Friday, December 08, 2006

Fab Fashion Blogs Friday

Designer Profile: Melody Kulp of Sweetees

Armed with a bundle of t-shirts, scissors, fabric glue, and appliqué, Melody Kulp and her partner (and now fiancé) David Reinstein founded Sweetees in 2002. Four years later, Melody Kulp’s line of of effortlessly luxurious tees, sweaters, and dresses is firmly entrenched in the young contemporary market—and in the closets of celebrity style icons from Sarah Jessica Parker to Beyonce Knowles. Read on for Melody’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts, where she finds her design inspiration (travel), and how she met her partner in work and life. read more about this amazing tee designer. [Omiru]

Pout-it! The Best Lip Lube

I don’t have a local Sephora (sigh), but I do make use of the interweb to do my ca-chinging. My recent Seattle round let me explore the aisles and find those little treasures that just get lost on the website. A lot of my gals are getting this little find, the Round-A-Pout.
[The It Lists]

December Featured Designer - Twospace

Twospace features fab clothing designs for the modern girl at heart. Easy to wear, with simple and sleek lines, this clothing line is a must have for the hip girl's closet.
[Shopaholics Anonymous]

Breaking News? Stefani's Smelly Perfume Deal

So yesterday I get a "breaking news" email from WWD. Did someone die? Did a fashion house close? Catch on fire? No. Gwen Stefani has signed a global licensing deal with Coty, Inc. Prestige (responisble for bringing us more than 35 celebrity, designer brands such as; JLO, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shania Twain, Celine Dion and mary-kateandashley) to develop and market a line of fragrances for her fashion and accessories brand, L.A.M.B. The first project, an as-yet-unnamed women's scent, is planned for fall 2007.

Just as I had been singing her praises as being the only 'Hollywood' designer I had any respect for (after all she clearly has a hand in creating it, oh and she wears it), she had to go and get herself a perfume deal? Isn't clothing and accessories enough? Why does everyone feel the need to create an empire? Look and now smell like Gwen? Oy.

This Hollywood perfume thing really irks me. In fact, I think it stinks. Literally. Have you smelled some of these scents? Come on, we all know that these actresses, singers and writers are all chemists too! Let's review some shall we? read more
[Second City Style]

Best Friends, Bad Clothes
In each other’s presence, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears forget not just panties, but fashion sense too.

CORREA: Brit travels with her own French maid.

HANCOCK: The transformation from Cheetos to cheetahs.

[Fashion Police]

Holiday Delights, Part IIII: Sassy Jammies

PJ Salvage Tattoo Flannel Pajamas, $59

Hope you enjoy part IIII of my Holiday Delights series, I know I do. These sassy jammies make me want to cuddle up by the Christmas tree and soak in the ambience in style. Oh, and open presents Christmas morning! Sweet dreams...

A Cute, Warm Hat from Element

Inspired by trees & nature and the like. Available at

Shop for that special gift this holiday season!

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