Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wish Upon a Star...

Gabby Bella
Good Night Earrings

When you were a child, was your favorite children’s bedtime story “Good Night, Moon?” Did you gaze out of a telescope to capture a constellation, a planet, perhaps a shooting star? For those who have been told that their head is in the clouds, you may want to check out this pair of earrings by Gabby Bella. They are appropriately dubbed “Good Night Earrings” and will cost you $124.

The moon and stars of each earring are made from gold. Additional attractive details include: Blue Onyx, Amazonite and Black Onyx. When wearing these, you might be able to make a wish on them or even make your old ones come true.

Looking for a measurement? They are 2 3/4' in length.

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