Thursday, June 09, 2005

When shopping, is it better to follow your heart or your head?

By Raquel Franco

There are two kinds of shopping trips, practical and impulsive. Sometimes these two can merge into an empty bank account. There have been some times when I am actually in a store to find something that I really need. On those times I am feeling good about myself because my money is not going to be wasted on something I have convinced myself that I have to have. Usually that feeling does not last long. Something fabulous like a new oversized red leather bag that I saw Jessica Simpson wearing in US Weekly will catch my eye and it’s over. I will fall in love and stare at it for over a half an hour torn over what to do next. My heart tells me I have to have this bag. I tell myself it’s beautiful and I will be beautiful carrying it. My mind (the dirty rotten scoundrel) tells me I am here to get shoes and I only have enough in my bank account for shoes. I try to reason.

See if I go with my heart, I know I will wear the crap out of that bag and love my purchase. If I do what my mind says, I’ll have money to pay my credit card bill that seems to never decrease and think about that bag until I purchase it later. So, I decide to get the bag and a week later I am mad at myself cause I can’t pay one of my bills. So maybe my heart wasn’t right but it sure felt good at the time. And isn’t that what love is all about? We blindly follow our hearts for a good feeling and then most of the time we get hurt. But should we listen to our minds and protect ourselves from the inevitable pain? What’s better, living and hurting or waiting and wanting?

Follow your heart and grab the best replica

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