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Fab Fashion Blogs Friday

Omiru Poll Results: Ugg Boots are OUT

Ugg Australia Milano Boot | $399.95 at Nordstrom

We asked: Are Ugg Boots In or Out?

You said: Down on Uggs! 65% voted Uggs Out, and another 16% believe they’re On the Way Out. Only 19% are in favor of these much-detested fluffy boots.

Omiru’s take: When it comes to the LA-esque Uggs-with-a-miniskirt look, we wholeheartedly agree with you. Talk about temperature dyslexia! However, you can wear your Uggs and have your style too. Just pair the boots (we suggest the Milano Boot, pictured left) with an appropriate winter outfit–long pants, a sweater, and a cute jacket, perhaps?

American Beauty Makeup: How To Get Reese's Look

Reese Witherspoon is the quintessential American Beauty. She has a bright smile topped with cherry pie lipstick, shiny gorgeous blond hair and clear as sky blue eyes. She is the type of gal women want to befriend and men fall head over heels in love with. ( read entire story)

How to Spend Your Book Store Gift Certificate
So, your friends and/or family and/or co-worker (you get the point) thought...what's a great AND safe gift to give someone? How bout a gift certificate to a book store? And that's how you wind up with that book store gift certificate instead of that fab new designer purse you've been oggling...though, really...who actually buys designer purses for X-mas? (read entire story)
[Shopaholics Anonymous]

Did You Brave the Post-Holiday Sales?

Image: Limelight

Jessica Alba hit the streets of Los Angeles last weekend to do all of her last-minute holiday shopping, but millions of Americans took to their local malls and boutiques yesterday to take advantage of great after-XMAS deals. And of course, let's not forget about returning all of the ill-fitting but well-intentioned gifts you received this holiday season. While some of us prefer to do our shopping online (which is no less dangerous on our wallets), stars like Paris Hilton and Ashley Olsen were spotted joining the masses in a shopping frenzy yesterday. We want to know: Did you hit the shops yesterday? What was the best deal you scored?
[Off The Rack]

Who Wore It Best?

Eva Longoria vs Vanessa Minnillo

Image:US Weekly

Longoria dazzled in Tracy Reese at a Beverly Hills event. Minnillo sparkled in a teal version of the silk taffeta frock at Dreamgirls' NYV premiere.

Maria Menounos vs. Britney Spears

Image:US Weekly

Menounos wore Dolce & Gabbana to the Rocky Balboa premiere in Hollywood. Spears put the velvet coat with jeans in Santa Monica, CA.
[US Weekly]

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Trend Yearbook 2006

Photo Credit:

AS THE 21ST CENTURY advances, the fashion world travels in the same fast lane as the cosmos of technology. It seems as though trends are discarded just as fast as nifty cell phones.

This year, trends saw a combination of intelligence and disposability. Many of the looks we saw this year became a template to forecast what we can see in 2007, while other trends went out of style as soon as they became in vogue.

From the reincarnation of a signature Audrey Hepburn look to the fashionably maneuverable men's blazer, this year's stylish scope was a set up for what we can expect in 2007.

The skinny on jeans

It's unanimous — the No. 1 trend for women this year was skinny jeans. After being in hibernation for decades, the tapered garments gained popularity with sartorial savvy.

"We saw skinny pants fly off our shelves," says Erica Archambault, spokesperson from the San Francisco-based retail giant, Gap. "Women took a very popular look from the 80s and updated it with fresh modern twists like pairing it with heels and knee high boots."

At first people held some apprehension about reviving this look because of its trim silhouette — and the fact that not every woman is a size 2.

"Once people started dabbling in it, they started loving it," adds Archambault, "There are ways to wear them to make them look good for any age bracket."

Skinny pants were a launching pad for other slim fitting attire. Form-fitting leggings in solid colors, prints and different textures served as a layering additive for women.

The numerous versions of slender cut pants served as a counterpoint for varying proportion. Rachel DiCarlo, spokesperson from the American Eagle Outfitters says the teenage clothing vehicle translated the trend with their own signature relaxed preppy style.

"There were a lot of longer tops over narrow bottoms," says DiCarlo. "We saw great pairings of sweaters with skinny jeans."

Despite having a discriminatory title, the skinny jean seems to have worked for all frames and was the "it" item of the year. The looming question is whether or not this will work for 2007. Only time (and the fashion Gods above) can tell.

