Friday, August 15, 2008

Celebrity News: Actress Michelle Yeoh Goes To Babylon AD

Michelle Yeoh - our heroine and Asian actress, gives fashion her own touch

Michelle Yeoh cannot bring us any surprises. Move over Angelina Jolie. This stellar Asian actress is one of the top action actresses out there today. She is a woman who has gained fame and fortune by starring in action films. Like leading male action hero Jackie Chan, Yeoh has been celebrated for performing her own death-defying stunts and handling her own fight scenes. Moreover, she has cultivated this reputation without compromising her femininity. Yeoh's formidable beauty, poise and winning personality are what brought her to top of her league. This ex-bond girl. (Yes she starred opposite Pierce Brosnan). Recently celebrated in the quake of her movie - The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Michelle shone in her decadent and beautiful Asian inspired costumes for this cool flick. As well as on the red carpet for the release of the movie.

Michelle is certainly not shy when it comes to being bright in yellow and gold pumps at her red carpet premiere of The Mummy 3

Here Michelle sparkles in Gucci. Inspired by Gisele’s catwalk fashion frenzy in the chic design

From ancient china to the future with Babylon AD. Michelle's new flick also co-stars one of my favorite action actors - Vin Diesel. Yes this futuristic thriller has Michelle doing what she knows best - karate.
And looking great of course! We love you Michelle!

Michelle brings it on in her latest flick Babylon AD starring opposite her leading man Vin Diesel

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