Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Avoidable Fashion Blunders

The next time you leave the house, you might want to take an extra look in the mirror to see whether or not you have forgotten any minor details that could really ruin an outfit…I’m talking going beyond the hole in your pantyhose you thought only you could see.

For example, the blouse may be clean, but did you check to see if all stains disappeared after a washing? Yellowy sweat stains on a light colored garment are quite unattractive. Sweat stains, period, are unattractive, which calls attention to the wrong parts of your wardrobe. You may be wearing one of the latest fashions or a gorgeous dress, but no one will remember it if you donned a sweat stain as an accessory.

You can avoid this problem by holding your clothes to the light for a spot check. Then, I suggest you invest in a good anti- perspirant to make sure you don’t have a repeat performance. Yes, sweating is natural, but it is plain unnatural to ruin a good outfit with this totally avoidable blunder.

Ever happen to you? Don’t worry…you’re not the only one.

Another blunder is unknowingly wearing a see-through dress. It may look fine when you first put it on, but keep in mind that garments can change color, as well as shape when they hit a certain light. It is best that you test in a variety of situations before taking it for a spin. If you plan on wearing a see-through garment and wish to downplay it a bit, try covering up with a nude colored slip or a body stocking. You don’t want any surprises like Alexandra Kerry, who wore a black, sheer, translucent gown to the Cannes Film Festival.

Additional blunders that are totally avoidable, include:

Panties that bunch: Toss away the worn-up options and purchase your correct size.
Overexposed breasts: Get a bra that fits and you will appreciate the extra support.
Bulging bellies: Don’t wear skirts or pants that are too tight for you. Stop squeezing into things that you wore in high school.

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