Pump up the volume

In the same year, fashion ranged from the skinny to the ballooning. Volume in women's clothing was turned up — way up. In the fall 2006 collections of big-name designers, Alexander McQueen showed voluminous haunting Victorian charm and Balenciaga pushed the envelope with swelling silhouettes; but how did this translate to the masses?

The juxtaposition of volume and the skinny jean was stylistically schizophrenic, but it worked. Rather than looking like hot air balloon couture, the inflated garments presented in retail stores were in the form of eye-catching bubble skirts and high-waisted baby doll tops.

The return of the dress

Women took the opportunity to flaunt femininity with the traditional dress. Despite the tradition surrounding the garment, there were no frilly details. Females modernized the dress to extremes that not only gave new meaning to the garment, but also embodied an elegant, yet commanding aura of womanhood.

"It is the return of the dress," says Stephanie Solomon, Bloomingdale's Fashion Director of Women's Ready-to-Wear and Accessories. "Diane von Furstenberg epitomized the return to wearing the dress — it's worn in new ways and modernized as sporstswear."

This year, von Furstenberg created shirt and wrap dresses that set the standard for other designers to create similar garments. The ovation among females was more than generous.

Jackets ablaze

The timeless jacket saw many variations throughout the year. With sister species of outwear like cardigans, boleros and hoodies, people creatively took advantage of the versatile outwear throughout the year.

"I've seen a great use of the sports jacket in both men and women," says Erica Varize, fashion designer and owner of Evarize Fashion Cafe Boutique in Berkeley. "People were becoming more fashion conscious and dressing it up and dressing it down."

The blazer was biggest in the male arena. Permutations of the classic garment ranged from the whimsical pinstripe to deconstructed punk. Men paired it with jeans for a casual look, but it remained a staple for formal occasions. That said, the incredible blazer was a day-to-evening wardrobe favorite.

The bigger the better

Jaye Hersh, owner of the Los Angeles celebrity shopping haven, Intuition, and Chief Shopping Officer of Visa Signature, points out that oversized accessories were popular to her Hollywood clientele, which includes Halle Berry, Demi Moore as well as tabloid queens Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. This set the standard when it came to this year's trends.

"People look to celebrities for style because they want to have a piece of Hollywood," says Hersh. "They want to feel like a star."

The stars certainly made an impact when it came to the outsized world of everyday accessories. From Aviator sunglasses worn by Brangelina to incognito Jackie-O frames donned by Eva Mendes, oversized sunglasses were big hit among celebs and civilians.

For handbags, fashion virtuoso, Marc Jacobs created a generously sized multi-pocketed satchel that eventually ignited a wildfire of hobo bags and totes.

Hersh's store carries an assortment of these purses and said, "the smaller the girl, the bigger the bag." Case in point: the waify Nicole Richie is always seen with a handbag ten times bigger than her head.

Masculine medallions

As the revolution of men's style continued to thrive, men started to step up to the plate when it comes to looking stylish. For men of all ages, "man jewelry" was a highly sought after commodity.

For the refined gentleman, a splash of dapper charm was shown via characteristic cufflinks, I.D. bracelets, watches and simple rings.

For the younger crowd, there was no "bling" of kitschy diamond-studded platinum chains or signs of the tired pooka shell necklace. They were all replaced with sleek long chains with dog tags, metaphysical charms of the Buddhist persuasion and drop pendants.

Dead-end trends

Fashion, as of late, has seen comfort in deconstruction and edgy punk couture. Jeans are worn and torn to the point of non-recognition, everything is artificially "vintaged," and tops are splattered with paint. It seems as though the sloppy has turned into the stylish, but when will people realize that the number of ways to rip a shirt is limited?

"I appreciate a more clean and polished look," says Gap's Archambault. "I wouldn't mind the whole Euro-punk look to go away."

The edginess of punk has also developed into tired styles of rock'n' roll, rockabilly, grunge and goth. The looks have overstayed their welcome and it's time for them to take a bow.

As for shoes, the great debate of the Ugg boot still remains a hot topic. Unfortunately, its reign as a fall/winter shoe staple will have to be put on hold until next year — or be completely abolished.

"I can't stand the Ugg boot," says Berkeley designer Erica Varize. "I am so against the Ugg that it's not even something I think about anymore."

