Wednesday, June 15, 2005

K-9 Handbag Accessory

By Raquel Franco

Man’s best friend is taking on a whole new meaning in fashion. Furry and friendly puppies are now the new arm candy in Hollywood. Every hot star from Jessica Simpson to Paris Hilton has been seen carrying their precious miniature pups instead of their usual designer duds. In the recent June issue of In Style Nicole Richie, who has three dogs, stated that this summer she will be armed with her new puppy, “A chocolate Labrador – that’s the ultimate accessory.”

Paris Hilton was the first to start wearing her dog on her sleeve. The infamous Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, is the most popular of celebrities K-9 heirs. Bit Bit, Britney Spears’ white bundle of fuzz, was the next to be seen squinting at all the paparazzi lights. These cute little pets have since started a wave of new accessories among celebrities. Pets are becoming the new Louis.

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