Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fashion Flattery

By Raquel Franco

I recently bought a ring unlike any I had ever seen before. It’s big, chunky and mixed with stone and CZ. I love it but was unsure if anyone else would. Secretly when I buy a new outfit or accessory I hope that someone will tell me that they love it. Well with this ring is a compliment magnet, as is my favorite BCBG handbag. Every time I wear this ring it receives a plethora of praise. I gush as they demand me to tell them where I got it. And my bag, well I keep its retailer a secret. My bag is unique and precious and I really don’t want anyone else to have one. When I hear a voice say, “Ooh I love your bag.” I say, “Thanks,” and run while hiding my huge grin. Compliments bring a satisfaction that guarantees you that you are a fashionista. It lets you know that you are making the right choices and that the day you spent an hour deciding if it was right for you was worth it. It also makes you feel like spending last months rent was worth it, at least for a moment anyway. Women love to shop because it feels good to think you look good and it feels even better when someone takes notice. So if we all share this love of fashion and flattery shouldn’t we be complimenting one another more often?

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