day if the outfit permits” and “no, I’ve never stopped dating someone because of how they dressed” but I might have thought twice before even starting. Sometimes, what you wear really does speak volumes.

If you think you are a fashion whiz when it comes to knowing your stuff, try this quiz out for size and see if you can name designers to the style of clothes shown.

Want to try on a new designer? Take this quiz to get some ideas. According to the way I answered questions like “what’s your favorite lip color” and “type of bra,” my recommendation was Versace. Sounds like me.

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