Friday, May 20, 2005

When it comes to handbags, what are the deal breakers?

By Raquel Franco

In life it seems as though we have so many choices. Maybe we even have too many choices. From the array of lattes and cappuccinos in the morning to fast food or left-overs for lunch how do you determine what's right for you? Better yet how do you decide what to wear when making all these decisions? I mean a girl's gotta at least look her best and disguise the fact she is frazzled with these decisions right? And the most important part of your wardrobe is definitely gotta be your bag. Your handbag holds all your choices in life. It holds the phone you chose, palm pilot, books and all that make-up that took hours even months to find to fit your complexion. With your bag being the focal point of your day, when choosing one, what are the deal breakers?

When interviewing some women I found out that big handbags s are essential. The number one deal breaker is definitely when a handbag is too small. A bag too small is like a guy with a hairy back. Psyche from said, "Even my school bag is large. I'm using the L.A.M.B. tattoo tote. A supervisor at work was like, 'Are you moving?'." Sometimes it can feel that way. Here are the top seven deal breakers:

1. When a handbag is too small.
2. Price. It's gotta be within your budget.
3. Logos. You hate logos, Coach better figure out something else to do with those bags huh?
4. Short handles. You like them too be large enough to carry on your shoulder.
5. No inside pockets. A girls gotta have a place to store her cell phone.
6. When everyone has it. Most of you would rather be the trendsetter than a fashion follower.
7. When there is an outside pocket.

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