When it comes to "what's out" it doesn't necessarily pertain to the physical garments we put on our back. Sometimes it's all about how we wear it — and that is a trend in itself.

"Women need to start dressing their age," says Intuition's Hersh. "What may have worked for them when they were younger, may not work for them now."

Characteristic dressing does not only apply to mature women trying to look as if they were 18 again, but it pertains to the younger generation.

"I am a part of the hip-hop generation," says Varize, "but I can't stand oversized jeans and T-shirts — I am just over that look."

Fashion forecast

Fashion for 2007 can be predicted based on the styles of the past year. Trends can see a progressive transition or, more likely, do a complete 180 degree turn.

"It's going to have a lighter mood," says Archambault of Gap. "The style is going to embrace a more relaxed look that is clean and simple."

People can expect the "lighter mood" to be interpreted for women via Asian florals and lively geometric prints, while men can expect a vintage'50s Hawaiian Tropicana, navy blues and ice cream shades.

"There will be an optimistic point of view in fashion," says Stephanie Solomon of

Bloomingdale's. "For spring we can see this return to clear bright colors with magenta, cobalt blue, marigold yellow and heather green."

The progression of the modern dress continues for women, but they can also expect to see more of the intelligent suit, making it another form of sportswear.

"The looks will be happier and cleaner," says Solomon. "We will start to get away from the ruffles and there will be a wider, comfortable leg."

The look of tailored on top and wider leg opening recalls the "Laugh-in" days of the'60s — a clear path of fashion's direction. Volume will be less exaggerated and be replaced by clever tailoring.

"I would like to see more of a fitted silhouette that is flattering for most women; elegant but sexy," foretells San Francisco designer Lily Achatz. "Think'60s — fitted at the waist with a fuller skirt."

H&M has validated some of these predictions with their 2007 spring/summer collection. For women, modernized retro pant suits and thoughtfully draped dresses made the cut; while pastel shades and Beatles-inspired tailoring were apparent for men.

As far as fashion's "it" designer of 2007, 30-year-old Anand Jon is one to keep your eye on. His new denim line, "Jeanisis" and his yet-to-be-released reality show has earned him a buzz. Even so, it's Christopher Bailey of Burberry that has caused a buzz with industry professionals.

"He's brilliant and has a quirky approach," says Solomon of Bloomingdale's. "He does smart tailoring and uses feminine details that don't make you want to gag."

Fashion is just as fast-paced as any other industry, so everyone is always looking out for the biggest thing, whether it be a designer or trend that appeals to all ages and sexes. In an industry that can be just as unpredictable as the weather, the dictators of fashion may be the conceptual artists but ultimately it's the people who determine what's "in" and what's "out."

The stars dressed up or got dressing-downs

Jessica Simpson

From flashes of fashion brilliance to what-were-they-thinking moments, the year's celebrity style choices told us a lot about our stars and our culture. Were there signs of hope? Or is it the end of civilization as we know it? USA TODAY takes a look — you decide.

Audrey Hepburn lives!

The elfin avatar of chic died in 1993, but there she was dancing through Gap ads for skinny black pants like those she wore in Funny Face. Celebrities channeling Audrey included: Nicole Richie re-enacting Breakfast at Tiffany's in daddy Lionel's I Call It Love video; Britney Spears wearing skinny black pants à la Aud after a shopping trip to the Gap; and Natalie Portman dressed up as Hepburn for the cover of Harper's Bazaar. And that little black Givenchy gown Hepburn wore in Tiffany's? Sold at auction Dec. 5 for more than $800,000.

The bride wore white

Several celebs who married this year embraced curiously traditional dresses — lengthy, billowing, layered with lace, swathed in veils. And white: divorcée Nicole Kidman when she married Keith Urban in Australia; new mom Katie Holmes when she married Tom Cruise in Italy; and Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross when she wed her stockbroker beau, Tom Mahoney, in California. True, Pamela Anderson was an exception:She wore a string bikini to her July wedding to Kid Rock. But that marriage was over by November.

Oops! They did it again

It's not unusual when stars wear the same outfit to different events on different dates, but it's very, very strange when they turn up at the same event in the same outfit. At the Tonys, Alfre Woodard and Oprah gal-pal Gayle King both wore a striking citrus-colored gown by Pamella Roland. Rachel Griffiths and Christina Applegate strode down the red carpet at a Premiere magazine event in the same Hugo Boss frock. Carmen Electra and Christina Milian wore identical sheer white blouses by Victor & Rolf for H&M at the line's launch party in Los Angeles. And first lady Laura Bush and three other women appeared at a White House reception in the same two-piece red Oscar de la Renta gown. But unlike the rest, Bush could fix this faux pas: She slipped upstairs and changed.

