Monday, August 11, 2008

Hot Looks for Fall: The New Goth

Mary Kate Olsen (source)

Leave your chain wallets and spike-studded go-go boots back in 1997…the new goth is more fabulous fierce than Marilyn Manson couture. For Fall ‘08, instead venture to the dark side with caged high-heels, dark textured tights and vintage inspired lace. Oh yeah, and a latex mini for the truly daring.
Surprised that goth has made a comeback? Don’t be…Mary Kate Olsen has been doing it since last year, and black and navy nail polish were also big back then as well. It was only a matter of time, really. While this look is not ideal for everyone (I’m more into color, thank you very much), brave fashionista’s can really take advantage of this vampy style and go all-out, or just add a few macabre elements to their current look.
If you are ready to add some dark details to your fall wardrobe, check out these must-haves for inspiration:

Caged High-Heels

Giuseppe Zanotti Patent T-Strap Caged Stilletto, $625.00

Steve Madden “Madalynn” $109.95

You can go one of two ways with the “caged” sandal look, a direct spin-off from this summer’s uber popular gladiator sandal. The more hesitant can go the vampy route and look for vintage-inspired styles like this Giuseppe Zanotti sandal. The t-strap gives it a 1940’s vixen feel, and a shoe like this will give you a lot of mileage. Fierce trendanista’s can try the chunkier look like with the Steve Madden “Madalynn.” These are really popular right now with celebs (some are even pairing them with maxi dresses, but I don’t know about that one…).

Textured Tights:

Free People Crochet Tights, $38.00

If you buy one item for your fall wardrobe, I beg you to buy some dark textured tights. Tights are an inexpensive way to add interest to anything you already have in your closet, and look extra fierce when paired with a caged sandal (see above). Go get some right now, I mean it.
Rummage through your wardrobe and pull out your black wrap dresses, billowy white shirts, vintage cardigans, pearls, cameo pendants, chunky black or white rings and leave color out of this look. Top it all off with a handbag that’s heavy on the hardware and you’ve got one smokin’ “new goth” ensemble. Try it out for yourself, unless you’re afraid of the dark, that is.

6 comments: Magazine blog said...

Good info thank-you

SarahLovesFashion said...

I really love those cadged sandals but I think I'd be more into taking a lighter view on this autumns goth. The textured tights seriously are a must tho! I already own countless pairs and for this season they're going to look great paired with a black mini dress and long baggy cardi. I'd have to add some colour though so I think a bright coloured bag and jewellery in deep rich colours could do wonders to an all black ensemble.

MR style said...

i guess the olsen are perfect for that not so new trend !?

strikeapose said...

Mary kate is so hot. I love the shoes. and the tights.

Abercrombie and fitch polo's said...

Anyway, I don't think she's hot.. but I think the shoes are hotter than her.. lol.. seriously, I like the first shoes, simply chick..

shopchantal said...

We love the caged heel look, and we will be getting Pour La Victoire's Bianca Nubuck Suede caged heel any day now. Great grey colod and super comfortable. How could a girl go wrong?


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