Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good-bye, punk ties

Avril Lavigne

What the...? Is this really the same Avril Lavigne that only three years ago thought striped neckties, a scowl and sloppy pants looked good? I guess this is what happens when punk princesses grow up!

Recently, Ms. Lavigne has been in the news for rubbing elbows with Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel shows in Pairs. Now Avril is pursuing a modeling career and has recently signed with Ford Models.

Following along similar ladies of rock like Gwen Stefani and Kelly Osbourne and plunging head first into couture may not be such a bad idea for her career after all. And with her recent magazine photo shoots, I'm sure that Avril will get modeling offers from places other than Hot Topic and Old Navy.

The moral of today's story: Growing up makes you like Prada handbags and make-up better than safety pins and grungy sneakers.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Actors Get Fashion Lazy for SAG Awards

Philip Seymour Hoffman Sandra Bullock and Thandie Newton

OMG, did Sandra Bullock and Thandie Newton really get caught dead wearing the same dress to the SAG awards? This photo and more are proof that actors just don't bother as much with style for the SAG awards as they do for the Golden Globes. The guys look scruffy and the girls look tired. It's almost like the Globes are the Prom and the SAG awards are just a crummy Spring Fling Dance.

What did you think about this year's SAG awards? Let us know!

Friday, January 27, 2006

When Hollywood Goes Couture

Drew Barrymore for Missoni

Celebrities have been hawking fashion, accesories and beauty products since the dawn of time. But in recent years it seems as though the Gisele's and Tyra's of the modeling world are playing second fiddle to celebrity's when couture is on the line.

The most recent celebrity to jump in the modeling world? Miss. Drew Barrymore of course. A former Guess Girl in the 1990's, Barrymore has signed to be the face (and bod) of Missoni because of her down to earth attitude. Expect more of Barrymore in magazines and ads for this Spring's Missoni line.

In the name of fashion, here are some of leFashionista's other favorite celebrity models. Enjoy!

Madonna for Versace

Uma Thurman for Luis Vuitton

Demi Moore for Versace

Red Hot Designer Handbag Sale

Juicy Couture
Suede Lola

Recalling sixties globetrotter style, Juicy's fabulous bag features a slouchy shape, sumptuous suede, and long leather and chain link tassels. The zip top opens to a classic Juicy logo interior complete with a sassy pocket reading, "Hello?" A perfect hobo for the season.

Donna Karan
Iconic Evening Bag

Donna Karan's iconic leather takes on the shape of a modern evening bag, with polished brass weights dangling from the front flap for dramatic glamour. Topstitching on the flap reinforces the bag's elegant lines, with sumptuous suede lining completing the luxurious look.

New D Bag Media Borchie

Gorgeous suede is ornamented with gunmetal studs and grommets to create a simply sublime rendition of the stately Tod's D Bag. The signature craftsmanship bears the sign of luxury, beautifully working in supple grained leather trim on the interior and on the rolled leather handles. Finished with gunmetal-tipped side ties.

Hardcore Dior Bag

The signature bag from the Hardcore Dior collection. This distinctive new shape is beautifully formed from luxurious silk jersey and supple leather, then wrapped in a Dior silk-nylon strap and adorned with sparkling hardware.

Final Designer Clearance Sale Now at eLUXURY

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Spotlight on John Galliano

John Galliano

How much do we love John Galliano? Perhaps one of the most bizarre couture fashion icons (along with Betsey Johnson) Galliano's world is colorful and so hot.

His Spring 2006 collection which debut last October is a barrage of beautiful Victorian, 1920's and Indian-inspired styles with a carnivale flair.

The highlight of Galliano's show? Check out his models! In all shapes, ages, colors and sizes (quite literally!) Galliano shows that high fashion isn't just for skinny 20-year-olds.

Galliano Spring 2006 Collection

It's Hip to Be Round

Gwen Stefani

It's official...Hollywood has caught the baby bug in a big way. Everyone from Gwyneth to Gwen, Angelina and Katie are havin' babies. Other stars expecting soon? Rachel Weisz, Brooke Shields, Mira Sorvino and many more.

However, these hot mammas top the list for their fashion picks while they have a bun in the oven. Sometimes outrageous, other times faux pas belly baring, but always in style.

Angelina Jolie

Gwyneth Paltrow

Katie Holmes

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Spring Shades? Think Sienna.

She may be trading her boho roots for a "mod" revival, but Sienna Miller still strikes fashion gold in our eyes! This time, instead of cowboy boots, she has made white shades, er, white hot.

Fresh from her new "Factory Girl" look, Sienna's been sportin' white sunglasses since last December, and they are sure to be the "it" eyewear of Spring.

So long MK Olsen and Nicole Ritchie bug-eyes...hello mod fabulous.
For the most luxe pair of white's out there, check out these from Chanel.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Bling for Fido? You bet.

Valentine's Day is coming, and maybe the only one that loves you this year is your chihuahua. So show them you love them with a designer pet collar!

Whether you get them something special made with Swarovski crystals (like the one pictured above) or something simple and sweet from the pet store, don't forget the one that loves you unconditionally this year.

