Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Shopping: Lust List from Intermixonline.com

DSquared Puff Bomber Jacket- $1,960

DSquared The most spectacular puff jacket of the season! DSquared's super-cozy bomber is down filled with a nylon outer shell and a glamorous dose of racoon fur lining the tall collar and trimming the removable (zip off) hood.
Nikki Jaggs Tuxedo Belt- $85

Nikki Jaggs This could be the perfect holiday accessory! The black satin tuxedo belt has a cummerbund-like shape.

Chantelle Fox Earmuffs- $125

Chantelle Two fabulous balls of fox fur fluff make up these glam (and warm!) earmuffs.

LaROK Winter Cozy Mittens- $128

LaROK Remember when you were a kid and you had mittens with that long cord that ran through the sleeves of your coat so you wouldn't lose them? They're back! We love these chunky knit, cozy and warm mittens from LaROK in their Scandanavian-inspired pattern of brown, ivory, beige and blue.

Celebrate! Great style is back online.


Anonymous said...

Love these earmuffs! I have to wear earmuffs in the winter for its cuteness factor. They instantly make your winter ensemble look warm and fuzzy.

Anonymous said...

love those ear muffs


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