Monday, June 06, 2005

Makeup Bags Necessity

By Raquel Franco

I am 100 percent sure that any gal who wears makeup has experienced a big fat birthday cake of colored powder all over the inside of her handbag. It usually happens when you just want to grab some chap stick and when you pull your hand out you have eye shadow underneath your nails and smothered on your fingers. Expletives pour out as you dump out your bag and try to salvage every treasure that has been exposed to the frosted mess. This, my fellow fashionistas, is why we all need a makeup bag. They are absolutely essential to keep your couture handbag from going into hand me down status.

My advice is to stay away from cloth makeup bags. They are prone to getting dirty very quickly. The only exception would be for matching a hot Juicy Couture tube dress while on the beach! Intuition has some cute ones that have gorgeous brooches attached to them. Lindsay Lohan likes to carry a mesh cosmetic bag by Jana Feifer. This is also great for wearing as a sparkly clutch. Sometimes clutches can impersonate great makeup bags. The Big Buddha Sheepskin wristlet at leFashionista can be a great makeup bag by day and a sexy evening clutch by night.

Whatever you decide is best for you, make sure you have one to avoid ruining any of you precious leather handbags.

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