Friday, December 15, 2006

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HM Gift of the Day - Hot Jeans

Have you seen H&M's new jeans on their Gift of the Day campaign? They are sooo hot! And, when I say hot, I mean, these bad boys are super sexy...or maybe it's just the pair I got...I'm sure the kids jeans have a more classic design. Anywho, I got the Fit Sqin (yes that's how they spelled it) super skinny jeans. The stretch in them is phenomenal - it's comfy and stretches to fit your body perfectly. [read entire story]
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Time it! Wow Watches

My favorite accessory is a watch. But I have to admit I’m notorious for not having it set to the right time (or time zone), but that’s another story. I think three fun brands - that don’t fall apart and are also affordable enough to own many - would be Fossil, Timex and Marc Jacobs (darling of the season). [read full article]
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Designer Profile: Michelle Zacks of Spring & Clifton

Born in California and based on the East Coast, Michelle Zacks of knitwear line Spring & Clifton deftly fuses the sophisticated attitude of New York with the easy-going vibe of the Golden State. And she has exactly what you need to bundle up this winter. Read on to hear about Michelle’s design inspiration, her views on expensive clothing (Expensive does not equal Good), and her thoughts on next season’s fashion trends. [read interview]

Bobbi Brown

In 1990, Bobbi Brown introduced her first 10 series of lip sticks at her store Bergdorf Goodman.Thus, she realized her dream of owning her own brand in NYC. With these 10 different shape of lip sticks, you could achieve many different kind of makeups that last forever. The natural style soon become a fashion trend in the city. [read entire story]

Introducing: Beauty Marks!!!

The moment has come that we've all been waiting for: Beauty Marks are here! What are Beauty Marks you ask...Fab Finding for beauty! We have added a separate feature where you can bookmark your beauty finds and share your findings with the Sugar community. You can Beauty Mark cosmetics, makeup, hair products and styles or even just post a beauty question or tip. In honor of this new feature, this week is Beauty Week so get ready!

What a Week! Britney Goes Back to Blonde

Image credit: MBF-AlphaX/X17

This is getting a little silly. How can one woman change her hair color so often? Perhaps Britney saw your opinions about her brunette look on Monday (most of you prefer her as a blonde). Spotted out on Tuesday, the newly single mom seems to have shifted towards more of honey blonde, this time with some extensions. We'll try to get to the bottom of her constantly changing look and will let you know what we learn. But in the meantime, feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. [Off the Rack]


Anonymous said...

Britney really looks better as a blonde.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I must say she does sport the blonde tresses well. And she's been looking so much nicer lately...better taste in clothing, less greasy looking and such, although the partying is a little ridiculous.

Fantastic blog! Cheers!


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