Britney, Britney, Britney

On the one hand, she transitioned from chunky and frumpy to slim and sleek. She even pulled a Sharon Stone and emerged from the aforementioned Gap shopping splurge looking authentically cool after her apparently liberating split from Kevin Federline. But on the other hand …

Oops II: Look, Ma, no underwear!

Britney, Lindsay (Lohan) and Paris (Hilton) kept getting snapped by the paparazzi clumsily getting in or out of cars in hyper-short minis — and no underwear. Yuck. Enough said.

Dead trends that should have stayed dead

•Over-the-knee Pretty Woman boots (Jessica Simpson, Kristin Chenoweth)

•Risky Business-style Ray-Bans (Mischa Barton, Molly Sims)

•Turbans (Jennifer Lopez)

Accessory of the year

Forget the teensy dog in a giant handbag: This year, it was our gal Paris. Seems as if everyone — Travis Barker, Richie, Lohan and Spears — had to have the party-hearty heiress with them for nights on the town in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, wherever.
[USA Today]

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Femme Suit, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

From left: Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes in YSL, Cate Blanchett in Armani, Penelope Cruz in Chanel, Nicole Richie in vintage. (source)

The look: feminine suits. Who's wearing them: everyone! Not just for powerful business women and Hollywood premiers anymore, the femme suit is one of the hottest winter trends of the season. Whether casual and contemporary like Cameron Diaz, uber shiny and haut like Cate Blanchett's or dressy and winter white like Katie and Nicole, the femme suit can be worn in a variety of ways and styles.

You don't need to go out and buy a three piece tailored Chanel number to get this effect though; all you need are dress pants, a fitted jacket and a dressy top. Add heels, belt and a clutch and voila! Instant style. This season, anything goes from wide-legged "where did my feet go?" pants to skinny stovepipe and even boot cut styles. The overwhelming color theme of choice also seems to be black and white, making this the perfect look for almost any occasion.

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Get What You Really Wanted at Lefashionista! Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Yu Clothing Petal Sleeve Rouched Dress, $140.00

Black Cameo Ring $10.00

Coin Charm Bracelet $82.00

Did this holiday season leave you dissapointed once again with a barrage of gifts that you didn't really want (read: toaster oven, looney tunes ornament, smelly drugstore handcream set)? Well, now's the time to get yourself what you really wanted at LeFashionista! Whether you are looking for a killer party dress that no one else will be wearing on New Year's or some shiny new baubles, LeFashionista has all the original pieces you wish were under your tree.

For unique conversation starting jewelry, check out Ornamental Things. Their line includes interesting cameo rings, beaded vintgage style necklaces and chunky bracelets that will make even a plain old t-shirt and jeans look dressy.

If you are looking for fun or fancy new frocks for the new year, then check out Yu Clothing . Yu Clothing offers the perfect solution for comfortable dresses that can be both dressy and casual.

Check out and give yourself the gift of fashion.

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Fab Fashion Blogs Friday

Omiru Poll Results: Shorts as Eveningwear is OUT!

Juicy Couture Velvet Shorts - $198

We asked: Are Shorts as Eveningwear In or Out?

You said: Totally Out! 68% voted Shorts as Eveningwear Out, while only 18% cast their ballot towards "In." And the remaining 14% believe this trend is On the Way Out.

Omiru’s take: We agree wholeheartedly. While this look may appear appealing on the runway, it leaves much to be desired off the catwalk. And you can forget about wearing Shorts as Eveningwear at the Office Holiday Party! We urge you to leave your shorts where they belong: hanging in your closet until Spring.

