Monday, June 13, 2005

Pucker Up

By Raquel Franco

Handbag lover Ella has all your shopping needs wrapped up into one tiny little blog. Pursed Lips is fresh, humorous and filled with all the links your handbag heart desires. The new blog writer is aware of the season and will have you prepared for every occasion. You’ll even be ahead of schedule with the new hot review of Marc Jacobs’s fall line. As Father’s Day rapidly approaches Ella suggests giving a wallet for the perfect gift. Her humorous approach convinces me to head on over to the closest department store to rectify my own fathers “old and ratty” wallet. She brings up an excellent point that, “Our male peers tease us for carrying handbags, while they walk around with a lump in their pants - in the wrong spot.”
And for all you gals that love Coach and prints, this blog is definitely for you. Ella favors them over most other designers and styles. But even if it is not your favorite, Lips will surely keep you updated on the other latest handbag and wallet trends. She also accommodates every fashionista from with a fat wallet to those with loose change. So keep your lips pursed and kiss your fashion woes goodbye because this blog will satisfy your every need.

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