Monday, January 02, 2006

Lyrical Beauty - Margaret Nicole Cable Knit Clutch

Margaret Nicole: Heather Grey Wool CableKnit Clutch - Large.
Heather grey hand knit 100% virgin wool clutch lined in bright pink cotton with a magnetic snap closure.

Lined in bright pink cotton with a magnetic snap closure.
Measurements: 14" W x 7" H

Margaret Nicole Clutches are hand knit of 100% virgin wool, and are lined in cotton with a magnetic snap closure.

Each comes adorned with a removable satin, velvet. or grosgrain ribbon.

We encourage you to put your personal stamp and show your personality. Change the position of the bow for different looks; in the middle for a classic look, a loopy side bow for a sassier style or in a knot for more sophistication. You can also take off the bow and accessorize with your favorite brooch or necklace.

Have a lady-like clutch one day, an edgy one the next. Clutches are versatile for all looks and occasions; the cable knit style is both classic and funky, bows are girly and flirty, whereas a clutch and your favorite brooch can be preppy and sophisticated.

Each clutch comes adorned with the ribbon of your choice.
$150 Also available in small.


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