FabSugar Designer of the Year Nominee: Doo.Ri

Whether this designer wins FabSugar Designer of the Year or not, 2006 was definitely a plentiful year for Doo.Ri. This new designer won both the Perry Ellis Award for emerging talent in womenswear and the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in the past year and based on your response to her Spring '07 collection she may have a third win coming her way. (read entire story) [FabSugar]

Style Trends. How To Layer Successfully. Tricks to Looking Slim & Polished

Where did sexiness go? Layering was all the rage on the Fall '06 fashion runways. Marc Jacobs piled on layers of plaid flannel, oversized knits, leg warmers and giant wool coats. Daryl K, Max Azria and Sari Gueron all showed dresses over pants. Chloe even showed Bermuda shorts over pants! However, life is not a runway. There's a trick to keeping your look slim and polished. Most of us would look foolish (and huge) with so many layers. Before you toss all your clothes on your back at once, consider these styling tips; (read entire story)
[Second City Style Blog]

Caplet “it” - Save & Splurge

I have to credit Off the Rack for a great find. They featured Rachel Bilton looking adorable int this Theory Caplet. Ah, Theory. Theory dishes out some of the best suits and adult clothes. That instant I am woman feeling.

But to justify $395 for a trendy piece - well that’s still hard to do. But here’s a substitute at heck of a deal. I’m impressed at the budgetista offering at Forever 21 for $30.
[The It Lists]

H&M - GIft of the Day - Lingerie?

Is lingerie the next perfume? It seems like while every celebrity and their mom are out putting perfume scents together, every retail store is out adding lingerie to their fruitful clothing line. Alls I know is, if H&M does lingerie like they do clothes, there will be some really fab options out there for the bourgeois-chic, comme moi. Though...I do have to admit that I haven't really let anything but Victoria Secret into my dresser in years...decades maybe even...ok...that's not accurate, but a really long time. (read entire story)
[Shopaholics Anonymous]

Is Pink The New Blonde? Rachel McAdams Thinks So

Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage

We've seen Rachel McAdams do chameleon-like transformations into a brunette in The Family Stone, a blonde in Mean Girls and a redhead in The Notebook. But at a recent event with Al Gore, she appeared with an even more unusual hair color -- hot pink! As the actress is not currently filming, we can only assume that the punkish fuschia streaks are just for fun. (Wonder if boyfriend Ryan Gosling digs them too?) Tell us: What do you think of Rachel's punkish pink hair? Would you dye your hair that color?
[Off The Rack]

Happy Holidays from all of us at Couture in the City Fashion Blog!*

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Handbag Locator - The Visual Luxury Handbag Locator for eBay

Handbag Locator - The Visual Luxury Handbag Locator for eBay. Any purse hoarder knows the best bags are the hardest to find. Waiting lists delay gratification. And with so many "IT" bags being designed, it's not always easy to locate exactly what you love. Wendy L., the publisher of nitro:licious, a bag lover herself decided to launch to make the hunt simple and fun. Sold-out bags are often posted on ebay, and Handbag Locator is a user-friendly tool to cut through the auction maze. You don't have to figure out what to search for or stay on top of the release date game, pictures and (very) frequent updates do the work for you.

Visit: Handbag Locator today!

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Fashionable Mom Gear at Snazzybaby, Couture In The City Fashion Blog

Most fashion-conscious moms will tell you that there are very few options out there for hip mom gear. Most diaper bags and shopping cart covers at department stores are created with the baby in mind and feature brightly colored animals and silly cartoons.

At Snazzy Baby, the mom is in mind when it comes to design. They offer beautiful diaper bags, nursing covers and shopping cart covers in oriental patterned silk designs. Though most are not created in traditional "dad-friendly" designs, Snazzy Baby's beautiful silk shopping cart covers and diaper bags will make you the envy of all the other moms.

Get yours at

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Milan bans ultra-skinny models from catwalk

MILAN (Reuters) - The Italian fashion capital Milan has formally barred ultra-skinny and under-age models ahead of its February catwalk shows, as the fashion world comes under pressure to promote a healthier image.

The agreement signed on Monday between the city and its powerful fashion industry bans models under 16 and those with a body mass index of less than 18.5 from Milan's shows.

The accord also includes courses on healthy eating and exercise and calls for a variety of clothing sizes in shows.

"The agreement is the result of a common effort ... to share and to communicate to our young people the importance of positive models of living," Milan mayor Letizia Moratti said in a statement.

Body mass index is the ratio of weight to the square of height -- so that a 1.73 m (5 foot 8 inch) model who weighed less than 55.4 kg (122 lb) would be barred.

The accord is broadly in line with a manifesto issued by the national government and Italy's fashion chiefs on Saturday, and due to be signed this week.

