Thursday, May 12, 2005

It's what's on the inside that really counts.

By Raquel Franco

When I first realized that having a fabulous bag was a key ingredient to looking fabulous I suddenly became a bag slut. I became obsessed with the idea of finding the perfect bag. Being young and going through some soul searching I went through bags just like I went through men.

In the beginning Target was the hot spot to finding a cheap steal that would most likely land me a cheap date. Like the men I met the bag was cheap, uncomfortable and non committal. Even though the bag's exterior was oh so cute, the lining would rip within a couple of months and my relationship would slip through the crack.

As I entered into the working world I was introduced to the man in the suit. The suit man was as gorgeous as his wardrobe. As our relationship grew out of the fantasy phase I started to feel insecure about my trendy style. I began to wonder if he was noticing that his luxurious style was overpowering mine. In fear of losing this dream man I rushed to the store to change my wardrobe from young to mature and everything black. Suit man seemed pleased and then it occurred to me that looks were important to him when he took me shopping at Saks 5th Avenue. Then there it was, while we were shopping, an oversized black leather Chloe handbag winking at me in the spotlight. Soon after the insane purchase I started to feel uncomfortable. I thought it was what I wanted but the inside was just too big for me. I was constantly fumbling around to find what I needed. And in my relationship with Suit man I was fumbling trying to be something I just was not. Needless to say, I returned my suit man and his Chloe bag.

Restless and frustrated after an exhausting relationship with my ex-bag and my ex-man I began to realize that this was not working. I wanted more. I needed a bag to fit my needs, not too big, not to small, reliable, comfortable, and low key but trendy like me. So I started to take my time. Now impulse buys are a big "no, no". I also try the bag on in the mirror to see if it compliments my style. I even transfer everything from my current purse to the possible candidate to make sure everything fits comfortably. And when it comes to men I am taking it slow and trying him on before jumping right in.

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