Saturday, June 11, 2005

White Hot Summer

By Raquel Franco

Memorial Day has come and gone and the heat is finally hear which only means one thing. White can now be added to your wardrobe. Not that anyone follows those rules anymore but… I do. Wearing white has been the one fashion rule I am always afraid to break. Think Never Been Kissed, when Drew Barrymoore spills her chocolate milk all over her white jeans. I would be mortified.

The easiest way to avoid unwanted stain mishaps is to carry a white handbag instead of white threads. My favorite white bag right now is the Balenciaga. I know it’s all I talk about but every time I see it I say, “That’s hot.” leFashionista has the perfect little Balenciaga Motorcycle inspired bag for only 70 bucks.

Other white hot handbags to match those chic boho skirts are the Luella Gisele bag and the Coach Soho Hobo. These handbags are very sexy and will have you ready for summer.

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