Spain barred models below a certain weight from Madrid's shows in September. This month Brazil launched a campaign to ban under-age, underweight models from shows in response to the death of a Brazilian model from complications due to anorexia.

Milan's fashion houses at first resisted calls to follow the Spanish example. Mario Boselli, the head of Italy's National Fashion Chamber, said in September that only "maybe one girl in a hundred" of the models on show could be defined as too skinny.

But Boselli, whose lobby group represents such big names as Armani, Versace and Prada, agreed to work with the government on a self-regulatory code of good practice.

Monday, December 18, 2006

H & M for the Holidays, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Gold Blouse at H & M, $19.99

Still wondering what to wear for your holiday office party or family get together? Then check out the sexy silky tops from H&M for an easy (and affordable) way to add a little glitz to your holiday. Butter soft and silky, this gold long sleeved top is the perfect way to add some holiday cheer (and style) to you wardrobe.

Whether topping off a pretty skirt or paired with True Religion jeans and heels, this top from H&M ($19.99) is a sweet steal. Even if you don't celebrate any particular winter holiday, this blouse is also the perfect dressy accent to wear when you ring in the new year. Bonus: Also makes for a cute going out top for the evening after the holidays are over.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Fab Fashion Blogs Friday

HM Gift of the Day - Hot Jeans

Have you seen H&M's new jeans on their Gift of the Day campaign? They are sooo hot! And, when I say hot, I mean, these bad boys are super sexy...or maybe it's just the pair I got...I'm sure the kids jeans have a more classic design. Anywho, I got the Fit Sqin (yes that's how they spelled it) super skinny jeans. The stretch in them is phenomenal - it's comfy and stretches to fit your body perfectly. [read entire story]
[Shopaholics Anonymous]

Time it! Wow Watches

My favorite accessory is a watch. But I have to admit I’m notorious for not having it set to the right time (or time zone), but that’s another story. I think three fun brands - that don’t fall apart and are also affordable enough to own many - would be Fossil, Timex and Marc Jacobs (darling of the season). [read full article]
[The It Lists]

Designer Profile: Michelle Zacks of Spring & Clifton

Born in California and based on the East Coast, Michelle Zacks of knitwear line Spring & Clifton deftly fuses the sophisticated attitude of New York with the easy-going vibe of the Golden State. And she has exactly what you need to bundle up this winter. Read on to hear about Michelle’s design inspiration, her views on expensive clothing (Expensive does not equal Good), and her thoughts on next season’s fashion trends. [read interview]

Bobbi Brown

In 1990, Bobbi Brown introduced her first 10 series of lip sticks at her store Bergdorf Goodman.Thus, she realized her dream of owning her own brand in NYC. With these 10 different shape of lip sticks, you could achieve many different kind of makeups that last forever. The natural style soon become a fashion trend in the city. [read entire story]

Introducing: Beauty Marks!!!

The moment has come that we've all been waiting for: Beauty Marks are here! What are Beauty Marks you ask...Fab Finding for beauty! We have added a separate feature where you can bookmark your beauty finds and share your findings with the Sugar community. You can Beauty Mark cosmetics, makeup, hair products and styles or even just post a beauty question or tip. In honor of this new feature, this week is Beauty Week so get ready!

What a Week! Britney Goes Back to Blonde

Image credit: MBF-AlphaX/X17

This is getting a little silly. How can one woman change her hair color so often? Perhaps Britney saw your opinions about her brunette look on Monday (most of you prefer her as a blonde). Spotted out on Tuesday, the newly single mom seems to have shifted towards more of honey blonde, this time with some extensions. We'll try to get to the bottom of her constantly changing look and will let you know what we learn. But in the meantime, feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. [Off the Rack]

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ron Herman's Christmas Party - This Saturday at the Melrose Ave store

Cosa Nostra - Zipper Dress
This is a Ron Herman worldwide exclusive item.

A one-day only exclusive in-store shopping event and PA with Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebeila and his Cosa Nostra line. Limited edition dresses, jackets, vest, skirts, tops and bags made with the winning green and white striped fabric available for purchase (only on this day). The items in this fabric will not be sold anywhere else at any other time.

What: Cosa Nostra by Jeffrey Sebeila Exclusive Shopping Event
When: Saturday, December 16th
Time: 4-7pm
Where: Ron Herman Melrose (8100 Melrose Avenue @ Crescent Heights in Los Angeles)

Designer Sale, Boucebacks and Free Shipping at
It is so rare that Chloe and Marc Jacobs ever go on sale but is making holiday shopping a bit more enjoyable and a little less painless!

