Thursday, June 08, 2006

Need a New Pair of Bloomers?

Platform shoes came back from the 70s, so why can’t Victorian and Edwardian designs make a comeback. Premier Designs Historic Clothing brings the 1920s back for men and women, offering items, such as Victorian gowns, blouses, jewelry, bloomers, as well as motor dusters. You might not want to wear the entire Victorian ensemble in public (unless you’re going to a costume party), but some items may set you apart from the rest of your fashion-forward peers. Mixing some of the fashion of today with that of the past is a great way to add spice to your own personal style and maybe set your own trend.

Speaking of mixing the past with the present, you will need something modern to keep you in touch with the today. Why not highlight a white blouse from the past with a Tiger Eye Lariat from My Little Pretty. This sterling silver chain (48 inches) is a great eye-catcher.

My Little Pretty - Tiger Eye Lariat , $235

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