Love this collar? Check out http://www.catsplay.com/ for more!

Is white alright?

These white cuffed jeans from Lucky are super hot and cute, but something tells me they just aren't for everyone.

Sure, white goes with everything, but isn't it a little reminiscent of the 90's? Can't you just see Paris Hilton trying to rock these with a floral print bodysuit underneath, cinched together with a big black belt?

Ick, white jeans just aren't for me, but I'm sure that someone can make them work. Ready for them are not, looks like white jeans are the hotness for this spring. Yeesh.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Don't Tempted Me

Patterned d'Orsay pump

Stand out this season. The stunning Steve Madden Bling will set you apart from the crowd. Revel in the snappy tweed upper, an arch-revealing d'Orsay cut, and leather blossoms on the outstep. 4" stacked stiletto heel.

Essential pump

The BCBGirls Katchen has classic chic and modern sophistication. Distinguished by stylish lines and a comtemporary toe box, this pump is your hottest fashion necessity. Leather upper available in a variety of contemporary colors and prints. Padded insole and slip-resistant outsole. 3 1/2" heel.

Provocative striped pump

Stop traffic in the sleek, seductive, and sexy BCBGirls Lady. Metallic stripes on its patent upper give this pump a shimmering, sophisticated edge. Synthetic upper. Slip-resistant outsole. 3 1/2” patent heel.

Double-strapped metallic sandal

Get ready to break some hearts in the Baby Phat Piercing Sandal. This sandal features a unique ankle strap with a chic rhinestone cat pendant. As if this sandal's metallic leather upper doesn’t provide enough glamour, there are three rhinestone encrusted buckles to add more sparkle. Padded footbed. Leather outsole. 4" covered heel.

Shimmering cut-away pump

Feel like a superstar in the Baby Phat Fortuna 06. This radiant pump’s leather upper is blanketed in sparkling glitter that will light up any room. The sweeping curves of the topline add even more drama to this beautiful shoe. A shining success! Padded footbed. 4 1/4" molded heel.

Hip Styles for Jean Lovers

7's signature "A" pocket jean gets a little bit rock 'n' roll with bronze pyramidal studs edging the waistband and circular studs swirling in between. In the medium-blue Dark Havana wash with expert fading and distressing. Slim fit with flattering flare.

Be extremely chic in 7's sexy new "A" pocket jean. The slim flare fit that keeps everyone coming back for more is presented in the deep blue Caribbean wash with extreme fading over the thighs and seat. Great for every body.

True Religion's famously flattering Joey jean gets an of-the-moment update in black denim with subtle fading. Exaggerated topstitching and large buttons and rivets create a very distinctive look. With signature leg-elongating twisted seams.

Glimmering thread and gilded studs add a world of panache to True Religion's divinely fabulous jeans. Signature top-stitching goes glam in gold, contrasting beautifully with sleek, dark denim on the slim, straight legs and bold back pockets.

Ready For Love?

Heart Necklace from Mexica Chica, $60 at www.le-fashionista.com

You-know-what is literally right around the corner...the dreaded Valentines Day. For some, it's the beginning of the season of love, for others, it's practically doomsday.

This year treat yourself for a change with a swanky new shoulder bag or a luxe pair of shoulder skimming earrings. Nothing says "I Love Myself!" more than new accessories.

Also, be on the lookout for "Hint-Hint" love coupons from LeFashionista! Tired of the same old flowers and chocolate routine? Help him get you what you really want from LeFashionista by sending your boyfriend, husband or whoever a "hint-hint" email or leaving him a "hint-hint" coupon on his dresser, his pillow, in his car...wherever!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Red Carpet Hotness at the Golden Globes

Whoever said that cuteness doesn't count when it comes to winning obviously didn't see the Golden Globes! Somehow it seems as though the biggest winners
of the GG's were also the biggest fashion winners on the red carpet as well. Reese was her usual dazzling self in an adorable full skirted dress from Chanel and tri-disco ball earrings. Reese took home the Best Actress award for a musical or comedy for her role in "Walk the Line." She took also took the LeFashionista Golden Globe red carpet award for "Cutest Thing Ever."

Gwyneth also shined in a lacy Edwardian dress and even though she was only a presenter for the Golden Globes, she takes home the LeFashionista award for best pregnancy red carpet style.

Sandra Oh was also a surprise fashion stunner in her flowy and demure dress from Colette Dinnigan. Sandra took home the award for Best Supporting actress in a TV mini-series, and gets the LeFashionista award for best trophy smile and pose.

And the award goes to...Geena Davis in a super hot dress from Escada. This mermaid-style scarlet stunner is eye-popping gorgeous on Geena, who took home the award for Best Actress in a television drama. Geena has never looked better, and even though she is not typically known for her great style on the red carpet, this dress just rocks my face off. You go Geena. You officially get the LeFashionista award for Best Dressed at the Golden Globes and put women decades younger than you to shame.

The worst dressed? Surprise, surprise, Mariah Carey and Pamela Anderson are tied for their poor fashion choices which do not even merit space on this blog. Sorry ladies, better luck next year!

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