*For every $100 spent, receive a $10 gift certificate.
*Fall Fashion Sale - Up to 20-30% off for designers like Victor & Rolf, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Dries Van Noten and tons more!
*Free Shipping for the month of December.

Shoephoria Holiday Sweepstakes

In honor of the launch of Shoephoria, an exclusive shoe-of-the-month club, is giving shoppers who visit from now until December 25 the chance to win an exceptionally happy shoe year with a Shoephoria holiday sweepstakes.

One grand-prize winner will receive a monthly fix of Shoephoria, and six other lucky entrants will score one of two bi-monthly packages or one of four seasonal packages.

Available in monthly, bi-monthly and seasonal installments, Shoephoria offers a perfect fit for everyone on your holiday gift list. Recipients are able to choose from among’s more than 24,000 styles of premium dress, casual and athletic footwear, creating the well-heeled repertoire of their wildest dreams.

In addition, Shoephoria value can be applied toward a wide selection of bags, packs, athletic apparel and accessories. And the ecstasy doesn’t end there – recipients are entitled to a variety of perks such as ongoing fashion updates, access to special sale events and a colorful shoe lovers’ calendar filled with tips to inspire future selections.

Enter for your chance to win!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Artinjection by Dave Stevenson, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Astro Necklace, $175.00

Catdor Necklace, $195.00

Delicato Earrings, $265.00

Looking for the perfect can't-find-this-just-anywhere gift for your artistic friend, boyfriend or sister? Then check out the collection of Artinjection sterling silver jewelry at LeFashionista. Created by accomplished bronze sculptor Dave Stevenson, these pieces are inspired by the artists larger abstract sculptures, which have been collected by such celebrities as James Cameron. His jewelry has since been making regular appearances on VH-1, soap operas like All My Children and cable television shows.

Stevenson says that many of his fluid and rounded pieces are inspired from the sea, and on LeFashionista, include pendants of dogs, eagles and abstractions. The best thing about these designs? They are totally unisex and versatile, not to mention, completely original.

Editors Pick:

Horse, $245.00

We love this horse necklace so much that we had to blog about it again! How awesome is this? Snap one up for yourself and for a friend before they are all gone.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Shopping: Lust List from

DSquared Puff Bomber Jacket- $1,960

DSquared The most spectacular puff jacket of the season! DSquared's super-cozy bomber is down filled with a nylon outer shell and a glamorous dose of racoon fur lining the tall collar and trimming the removable (zip off) hood.
Nikki Jaggs Tuxedo Belt- $85

Nikki Jaggs This could be the perfect holiday accessory! The black satin tuxedo belt has a cummerbund-like shape.

Chantelle Fox Earmuffs- $125

Chantelle Two fabulous balls of fox fur fluff make up these glam (and warm!) earmuffs.

LaROK Winter Cozy Mittens- $128

LaROK Remember when you were a kid and you had mittens with that long cord that ran through the sleeves of your coat so you wouldn't lose them? They're back! We love these chunky knit, cozy and warm mittens from LaROK in their Scandanavian-inspired pattern of brown, ivory, beige and blue.

Celebrate! Great style is back online.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Silver and Gold, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton (source)

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz (source)

Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly (source)

To me, nothing quite marks off the holiday season like watching "Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer." Apparently, these celebs are fans as well, of Yukon Cornelius' "Silver and Gold" that is.

Whether you are headed to the office Christmas party (or "Holiday" party, if you prefer) or are just looking for a great holiday look, then snap up a frock in silver or gold. Any metallic tone will work this season in pretty much any style from classic (Jennifer Connelly) to mod (Thandie Newton) to contemporary (Cameron Diaz).

Thanks to our friends at Target, you too can have a celebrity inspired holiday look (without paying the holiday bucks.) Check out this sweet, sophisticated (and silver!) dress from Isaac Mizrahi:

Isaac Mizrahi Trapunto Dress, Silver Birch, $49.99

Metallic frocks a little too much for your taste? Not to worry...spice up a little black dress LeFashionista style with an arty silver or gold piece. May we suggest:

Horse Necklace by Artinjection $245.00

Starr Necklace, Boutique 33 $86.00

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