Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Put Me in Cuffs!

When I don’t feel like squinting and squirming to unfasten by bracelets, I choose something easy and quick to slip on and off. That’s when I go for a cuff, which can really give me the opportunity to make a statement. Silver cuffs are great when I’m wearing a dress, but for really sending a message, a nice leather cuff is the way to go. And it doesn’t have to be basic black. A variety of colors, styles and materials are out there. I prefer a nice blue, but I’ve seen some really striking green, yellow and red selections.

Cuffs can be as plain as one color with no decoration or as elaborate as the ones shown below. The bright colors are fantastic, don’t you think? They almost look like works of art for the wrist!

Caserta Italia - Farandole Turquoise Metallic Cuff $275

Caserta Italia - Ischia Python Cuff $265

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